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The Quote Of The Day:

I’m so lonely,
Feel like I’m gonna hack it apart,
I’m gonna hack, hack, hack, hack it apart,
I’m gonna hack, hack, hack, hack it apart,
I’m gonna hack, hack, hack, hack it apart,
I’m gonna hack, hack, hack, hack it apart.
-From Confessions
-Submitted by thehappycyclops


Dec. 29- 8:30 pm, Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, $17.50 (P,T)
($0.25 of each ticket goes to charity)
Dec. 30- 9:00 pm, The Boathouse, Norfolk, VA, $15.00 (T)
Dec. 31- 7:30 pm, Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA 52.50 Plus 6.75 service
charge for phone orders!!! Call 800-551-7328 to order (O,P)
(With Pietasters and Squirrel Nut Zippers)]
Jan 21- 7:45 pm, Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA (P)
$47.75, $38.75, $31.75
Jan 22- 8:00 pm,The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV (T,P)
Jan 25- 8:00 pm, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA (T)
Jan 26- 8:00 pm, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA (T)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Monterey Peninsula Artists.
Serious inquiries only.


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Philadelphia, PA
JMES4249 (Jennifer)

Seattle, CA, 1-25
LilBoek (It’s Steve, isn’t it?)

Seattle, CA, 1-26



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RE: Universal
Come to Oregon
RE: This N That
RE: Where Is Everybody?
Snowball 98
Merchandise Problem
Top 25 Debut Albums EVER!!!
They Never Heard American Music

RE: Universal
>-Pat. Says: Is Universal City close enough for you? The VF will be
> playing there on the 21st on Jan, along with Devo and Ween.

YES!!!!! Universal City is close enough for me, like about 3 miles from
my best friend’s house! We walked there and back to see the Stone
Temple Pilots like 2 years ago, my first concert. We happened to have
pit tickets…

YES!!!!!! So what if it’s not the Roxy, we’re in the front row (if we
get there early enough), it might as well be my bedroom!!! So, I’m like
totally thrilled and stoked and all that!! Finally!! The only problem
is, I think Devo’s the headliner, which means not as much Femmes as if
it was their own show, but hell…’s a lot better than just
replaying the show from last September in my head over and over again
(which is fun too by the way…)

Oh and Pat, it’s Y-107’s Winter Recital, not W-107, but who cares?!?!?!


-Pat. Says: You know us east-coasters; always using the W’s.

Come to Oregon
Who else thinks the Femmes should play in Eugene, OR? I used to live in
SoCal, and when I was there I seen the Femmes 5 times. I miss them. My
most favorite time was when they played Fairfax High school. We came
20 minutes before the show, my friend and I went directly to the front of
the long line, we sat in the front row, waiting for the show to start.
We were up against the barricade when the show started. Got to see
Gordon’s crystal blues. A very memorable evening. I don’t condone
cutting, and never had before, but I’m not sorry I did.


RE: This N That
We’re all out shopping or working on Christmas programs & such, but
still paying attention, Pat! I heard about the Universal Amphitheater
show on the radio yesterday and I SO wanted to be the one to tell you
about it! (I just read Fri. issue today, Sun) I can’t wait to go-In
addition to the femmes, Devo and Ween have been bands that I have had on
the wish list for a Long Time….Why do 3 birds sing?….don’t look a
gift bird in the beak… :>

> why do the Femmes seem to hate L.A. so much?
> They were on the West Coast three times in ’98 and all three times
> they managed to avoid us! Why?

Maybe because those nasty record companies are here! Can you blame them?
They in fact came to San Juan Capistrano (10-97), Hollywood and Pomona
(1-98), which are all within the LA area last time I checked. An hour or
2 drive here or there is what LA is all about, N’est ce pas?

> Keep that “singing in character” thought, because that’s
> exactly what he’s doing.

I agree with you about “singing in character”. Gordon is in fact a very
intelligent person, sensitive (and sometimes oversensitive) to his
observations about people and situations. I think that the beauty of his
lyrics is that sometimes he’s speaking from first person, firsthand
experience (“how can I explain personal pain?”) and then we shouldn’t
read too much into it. Then other times he’s assuming a personality in a
situation to make a statement (Bad, Mosh Pit) I think he injects a
little of his own point of view (often sarcastically) to express how
backwards or different something is, but he also just hangs it out there
in all its rawness to make us think & come to our own conclusions.
The Femmes have touched on these things in interviews, where Brian states
that he thinks some things Gordon sings about are “silly” and vice-versa.
In particular, the religious songs are Gordon’s most uplifting to me, and
he states they are what they are for the most part (Faith, Jesus walking
on the Water). Because they come from Gordon’s upbringing and beliefs, I
don’t believe he would satirize that part of his life, except to make a
comment on a song like Lies. I give Brian credit for playing those songs
as a band even though he doesn’t embrace those beliefs- I suppose there
is some kind of trade-off so that he can do a song like DMFD. It is
somewhat unsettling to me that Brian’s solo efforts appear to scoff at
Christian beliefs by drawing attention to the unfortunate hypocracy that
exists (Christian for One Day, There no resistin’ the Christians, which
sounds similar to Jesus walking on the Water).
Anyway, Femmes intelligent? YES. Social commentary? YeS, sometimes. I
think it all lies wherein, if it means something to you, go with it. And
if you go through life and you hear the same song again like I do
sometimes, and you hear a different meaning, then you’ve grown.
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas everyone. Take some time & get to know
the reason for the season….


