TitleViva Wisonsin
LabelsBeyond Music, BMG, Mushroom, Cooking Vinyl, Volgato, High Coin, Shout! Factory, Sum Records

Track Listing

  • Prove My Love
  • I’m Nothing
  • Country Death Song
  • Blister In The Sun
  • Gimmie The Car
  • Don’t Talk About My Music
  • Confessions
  • Hallowed Ground
  • Life Is An Adventure
  • Old Mother Reagan
  • Ugly
  • Good Feeling
  • Dahmer Is Dead
  • American Music
  • Special
  • Sweet Worlds Of Angels
  • Black Girls
  • Gone Daddy Gone
  • Add It Up
  • Kiss Off
  • Bonus Track: Outside The Palace (Shout! Release)

October 25-31, 1998 violent Femmes did an acoustic tour of their home state of Wisconsin. Two Guitars, Two Drums & three Voices. Femmes back to basics, no overdoing, no electronics, No crap. Their best songs, raw and intimate. This is the Ultimate Violent Femmes Recording.

Violent Femmes
Gordon Gano: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Brian Ritchie: Acoustic bass Guitar, Shakuhachi, Xylophone, Soprano Saxophone, Harmonica, Conch, Theremin, Vocal
Guy Hoffman: Snare Drum, Tranceaphone, Bugle, Vocal

The Horns Of Dilemma
Sigmund Snopek III piano:, Oboe, Flute, Trombone, Native American Flute, Bass Clarinet, Vocal
Ray Cribb: Trombone, Bass
Eric Markstrum: Trombone
Mike Kock: Saxophone
Shane Derstl: Trumpet

Produced by David Vartanian
All songs written by Gordon Gano, published by Gorno Music ASCAP except
“Don’t Talk About My Music” written by Donn Adams, Dominic Placco & Brian Ritchie, Published by embassy Music Corp. BMI Farnsley Music
BMI, Domster Music BMI and Humidor BMI.
“Gone Daddy Gone” Written by Gordon Gano & Willie Dixon published by gorno music ASCAP/Hoochie Coochie Music BMI.

Recorded by David Vartanian, October 25-31, 1998, barrymore Theater, Madison, Grand opera House, oshkosh; Grand
Theater, Wausau; Hollywood Theater, Lacrosse; state theater, Eau Claire; Pabst Theater, Milwaukee

Mixed By David Vartanian at DV’s perversion Room, Milwaukee.
Mastered by Roger Lian at Masterdisc
Live Sound: Caleb Lentzner

Femmes Crew: Willie MacInnes, Darren Brown, Caleb Lentzner, Ray Cribb, Johnnie O’ Brien
ACG Crew: Peter Jest, Rob Czarnezki, Mark Shurilla
Guy Hoffman plays: DW Snare Drums

Management: Jamie Kitman, The Hornblow Group USA
U.S. Bookings: Frank Riley, Monterey Peninsula Artists
European Bookings: Paul Bosswell, Free Trade Agency
Business Management: Comart and Koppel
Legal Representation: Jeffry Light

Cover Design Barbra Glauber and Beverly joel/Heavy Meta and Brian Ritchie
Photos: Br. Varuni Kulasekera
Background Photos: Images Copyright 1999 Photodisc, Inc
Backstage pass Guy Hoffman
Website: www.vfemmes.com