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Well darling this is it
-From Kiss Off

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American Music Hall of Fame
My Hall of Fame Response
Compilation Tape
The Return of Danica
TBLTN CD w/ World Without Mercy
LackS of Knowledge

American Music Hall of Fame
I hope all of you who are going to the New Year’s Eve show tonight
have a great time. I expect at least one review. This is the last
issue of the year 2000; thought I’d better get it out before opening
the champagne.
OK, here’s today’s dirty dozen; the next list of people who have been
subscribers to this list since I took over. Response is less than
5%, but I’m nothing if not tenacious. So, if you see your name, we’d
appreciate hearing from you. Well, I would, at least. Hope all of you
have a great new year, assuming you count January 1 as the start of
your year.

kyle_souza (KYLE!!! i had better hear from you or I swear cheezeboy
I’ll drive up to Maine, dig you out of the snow, and spank
you senseless!!!!)

My Hall of Fame Response
I haven’t written anything to AM in over a year, partially due to the
fact that I had my mail being fowarded to a mail box at work that I had
no way of checking. I think I am still getting mail through
cstaley which is OK, as I have it being fowarded to my
new address now. Anyway, in case you don’t remember, I used to run
Never Tell, the Violent Femmes message board, which we sadly lost in a
disk failure about a year and a half ago. Or maybe longer, I’m not
Anyway, I think that was my single greatest contribution to the Violent
Femmes internet community. I’ve been on the list since it was run by
Neil Fahey back when it was called Rock!!! I guess it’s been over five
years. At one time I had a folder with every single message in it from
when I had first started the list, unfortunately I lost that in the
same aforementioned disk crash. I believe Pat has archives of all the
messages though, and probably some other people too. My first VF
concert was January 27, 1995, and at that time I only had an old
cassette of my stepbrothers of The Blind Leading the Naked. I loved
that tape, and had listened to it a hundred times. I knew every word
on that album, and they didn’t sing a single song from it that night.
I think I was the only person in the audience who did not know Blister
in the Sun or Add it Up. I quickly remedied this situation. Since
that time I have seen them four more times, and have had them
autograph several things for me. One of the things I like the most
about them is that you can jut talk to them after a show. At every
one I’ve been to Brian always comes out to chat and smoke a cigar.
Guy is also very friendly. Gordon seems a little shy, as he is always
the center of attention, but he will cheerfully sign things as well,
and occasionally hold a conversation.
Of course what really draws us to them is the music. There is no
other group out there that I can point to that sounds like them.
They are unique, and that is there greatest quality. I will admit, I
do not listen to them all the time anymore. As with ever band that
I like, I go through cycles where I will listen non-stop, and then I
will move on to something else for a while. I never stop loving it

I guess that is a fairly decent overview of my history on the list.
I understand burnout Pat. I am grateful to you running it for so
long. I met a lot of interesting people on this list. I assume
Deanna is still out there. I used to chat frequently with her.
Anyway, keep up the good work, if you can. I certainly appreciate it

Chris Staley

Someone in the US please respond. I really want a copy of the
compilation video. I don’t care if your a distributer or just someone
who has been lucky enough to get a copy. I will send a tape and
shipping money. Please someone help out a fellow femmes fan. Thanks
for putting up with my whining and pleading.


Compilation Tape
hey, i know this question is brought up time and time again, so i’m
sorry for it, but does anyone out there have the compilation video
tape? i have wanted it ever since i first read about it like a year
ago. i’ve seen this question posted many times, but have never really
seen an answer. so, let me know what i have to do to get my hands on
a copy. thanks a lot.


The Return of Danica
Hey, haven’t written in a looong time and I also have a new email
address so I thought I’d drop a line. My passion for the Femmes has
been renewed since I can’t listen to them anymore. Some buttmunch
broke into my car and stole my cds. All 257 of them -including my
entire Femmes collection which I recently completed when I finally
found a copy of ROCK. So I’m way bummed and am waiting to see if
homeowners insurance will cover it before I go start a new collection.
In the meantime I was wondering if I could get a copy of the
compilation from whoever is distributing to Hawaii. Pretty please?
Maybe I’ll be lucky and the boys will decide to put on a show over

Danica “nice butt!!” Higdon

TBLTN CD w/ World Without Mercy
Now as we all know, this track is only on the cassettte of The Blind
Leading the Naked here in the states. I was lucky enough to find a
copy of a west german pressing of TBLTN that has World Without Mercy on
it. The best part is that it was only five bucks a a local used CD
store. I was curious if anyone else has a copy of it, as this is the
first I have seen in the five years I have been buying Femmes stuff.
Inteestingly enough, the copy has the lyrics for all of the other songs
inside the CD booklet, except for WWM. Anway, would anyone be
interested in me making an MP3 of this song, and posting it somewhere
where people could download it? I just checked on Napster, and no one
currently on has it. Anyway, let me know.


LackS of Knowledge
Hello all,

My knowledge of English is limited so could you tell me the meaning of
“they will stick you in the end” in Lack of Knowledge? I don’t find
this verb in my books, is it argotic.

Here are the lyrics:
Read everything you can read and
Learn everything you can learn
Cause there is no tomorrow like today
And there is no today like tomorrow
And they will stick you in the end.

I would like to put this quotation of Gordon in my PhD but I would like
to be sure about the meaning.

Similarly, how to translate “Kiss off” ?

Thanks a lot,


-Pat. Says: Dear Alexandre, “stick you” is similar to several other
English phrases- “screw you over”, “fuck you over”,
“give you the shaft”, etc. In other words, they will
“mess up your life” in the end.
“kiss off” usually means “to say goodbye to”, but
in this case I think it means “fuck off”.
English is spoken in so many places of the world, that it
can often be very difficult to understand all the
colloquialisms. To pick an on-topic and oft-explained
example, apparently in the late 1970’s Milwaukee area,
“Femme” meant “wimp”, thus the oxymoron “Violent Femmes”.
At the same time in Waterford, CT, we called them
“poindexters”. Other examples: some people might call
a certain group of people “stoners” or “heads”. We called
them “grubs”, and my sons here in central PA call them
“skanks” now. Some people call ugly women “dogs”..we called
them “heifers”, but pronounced it “hef-FAH”. I could go
on and on, but you get the point, and probably did a couple
of sentences ago.
At any rate, it occurs to me that others might have
difficulties in translation; if that is the case, write
to this newsletter, and someone will be sure to enlighten