TitlePermanent Record: Live & Otherwise
LabelsRhino, Warner


Music Videos

  • Gone Daddy Gone
  • Children Of the Revolution
  • I Held Her In My Arms
  • American Music
  • Used To Be
  • Breakin’ Up
  • Machine
  • *Bonus: Rare Street Performance of “Kiss Off”

Live At the Boat House, Norfolk VA, July 21st, 1991

  • Look Like That
  • Out The Window
  • Fat
  • Blister In The Sun
  • Prove My Love
  • Country Death Song
  • Old Mother Reagan
  • Confessions
  • Girl Trouble
  • Add It Up
  • Kiss Off
  • Good Feeling
  • More Money Tonight

The Boat House in Norlfolk, Virginia, was perhaps our most frequented venture for a period bordering on two decades. It was blown away in a hurricane a few years back. RIP. The site of many great and weird moments. My favorite memory was when one fool climbed up one of the pillars supporting the roof and started rappelling around on the microphone snake. We were blissfully performing one of our masterpieces when our reverie was interrupted by the voice of soundman Caleb Lentzner screaming over the talkback mike, “Hey @#*hole, get down from there! Let go of the snake!”

The gig you are watching was memorable for being 130 degrees Fahrenheit onstage. I know that, because they had a thermometer up there. We wanted to record a lot of material, so we slaved away in that furnace for two hours. By the end we were totally drained.

Gordon Gano
Brian Ritchie
Victor DeLorenzo (Tracks 1-18)
Guy Hoffman (Tracks 19-20)
With Caleb Alexander: Sax (track 8)


COLOR/+80 Minutes

Audio Mix: Dave Vartanian
Art Direction & Design: Jean Krikorian
Illustration: Jack Hargreaves at Hanson Dodge Creative, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Photography: Laura Levine

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