I totaly agree with everything that Jeffery was saying.The femmes are
awesome in there own little way. The only thing I didn’t agree with is
the stuff about “Love & Me Make Three”. I love this song. it has to be
one of my favorite femmes songs. I think we have talked about this
before. as I recall not many people like it
Let’s take a poll


RE: Where Is Everybody?
>BTW: If anyone else would like to discuss this, or any other
>of the interesting topics Jeff has brought up in the past
>week or so, please..please! join in. Where is everybody?

I must say I thougth it quite funny that everybody wanted to share their
favorite bands with everybody else, and that was cool and interesting.
It’s neat to share taste and find so many similarities in Femmes lovers.
When it comes to talking about everybody’s favorite band though, very
few comments. I got a big kick out of that. Of course, having said that,
I’m clamming up!

Erik”36″ Foisy
“How do you make God laugh?”

Hey boys and femmes. So, I’ve kept my mouth shut for a long time. I
have good reason. It’s called school. I’ve barely had time to sleep.
Well, that problem has been allieviated. One month from today (my 19th
b-day), I am being shipped to Jackson, South Carolina for 9 weeks of
vigorous hell. On April 9th, I get sent to Huachuca (major spelling?) AZ
for about 6 months of terror too. After that, I’m keeping my fingers
crossed that I don’t get sent to either Korea, Iraq, or Kuwait. Ya all
have seen me through my first Femmes concert and definitely not my last.
We’ve gone through some major arguments, discussions, and excitements.
So, this is going to be one of my last mailings to our list. I’m going
home (Daytona Beach, FL for a week before I get shipped out) and I’ll be
away from my email from the beginning of January until they give me a
permanent duty station sometime towards the end of next year…sigh….
So, keep rocking and remember
When I say dance…you better dance MOTHER FUCKER!!


P.S. oh yeah..if any of you know where Ft Huachuca is or if any of you
live around there, e-mail me back and tell me about it!! Maybe we can
chill when I get there….blah

-Pat. Says: Good Luck, Christine. I’ll miss you.

Snowball 98
hey pat i went to the snowball 98, after the concert me and my friend
were out back waiting for our ride home when all the sudden gordan gano
come walking out the gates and up the street, i stood there for a sec in
shock then i yelled Gordan? he turned and waved to me i thought to
myself yeah bullshit! he aint getting away that fast! so i walked across
the street twoards him and it seemed as if he speeded up like he was
trying to get away from us so i thought of the first thing i could think
of and that was about freak magnet and he gave a brief summary while
still walking away then i asked him to sign my shirt which was my
blister in the sun shirt that i was wearing at the time and he turned
around said “sure” and signed it but then hurried off this in a way
pisses me off cause they didnt do that great of show and it wasnt that
long so i know they couldnt of been that tired and to me i found it a
little rude cause if your famous you need to give your fans quite the
respect considering they are the one who brought you to fame and im
wondering if anyone else has found gordan to be rude in their opinion!
and if it was a little incident like this that caused merryman to change
his mind about them

nick parr

-Pat. Says: So Gordon was walking alone, with nobody to protect him from
potential stalkers and other crazies; and yet he waved,
talked with you, and signed your shirt. I don’t consider
that rude; but it wouldn’t surprise me if he were. Everybody
has bad days, and I know that many people on this list have
had great conversations with Gordon. So if he seemed rude
to you, rest assured he’s not always like that.

Merchandise Problem
Hey VF fans
I ordered VF stuff from their webpage like a month and a half ago. and
well, it still hasnt come. I mean, i know it takes 4-6 weeks, and i am
just being impatient, but i hope nothing weird happened. Have any of you
had it take this long? I am just so anxious and hoping it will get here


Top 25 Debut Albums EVER!!!
okay…check it out… I was reading on the UBL and they have this
writer guy (who also happens to be a DJ on Y-107, the station sponsoring
the Femmes/Devo show…yay! oh and he’s also one of the members of
Dramarama, his name’s Chris Carter…) and he decided to research, blah
blah and pick the top 25 debut albums of all time. His criteria is
bands who “have made plenty of fine recordings after their first
records, but never exceeded the creative peak at which they began.”

Anyway, I saw this and I figured the Femmes were totally ripe for this
category because according to most people (considering the popularity of
Kiss Off, Blister, Add It Up, and Gone Daddy Gone) they “never exceeded
the creative peak…” blah.

So, yeah, I’m checking and I sure enough, the Femmes are there. This is
what the guy had to say about it:

“What an unlikely candidate to
be the alternative classic it’s
become over the last two
decades. Simple and to the
point, with just the right amount
of swear words and sexual
connotations to keep it fresh
over time.”

So, I think that’s pretty cool. Some of the other bands listed
included: The Doors, The Velvet Underground, the Ramones, Nick Lowe,
Crosby Stills and Nash, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Devo, Cheap Trick, the
Cars, and Oasis, among a bunch more. If you want to read the whole list
and this guys commentary, go to:


They Never Heard American Music
Dear femmes fans,
Here’s a little story for ya: I was sitting in a local coffee shop
studying for my political science test and I was getting really annoyed.
Somebody put on American music and i looked up. I went over to the bar
and asked the girl if it was hers, she said yeah have you heard it
before? I grinned and said yes (unable to reveal how big of a femmes fan
i was) we talked for a while and sang along with her. Whilst we were
talking, I looked around and noiced how appropriate the song American
Music was in this situation. I looked around and saw about 20 people of
all different kinds sitting around: greasers, relaxed hippies, slackers,
students, rednecks (I currently live in Hattiesburg, MS), and other lost
souls. Just hearing American Music and that moment was perfect. Does
anybody else have a fitting-situation femmes story to tell. I know I’ll
never forget.
Some kinda violent
some kinda femme
some kinda (well you know the rest of the story)