Adam was a man
Just like you or me
He did not do what he’s supposed to
And he cries internally

There’s horror in Paradise
In the garden of delight
Where sorrow can paralyze
The will to want the right

Eve was a woman
Just like you or me
She did not do what she’s supposed to
And she cries eternally

There’s trouble in Paradise
In the pathways of delight
Where the rubble blocks the road of life
There’s no light to light in the night

What about that snake?
Oh, snake was an animal
Almost like you or me
He said to do what we’re not supposed to
And he lies so reasonably

Because there’s madness in Paradise
The asylum of delight
And gladness breaks no morning light
By my broken will and might

Oh, God was God
Not like you or me
He always does and he does just because
So we hope he stays so friendly
He’s the tailor of Paradise
In the sweatshops of delight
Clothing a pair of eyes
And the beauty of wrong and right

Adam was a man
Just like you or me