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The Quote Of The Day:

Don’t believe in my car, don’t believe in General Motors,
don’t believe in the president or the league of women voters,

but I believe in the Father, I believe in the Son,
I belive there’s a Spirit for everyone.
-Submitted by WAQZ84A


Dec. 31- 7:30 pm, Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA 52.50 Plus 6.75 service
charge for phone orders. Call 800-551-7328 to order (O,P)
Jan 21- 7:45 pm, Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA (P,O)
$47.75, $38.75, $31.75
Jan 22- 8:00 pm,The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV (T,P)
Note: The Official Homepage says they’re playing at Z Place, in
Park City, UT. Somebody please check on these to confirm.
Jan 23- University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (O)
Jan 24- Doubletree Ballroom, Boise, ID (P)
Jan 25- 8:00 pm, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA (T,P,O)
Jan 26- 8:00 pm, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA (T,P,O)
Jan 28- The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (O,P)
Jan 30- Winterfest, San Diego, CA (O)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Monterey Peninsula Artists.
Serious inquiries only.


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Las Vegas, NV
welborn (James)

Seattle, CA, 1-25
LilBoek (Steve)

Seattle, CA, 1-26
LilBoek (Steve)




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Electric Factory
Femmes at the Boathouse
Where Am I Going and Why Am I in This Hand Basket?
RE: Snowball 98
Guy the Artist


Remember, there will be no issue Friday. Goodbye, Christine. Good Luck.
I’ll miss you. Come back when you can.

I’d love some more info on Winterfest in San Diego… no local
entertainment websites have it listed. Thanks!


Electric Factory
Hi All,
I just got back from the Electric Factory show and they were
wonderful. I always forget what gifted musicians they all are. Brian
did a solo on Good Feelings that blew us all away. They opened with
Flamingo Baby which Gordon said someone asked him why they never play.
They did the “stand on one leg” part on one leg (my God, they are
balanced too!!) and the crowd loved it. They did an amazing version of
I Hear the Rain and my new favorite, Color me once. They never
disappoint!!! Brian Dewan opened for the opening band (whose name I
forget, but they looked English but weren’t). Poor Brian Dewan was not
well received. Some clown kept pointing a laser pointer at his face and
they booed him after each song. He used to open for TMBG and I always
loved his crazy lyrics which were just an echo in that huge echoing
factory. It was a shame. He’s so funny but wasn’t appreciated. I must
get to bed. I have to be in work in 5 hours!!
By the way, Deana, I Saw Her in the Crowd was actually written
about me. Sorry.


Femmes at the Boathouse
Well today is Tuesday, which means tomorrow is Wednesday and the
Violent Femmes will be playing just twenty minutes down the highway
from my house. I can not express the emotion of joy that I am
experiencing right now. I hope that at least one other person on the
list will be there at the Boathouse tomorrow night, because this is
one of the greatest places to see the Femmes. Last August when they
played there no one from the list went, and I was very sad, but
tomorrow night shall certainly make up for that disappointment. I
will be sure to have a review for monday’s issue.
Oh and if anyone from the list goes and would like to meet before or
after the show just e-mail me and we can set it up, but if not, I am
the short Italian guy with long sideburns, and I’ll be wearing shorts.


Where Am I Going and Why Am I in This Hand Basket?
I’m awake, I’m bored, and I haven’t posted in a while. So here it goes..
As far as Gordon being rude (or what some might perceive as rude), I can
identify with that. I work in a bar (Not that it’s the same thing) and
for some reason, I’m not sure what reason, everyone thinks that I should
be all happy go lucky all the damn time. Like I never have a bad day,
like I wouldn’t rather be somewhere else. Really it sucks like you
wouldn’t believe. People act like they own you. It’s a social situation
for them, but it’s work for me. I have to be there, they are there
because they want to have a good time. I’m not allowed to hug my
friends, kiss my boyfriend, dance, nothing if I do I can get fined
$5,000 for incitement. A couple months ago there was this guy sitting
and drinking with a bunch of his friends. I never met this guy before
in my life. I come over to empty his ashtray and he decides to wrap
his arms around me and start pulling me towards him. “Keep your fucking
hands off me!!” I have the luxury of being allowed to say that. The
guy left totally embarrassed with his friends laughing at him. I’ve had
people try and cop a feel, act like I’m supposed be interested in them
just for the simple fact that they are there. There has been times when
I’m walking with a tray full of drinks and they just expect me to stop
everything and pay them complete and total attention. No, I don’t think
so. I’m trying to earn a living here. I’ve had guys be sexually explicit
to the point where most people would gag. It’s not people you know
either it’s complete strangers. Of course I can say “Not on your best
day and my worst.” I don’t really care if people think I’m a bitch
although it does hurt my tips but at least I can keep my dignity. There
are just days when you’ve spent so much time around people you don’t
know you want to run and hide and never come out again. People sitting
there telling you things you’ve heard one million times before, their
life stories and all you can think is… “When is it going to be 2 am? I
want to go home.” I’m not saying this is exactly the same as what the
Femmes would experience, but I can sympathize. People aren’t driving 5
hrs and paying a $15 cover charge to see me, but still there are times
when I feel like people expect things that they have no right to.
Imagine from their perspective though. You are hundreds of miles away
from home, away from your families, surrounded my strangers, you are
having a bad day, all you want is to go back to your hotel and go to
sleep. And everybody wants you to stop and talk and act cheerful. If
it were me I would hitting the roof. I haven’t the patience. They
aren’t even rude, by musicians standards. Believe me I’ve met rude
musicians. They are angelic in comparison. Except for Guy, he’s a
little on the typical “whoa chicks” side for me. You think he would
have grown out of that by now. But I guess those old hormones are still
roaring. There have been a few times when I’ve met them they’ve seemed
more bored which I guess could be misconstrued as rude. How many times
can you hear “Wow, you guys are so cool.” Before it gets old? I’m tired
of hearing “Wow I think you’re really beautiful.” And I’ve only worked
there a year. Of course the men are probably really tired of hearing
“Wow, I think you are really drunk and I think you need your eyes
OK I’m done for now.

