AM Mailing List

The American Music Mailing List, was a moderated email list posted to over 1000 subscribers worldwide. It originated sometime in ’94 by Niel Fahey in Australia. The list was passed on to James Schrader in June of 1996 who then passed it on to Pat Wary, July 15th 1997. Pat had the list for 5 years before it was taken over by the “Anonymous” Moderator Deana Dearry in March of 2002. Deana Had wanted to keep her name anonymous as her and Pat both had direct contact with band Members & their families.

I have collected the issues from James through Deana’s tenure with the list, as previous issues to my knowledge had not been archived. It was requested for the privacy of the Bands Friends, Family, and Crew members, that I Remove all E-Mail Addresses before posting, in which I have a spent a great deal of time doing, preparing these for public archiving. If you happen to find an E-Mail address attached that I might have been Missed, I would be happy to remove it.

Though these issues mostly contain the raveling of blabbering fans arguing for the title of “super fan”, they also contain Band Interviews, tidbits of trivia, articles and notice of appearances not found anywhere else among the interwebs. This is partly why i felt it necessary to preserve them, and provide them a home where they can be viewed by all femmes fans !