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RE: Other Bands, Black Girls
RE: Other Bands, 12 times

RE: Other Bands, Black Girls

First on the subject of must have albums:
The Best of Chet Baker Sings
Melissa Etheridge and Tori Amos
John Gorka I know
Washington Squares
John Doe Meet John Doe
Concrete Blonde
Sonic Youth
Annie Lennox- her voice is so exceptional check out Eurythmics
stuff also
Throwing Muses
Kristen Hersh
Soundtrack for End of the World
I’m Your Fan- A tribute to Leonard Cohen
Ian McCulloch
Neville Bros (esp Yellow Moon)
And when checking out They Might Be Giants, Do not omit the first
album with frolicking pink snowmen!
The The Mind Bomb
Swans Burning World
Replacements Let It Be
Interesting Off beatfemale vocalists: Tanita Tikaram, Julia Fordham,
Toni Childs, Nina Simone, And even though she is full of herself-Sinead
O’Connor, Bonnie Raitt, Paula Cole, Shawn Colvin, Michelle Shocked (esp
Short, Sharp, Shocked) kd lang (even before she crossed over to pop),
John Cale, Paul Butterfield (esp Better Days), and I like Tribe not to
mention Pretenders, X Cowboy Junkies, Talking Heads… Anything by
Saint-Saens, Diane Reeves- Amazing Jazz Vocalist

I got off track. I believe the song Black Girls is a reply to the songs
from the musical HAIR (original Broadway Cast Please) “Black Boys” and
“White Boys” I think that they are social commentary, satire. I can
see that Hallowed Ground might offend religious people, but no, I find
great comfort and solace in that album.


RE: Other Bands
>his head in a loaf of bread

oh my i am in a terrible mess then……

is brian ever going to release another album?? Maybe he is recording
with sun~ra on saturn….???#?$?%?^


you must be mad?? oh wait…senior..ooops…you are not crazy after
all….”lovesick blues” has to be one of the best songs ever…I always
ask (yell at) gordo to play it in hopes that he will hear my request
and jokingly sing a line or two…i’m sure if he knows it….and it
would make my minute if he covered that song….i do have him on tape
singing a line or three from the tennessee waltz…that’s not by hank
but i like it..


Actually i like hearing coltrane
and elvin jones..i don’t know if this is humping music #$%#$% but i
like to listen to it when i’m alone….

soundtracks…i like the pink flamingo soundtrack….i love that
spaghetti western twang..i just found out that divine was a writer or
co-writer of two vasolines songs….scary!!!


i can say a lot of stuff about the beatles…white album bullshit…..
zappa freakout zappa freakout zappa freakout!!!!! sorry pat
lou reed was on sessions this week if anybody cares…..does anybody
have the sonic youth performance on sessions from about two years ago???


ewwww…uh i have to go


RE: Other Bands
Oh my God, another Mustard Plug fan!!! They’re one of those bands that
I thought maybe was only popular locally… I have a friend whose band
has opened for them, I’ve seen them a few times. They’re out of Grand
Rapids, MI, and I’m in East Lansing, MI so I’m pretty close to them…
or maybe you’re from MI, too, and that’s how you know them? That would
be kind of sad… I’m so happy at the thought that someone who is not
a Michigander knows them… ok that’s all… Sorry this isn’t exactly
Femmes related, Pat, I’m just very excited…


RE: Other Bands
Well, I would have to start off with The Cure. I’m a fanatic about them.
Then I would mention Chris Isaak (Pretty different I know, but I love
his voice, as well as the music), then Marc Almond/Soft Cell (His voice
is incredible as well), Tori Amos, The Beatles, Oingo Boingo, Danny
Elfman’s Film Scores, Christopher Franke (Babylon 5 scores), PJ Harvey,
Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, very early Neil Diamond (back when he rocked-
Check out Classics), Film scores in general, The Police, Sting, and
others. I don’t paricularly like country music, except for Junior
Brown. And I can’t stand rap or most R&B (Seal is pretty good, though
he is more pop). There is definately more music that I like, I spend
the majority of my money on CD’s. This is a good representation though.

Chris Staley
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RE: Other Bands
I guess I have varied tastes -as most VFs fans tend to do – but I do
have some that come to mind. . . No particular order:

TMBG, Velvet Underground, NIN, Cowboy Mouth, Five-Eight, Sonic Youth,
Lou Reed, Dr. John, Prof. Longhair, James Booker, James Taylor, Jimmy
Buffet, Tom Waits, Self, Fluid Ounces, Harry Connick Jr, Nirvana, Garth
Brooks, Sun Ra, and Pierre Henry (thanks to VF), Portishead.

john #3

RE: Other Bands
<< I was wondering what other bands you guys listen to >>

in addition to the violent femmes, i listen to barenaked ladies, dave
matthews, cranberries, phish, natalie merchant, pearl jam, eve6, mm i
don’t know what else.