Later, Kathryn

RE: Snowball 98
ok ok im really tired of everyone getting down on me for the incident
after snoball 98. i don’t read very many of the american music letters
but i skim them and when all the sudden my name appears for some reason
i’m thinking jesus what did i do this time?? anyways i would like to
know what the hell that was all about deana?? I’ve been a Femmes fan
probably longer than the majority of the people in the fan club. i can
remember when thier first album was released back in 83 and blister in
the sun was one of the biggest songs to hit the streets here in albany
OR, i was quite young at the time but my older sister was growing up in
this age and had the cassette not too soon after. I remember taking it
and listening to it over and over on my way to elementary school each
day and most of the places i went carrying that crummy little walkman
around but i was young and my sister lost interest in them so i didnt
keep on the music charts. i was too young; all i knew is that i had my
self-titled vf tape and i was happy. it wasnt till several years later
i discovered why do birds sing? all that time i was listening to that
old tape and let me tell you that was quite a bit through those years.
never did get tired of it, but when i came across the why do birds sing
american music hit me with the greatness that thier first album had many
years earlier. and then i soon found new times and add it up it was about
in 95 when i discovered that 3, blind leading the naked, and hallowed
ground existed through searches of the femmes over the net cause where i
live finding one of those 3 albums is luck. you do not hear anything of
the femmes around here. you occasinally hear blister in the sun on the
radio but thats about it. when i was down in arizona you heard em once
at least every hour if you were moving around stations. so all these
years i’ve taken Gordan as a God; the biggest influence i’ve ever had.
ive got photos of him all over my walls and i’ve really never been a
concert type. i’ve also never really taken the time to look at the list
of who’s playing and by the time i was in highschool my parents were
telling me that they were too old and were probably done with touring,
so i figured this to be true, knowing how long they had been around. and
i wasn’t quite the computer nerd so i never paid attention to the net.
but finally i take a look at the vf official site one day and notice the
tour schedule and it suprised me quite a bit so i took a look and was
very disappointed to see that they had just played in portland a week
earlier so i kept checking and finaly they were doing the snowball 98. i
got tickets that very day. so i go and got caught with the recorder at
the last moment(they pat you down around here). i wasnt to happy! oh
well so concert time is over; it wasn’t as great of a show as i had
expected but it was pretty good no loss what so ever. now everyone knows
about after the show so no need to write it all over again but to tell
you the reason i was so disappointed is cause Gordon, as i said, has been
a god to me; a hero and major influence, and it’s the fact that i will
probably never see him again and as many letters i have e-mailed to him
he will never reply i am convinced, but i just wanted one chance to ask
him the questions of his past and present, his childhood, his love life
and up today life, his dreams, his hopes, fears and i could keep going
but just the littlest thing or story between those lines somewhere would
have meant everything to me. but now that i look at it i know i should
be happy at just the fact that i got to shake his hand and to look upon
those crystal blue eyes of his that could light up even the darkest
night, this man is a true poet and that is noticed and acknowledged by
very true femme fan yes! when we wake up in the skys with the stars in
our eyes is a very good verse. that shows you’re a person of hope and
happiness with your surroundings, but my favorite verse would have to be
“i know a place where nothing will grow, the summer will burn and the
winter will snow”. im not a very happy person for reasons not quite
understood. i was a happy person for a short period of time in my life
and it was great but i had looked at the femmes at a negative source of
energy; probably for the songs kiss off and add it up, it was too long
ago to remember – but once again depressed as usual i found the femmes
again and i guess that’s the way it ought to be as if they are pinned
to me for life. i’d rather be deppressed and have the femmes than to be
happy and matured to the point where i couldn’t care less about them and
being this kind of person i was probably just expecting a little bit
more than i should have; after all it isn’t everyday that you meet
gordon gano walking down the street and get the femmes shirt that you’re
wearing signed so if everyone would give me a little room i would
appreciate it

p.s i still have that tape it is so old and wore out that you can hardly
hear it over all the scratches it has gathered all these years.

Happy Holidays!!!!
nick parr

Guy the Artist
Does Guy do any of the art on the shirts? just wondering because i
think he did the machine single cover and i like that a lot….i even
made a pretty clay sculpture of it

Does anyone who gets this newsletter have the episode of Sabrina the
Teenage Witch that the Femmes were on on tape? My friend told me about
it and now i want to see it….maybe someone could send me a copy of it
…I’ll pay for the tape and shipping…please??? Help out a fellow fan


-Pat. Says: Deana and I are working on a compilation video. We’ve just
been swamped this past month with holidays and end of the
year inventories and such. At any rate, Sabrina will be
included. For what it’s worth.