TitleWhy Do Birds Sing?
Year1991, 2021
LabelsSlash, Reprise, London, Liberation, Craft
Format12″, Cassette, CD
VariantsAustralian Tour 2CD Limited Package, Translucent Red, Smoke Vinyl

Track Listing

  • American Music
  • Out The Window
  • Look Like That
  • Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
  • Hey Nonny Nonny
  • Used To Be
  • Girl Trouble
  • He Likes Me
  • Life Is A Scream
  • Flamingo Baby
  • Lack Of Knowledge
  • More Money Tonight
  • I’m Free
  • Translucent Red Limited to 750 Copies (Available in from Craft & Official Femmes Store)
  • Smoke (Limited, Available to Select Indie Record Stores)

    Produced By: Michael Beinhorn, Victor DeLorenzo, Gordon Gano & Brian Ritchie
    Recorded by: Susan Rogers
    Mixed by: E.T. Thorngren, David Vartanian
    Assisted By: Mike Kloster, Tom Fritze, Lori Fumar
    Mastered By: Howie Weinberg

    Sunste Sound, Hollywood, CA
    Larrabee Sound, Los Angeles, CA
    Hit Factory, NY
    D.V.’s Perversion Room Mach II, Milwaukee, WI
    American Recording, Woodland Hills, CA
    One On One, North Hollywood, CA
    Masterdisk, NY

    Project Coordinator: Catherina Wilhelmina Masters
    Guitar Tech: Alex Alvarez
    Drum Service: Dr. Ross Garfield, The Drum Doctor
    Design & Photography: Hanson Graphic
    Busking Photo: Mary Jones, The Milwaukee Journal

    A Baldoni Music, Sterling Ball/Ernie Ball, Cascio Music, Trace Elliot, Bill Faust/Faust Music, Joe’s Milwaukee, Dick Boak/Martin, Neville Kitchen/Maton, Jim Foote/Music Works, Niceman, Sonor, Uncle Bob’s Music, Ya German Communications Oompa

    Special Thanks:
    Ivo Baldoni, Barry & Mary Baumann, Jim Bartz, Rick Bates, Karin Berg, Michael Blair, Jerome Brisch, Darren Brown,Warren Bruleigh, Thor Christensen, Peter Critchley, Carmaig De Forest, Joseph DeLorenzo, Jim Eannelli, Charles Gaienne,Mark Geiger, Jerry Harrison, John Henderson, Vivian Lees, Caleb Lentzner, Scott Leonard, Willie MacInnes, Dianne Petashnick, Michael Ramos, Frank Riley, Alan Skiena, Speedy, Theater X of Milwaukee, Trevor Veitch, Ken West, Tim Whitten, Peter Wozniak

    Lack Of Knowledge – Hosea 4:6

    (C) 1991 Gordon Music ASCAP except “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” written by O’Dowd/Craig/Hay/Moss
    (C) 1982 Virgin Music Inc. ASCAP with Additional Lyrics by Gordon Gano,

    16th century poem COLIN by the Shepard Tonie.
    Lyrics reprinted by permission.
    All rights reserved.

    Management: Linda Clark & Associates

    For information send self-addressed stamped envelope to
    P.O. Box 1861,
    Burbank, CA 91507

    (C) (P) 1991 Slash Records
    SLASH RECORDS, P.O. BOX 48888, LOS ANGELES, CA 90048-0888
    Manufactured and distributed by Reprise Records, A Time Warner Company,
    Made in U.S.A.

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