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* 12/31/02 NAVY PIER Grand Ballroom CHICAGO, IL

Gordon Gano Solo Project – Hitting the Ground
12/2/02 Koln, Germany Gebaude 9
12/04/02 Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso Kleine Zaal
12/5/02 Hamburg, Germany Schlachtof
12/6/02 Berlin,Germany Silverwings
12/11/02 Lisbon, Portugal Paradise Garage
12/13/02 Madrid, Spain Moby Dick
12/14/02 Zaragoza, Spain Casa Del Loco
12/15/02 Barcelona, Spain Bikini


Sabrina the Teenage Witch & Gordon in Portugal
Rolling Blackouts to open Gordon’s European Dates
Worcester Blues
Spencer Jones on Playing in NYC and Brian Ritchie


Hey Ho Femmes fans… The mark of a good year? VF playing on New
Years Eve! The last time the boys rang in the New Year in Chi Town
Dennis Rodman showed the crowd his “Butt and Pee Pee.” :o)
93XRT/Korbel New Year’s Eve Rock N’ Roll Ball
Ring in 2003 at the party of the year with BoDeans & Violent
Femmes! Live television coverage from ABC7, Chicago’s Official Midnight
Fireworks display, the Ketel One Martini Bar…all at one of the most
picturesque venues in the country – Navy Pier’s Grand Ballroom!
Tickets available at Ticketmaster outlets click below for more info:

Sabrina the Teenage Witch & Gordon in Portugal
Hi guys! those anyone ever saw an episode of the “sabrina
the little witch” with the the three v-femmes( Gordon,
Brian and Guy) performing as actors and playing “please
dont go” at the end? Just great. i saw it this summer
in the PORTUGUESE TV. i still have that episode record
on tape. p.s: my inglish sucks …sorry!!!! Just for the
record…..I?ve been listenig V-femmes since i was 12
years old,Im 21 now and I?ve been in four concerts here
in PORTUGAL i?ve got all the albums and I will make all
the eforts to try to talk with Gordon on is solo concert
in PORTUGAL… Peace!!!!!


Rolling Blackouts to open Gordon’s European Dates
Hot off those East Coast dates opening for VF, the Rolling Blackouts are
now set to unlease the Rock on some unsuspecting Europeans! The
Blackouts (feat. our own Ron “Add it Up Tattoo Guy” Dumont on bass/vocals)
will be opening up for Gordon’s Hitting the Ground Tour.

If you’re lucky enough to catch ’em be sure and say Hello to Ron!


Worcester Blues

I have been waiting for the Femmes to come to Worcester MA and it seems
it will never happen. But somehow you are making it to Norway. I have been
to Norway and several of the cities mentioned, they are so small that the
whole town could fit in the Paladium and still there would be room for the
farm animals and their friends. We have something special here that Norway
doesn’t. Sunlight. Are you vampires? Or Jackson relatives? Or does
Worcester just scare you?


Spencer Jones on Playing in NYC and Brian Ritchie
From Beat Magazine – Australia
“What is sewerage to a magistrate is caviar to a psychopath,” Spencer P.
Jones tells Glenn Peters. While he says, “Get me a good question before
I go to the bar and I?ll answer it abruptly,” you know it?s all talk. Spencer is
more than happy to tell a story. So instead of the usual interview, where he
speaks about his top new album, The Lost Anxiety Tapes, enjoy reading
about the world, according to Spencer P. Jones.
“We bullshitted our way into some gigs through the internet and stuff. We
got the gigs, went over there, hung around for a week and got depressed
about not having any money. Then we got to look after a really nice
apartment in Greenwich Village, on West Tenth. Suddenly we went from
paying $120 a night for a room in Soho to not having to pay anything for ten
days. Yeah, living in a nice apartment, owned by a rock star who I borrowed
an amp off, who had gone up to stay at his sister?s holiday house in Cape
Cod for ten days. Suddenly we had drinking money, food money, taxi money
and drug money. This is how you need it when you are in New York.”
“I did all this ground work. We went to the Village Voice. The youngest guy
there had all the Beasts of Bourbon records so he gave us a really good
plug. Rat Scabies (The Damned) was supposed to play drums with us
but right at the last minute he couldn?t get to New York. We had already
locked in the gigs so I contacted Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) who was
going to play bass. He?s like, “That?s okay, we can get Denis from the
Smithereens or, we could get Billy Ficca from Television!” So we spent
five days trying to find Billy Ficca. And then, amazingly we came up with
Tom Verlaine?s phone number so we got Billy?s number off Tom. Brian
Ritchie made the call to Tom Verlaine with me standing near him,
panting, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever he says!” He?s one of my favorite guitar
players for sure. I was in New York. These names meant nothing to me.
We needed a drummer and we got the best guy in Queens. This was the
night before the first gig. We had a rehearsal on the
afternoon of the first gig and it was great.”
“The last night we played at Maxwells, we opened for Luna. It was already
sold out and a great gig. Billy turns up with his Japanese wife and tells
me, “You truly are quite a unique kind of guy and I really like your songs
and I like the way you play guitar. I?ll see you kind of soon, man.” It made me
feel pretty cool. He?s a very unusual kind of guy. He never speaks and this is
the most he had said in two weeks. I asked if he would be interested in
doing the same sort of gigs in Australia with us and he says, “Oh, man.
I?m just happy to get about and go to Indiana.”
“We played the Mercury Lounge and Frank Serpico was there. The actual Serpico,
down the front, bootscooting with his grey beard and a million bullet holes in his
back. Brian Ritchie knows some weird people. He teaches Frank Serpico
Japanese flute. I was thinking we could stay with him and there were all these
old Japanese flute masters staying there. Bamboo chimes in the wind with
incense burning, this is pretty weird. There is a giant poster of The Kinks in
the lounge room that is so big, it?s loud. I love Brian Ritchie. He loves Sun Ra
and The Kinks. That says everything.”


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