TitleMusic Magazine 5: Underground U.S.A.


  • Chris Issak – Wicked Game
  • Thin White Rope – Red Sun
  • Violent Femmes – Gone Daddy Gone
  • Dinosaur Jr. – Just Like Heaven
  • Sons Of Freedom – The Criminal
  • Bodeans
  • These Immortal Souls – Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)

Music Magazine 5: Underground U.S.A.
Electric Bev is back with tunes from the furthest edge of ‘New Music’ and it is Really Hot!

Chris Issak (Warner Bros.)
Thin White Rope (Frontier)
Violent Femmes (Slash)
Dinosaur Jr. (SST)
Sons Of Freedom (Slash)
Bodeans (Slash)
These Immortal Souls (SST)

Executive Producer: Peter Farkas
A Film By: Alan Calzatti & Don Elwell
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M.U.V. #5

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