TitlePermanent Record: The Very Best Of (Promo Advance)

Track Listing

  • Gimmie The Car
  • Blister In The Sun
  • Gone Daddy Gone / I Just Want To Make Love To You
  • Kiss Off
  • Add It Up
  • Black Girls
  • Jesus Walking On The Water
  • Children Of The Revolution
  • I Held Her In My Arms
  • Nightmares
  • American Music
  • Breakin’ Up
  • Color Me Once
  • I Danced
  • Country Death Song (Live 1998)
  • Freak Magnet

Note: This is a work CD-R. Master tapes were not available at the time this CD-R was made. It was recorded from available disc sources and may not include all the material; the quality does not in any way reflect that of the final released product.

For Promotional Use Only. Not For Sale.

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