• Title: Interview with Guy Hoffman
  • Author: Jim Wilkinson
  • Publication: Daily Northwestern
  • Date: 10/21/94

Excerpt from Jim Wilinson –
My friends and I had the best seats at the Riviera–front row, balcony. The Femmes started with “Confessions” and played songs from every album, ending with a three song trio including “I’m Nothing” and “Add it Up.” Gordon was really nice backstage, signing countless autographs on ticket stubs and T-shirts (even boot-legged ones like mine, which he pointed out). Brian had a son (whom he called his ‘offspring’) and was less sociable with strangers backstage. Guy was nowhere to be found after the show. It was one of those things where you had to be there, and I can’t begin to convey the intensity and coolness of it all. The fans who were backstage weren’t too obnoxious, just awestruck, but in a mild, non-hysterical way. Anyway, here’s what I have. (end of Excerpt)

Portions of an interview with Guy Hoffman (only Guy’s responses appear):

“We’ve been treading underground water since the band began. But it’s inevitable that something about us is going to rise to the surface.”

“We’re not part of the mainstream, but certainly are among the mainstream of alternative music that has become very big lately. It used to be just a trickle in the stream, but now it’s gotten wider. You can see it and hear it everywhere.”

“If there’s any comparison in all of the Femmes’ albums, it’s the fact that they’re all very different from each other, with each album standing on its own.”

“Gordon has a certain kind of maturity in his writing, but he also has more of a younger side to his personality, and both of those characters come through in every album.”

“There’s also certain responsibilities I have to interpret old songs in such a way that might unfold the old song a little. That’s not restrictive; that’s part of what playing music is about.”

“Most people’s depressions come from following other people’s paths and not having a clear vision of their own. It’s like a dog that gets pulled by a leash all the time. One day the leash breaks, and he takes off. He may not know where he’s going, but to just watch something like that happen is a very positive things We can be that release.”

“The Femmes’ music has been pigeon-holed into the alternative music category for a long time. Gordon hopes that when we do rise to the surface, some people do recognize us as a good band.”