RE: Other Bands
Other bands, uhm, let’s see…
In my opinion, if you like VF you MUST love:
– Pixies/Frank Black
– Throwing Muses/Kristin Hersh
– The Cramps
– The Velvet Underground (and both Lou Reed and John Cale)
– Talking Heads/David Byrne
– Camper Van Beethoven
I’m also a great fan of:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Man or Astro-Man?, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop/The
Stooges, Patti Smith, Pavement, Sonic Youth, Julian Cope, Sparklehorse,
Primus, Gun Club, Mano Negra, The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The
Clash, The Pogues, P.J. Harvey, Massive Attack, Beck, Grant Lee Buffalo,
R.E.M., The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Mark Lanegan/Screaming
Trees, Jonathan Richman, Eels, Morphine…and of course Beatles and
Stones. Oh, I forgot Belle & Sebastian!
I could mention some Italian group such Mau Mau, C.S.I., Marlene Kuntz
and the best ever Italian singer (Paolo Conte), but I’m afraid you don’t
know them…
But the most exciting music nowadays is played by SOUL COUGHING and THE
JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION! Go and see ’em live, if you can: it will be
a thrilling experience!


RE: Other Bands
Hi from Melbourne Australia. In response to the favorite music question
I love all the oldies but goodies mentioned Morphine etc but at the
moment Im very into Placebo the group (“a friend in need is a friend
indeed” but the rest of the album is brilliant they sound a little like
old Cheap Trick but thats only vocally) I also listen to old Australian
stuff Hoodoo Gurus, Hunters and Collectors, Weddings, Parties Anything.
However I can never get by the Seattle stuff , love it all !( I used to
live in Portland) Thanks for reading great question bye


-Pat. Says: Well, of course you know that the Hoodoo Gurus broke up only
this year, and they put out albums up till that time.
I liked them too.

RE: Other Bands
I’ll have to agree with Sean on this one. Weezer, and the Rentals
are wonderful. I’m completely in love with them as well as the Mr. T
Experience (nice poppy punk music) Another lesser-known band that
everyone should check out is Lincoln. The singer kinda sounds like
Kermit the Frog at first, but it’s endearing and the whole band is
really talented. Well, that’s all. Thanks


RE: Other Bands
<< Joan Osborne and Jewel are right on the edge of this border>>

How dare you mention Joan and Snaggletooth in the same TIME ZONE let
alone the same SENTENCE?! You must die for this offense, infidel!!! I
just count my lucky stars that you didn’t throw in Tori Amos, my
personal angel (being a girl who hates to sin). Jewel is not of a
caliber of any of these ladies, nor is she on par with Ani DiFranco.
Jewel is trite, whiny, annoying, and stuck up, and couldn’t write a
decent song if Tori lowered herself to the point of giving her lessons.
Okay, I’m done. Obviously, I like Joan Osborne and Tori Amos. I also
enjoy the sexy stylings of Jonny Lang, also a mediocre songwriter, but
ohhhh that voice, that guitar… it makes a girl reach for the cotton
panties and run to the front of the stage! Fleetwood Mac is always
nice, speaking of sexy male guitarists (ohhhh Lindsey). I’m done
drooling now. 🙂


RE: Other Bands
Hmmm….some of the other stuff I like…. well, being a little punk-ska
freak I’ll have to start with the stuff that nobody I know would equate
with me :TMBG(Apollo 18 rocks), Clapton blues stuff, Ledbelly, Old REM,
Weezer, if you can find it Precious, Bob Marley, Ani DiFranco, The
Impossibles, Cows, Kalvin Krime, Social Distortion, Ween, Primus, and
John B. UK drum and bass stuff (lots of jazz), Devo, Talking Heads,
Atom and his Package. Now for the stuff people can equate with me: NOFX,
No Use For a Name, OLD Bosstones, Less Than Jake, Ramones, Bad Religion,
Queers (very ramones/beach boys), Hepcat, Rancid, Operation Ivy, Vandals,
Guttermouth (my current fav punk band), anything on Asian Man Records,
GG Allin if you can stand him, ALL, Descendants, Mustard Plug, Toasters
(the BEST trad/3rd wave ska band in history), most old punk, most 3rd
wave punk/ska, and the Bouncing Souls. And just a note… I don’t know
how many people will agree with me, but myself and many of my friends
consider the Femmes VERY punk. If you consider punk as only a musical
style, then they only fit in a wee bit, but if you go by the definition
of punk as only an attitude, then the Femmes fit in perfectly. They are
very punk in their attitudes towards music and in their lyrical stylings.
Just something to think about…….

Keep it real and don’t change over the summer. See you next year.


RE: Other Bands
Besides the Femmes, I just recently got into They Might Be Giants. I
only have one CD of theirs, Apollo 18, but I listen to it constantly. I
was into the classic rock for a while, like Deep Purple, Ozzy Osborne,
Cream/Clapton, et al. I got sick of them after a while. The only
artists from that era that I still like are Eric Clapton and Jimi
Hendrix. On to the 80’s: it was another phase that has passed already,
but I still listen to J. Geils’ Band, and I have a few Best of the 80’s
CDs that deal mostly with the pop electronic music of that decade (the
reason for this is mostly nostalgia). The new “alternative” music is
pretty much all crappy (in my humble opinion), with the exception of
Cake, Beck, Butthole Surfers, and a few others. I tend to like music in
which the musicians show off their skills (a la Brian Ritchie). The
music I tend to stay away from is disco, the currently popular
alternative/mainstream/modern rock, rap, and most country.


RE: Other Bands

Bob Dylan, Ani Difranco, U2, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND!!!!!