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Saturday 12/13/03 Los Angeles, CA Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center
Star 98.7 Not So Silent Christmas – Michelob After Party

Wednesday 12/31/03 Chicago, IL The Metro
Upcoming Show Info ***Note the new info for NYE!***
Violent Femmes on MTV2 Album Covers Series
Hello Bostonians
RE: Pittsburgh
RE: Not So Silent Night
12/13/03 Shrine Auditorium Not So Silent Night
665 West Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
Info Line: 213-749-5123
VFwill be rocking the STAR 98.7 Michelob Ultra Afterparty.
Your ticket to NOT SO SILENT NIGHT will get you in to the afterparty FREE.
Tickets are sold out but STAR VIPS can win tickets EVERY HOUR!

12/31/03 New Years at the Metro
3730 N Clark Chicago IL Doors 9pm – Show 10pm
18 & OVER W/ID $75.00 General Admission
Metro Box Office is CASH only & is next door in HiFi Records (NO service fee)
or Ticketmaster 312-559-1212

***NEW*** The Metro’s website “shows” list now says the ticket price
INCLUDES an OPEN BAR from 9-12 & a champagne toast at midnight.
Sounds great but I would call to confirm.

Violent Femmes on MTV2 Album Covers Series
What has 12 legs, 3 guitars, a xylophone, congas, a banjo, a violin and
a guy whose hands are literally crazy-glued together? Give up?
It’s the Violent Femmes … or is it? The Tues. 11/25 taping of a new
MTV2 series called Album Covers included a (per)version of VF. The
premise of this new show is for up-and-comer’s to cover a classic album.
Earlier in the evening Dashboard Confessionals covered REM’s Automatic
for the People with Mr. Stipe sitting in on a few. By all accounts, DC was a
weak effort. Enter the band – guster – and our own Gordon Gano and Brian
Ritchie and you’ve got – hopefully – the kind of great music television we all
expect from industry giant MTV. Sorry folks. I *had* to give MTV a little
props for this idea and if you’ll excuse me now … I have to puke. Ok. So
onto the show. It was filmed live at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. Arlene’s is
a tiny little club in the Bowery and there couldn’t have been more than 75
people in there – including the camera crews. Most of the crowd were Gus
fans but they were very cool and some even knew a few VF lyrics! Guster
opened with 3 of their own tunes and then launched into the self-titled. They
played Blister, Kiss Off, Please Do Not Go, Add it Up, Confesssions, Prove
My Love, Gone Daddy Gone, Good Feeling and then re-did Confessions
and Add it Up again. Gordon sang and Brian did xylophone on GDG &
Gordon also came back out and played violin on Good Feeling. For the
most part Guster just re-created the original album. I thought they did a
great job and they seemed to have fun with it. Their drummer (who
is also named Brian) added some really hot percussion –
especially to Add it Up – and there were a few really funny goofs – like I
think they had to start Please Do Not Go five or six times because the
lead singer – Ryan – kept coming in too early. It must have been kinda
tough to play in front of Brian and Gordon but once they got all the way
through the material the second takes of Confessions and Add it Up
were absolutely excellent! I think they all did a brief interview before the
show and an MTV2 crew was out taping interviews with the crowd on
the street before the show. Oh and the owner of Arlene’s “Owen” did his
spiel to open the gig wearing an metallic suit and T that said “HUGE.”
Uh… not! We had a little fun with that for the rest of the night. As yet there
is not an official date for the series to air but they are trying to get it on the
schedule for late January. So keep yours ears open and your TV’s
tuned to… ugh… MTV?!? Nope. Sorry, I can’t go that far!!!! :o) If there are
any Guster fans on the list please speak up & tell us a little more about
them. I made 4 new friends at the show so I’m thinking Gus people are
pretty good people.

Here’s a quote from a fan message board at Guster’s official site:
Man, I was listening to Violent Femmes on my way into work today.
It would make me happier than a 16 year old boy losing his virginity to
the Prom Queen in the back of his Dad’s porsche to hear Guster cover
that album! I’m beside myself with glee!

To check out pics of the show visit:

There is a tiny blurb about the show in Rolling Stone (end of 1st paragraph):

Hello Bostononians
I believe the Femmes played Boston a few years ago, but I
missed out on the tickets. Does anyone know if there are any plans
to return to Massachusetts anytime soon?
RE: Pittsburgh
AHHH Pittsburgh and yes it’s true Club Laga will be closing so that
the owner can put apartments where the club is. But as for that
evening it was quite incredible. I was bummed when I got to
Pittsburgh because I got the hotel and couldn’t find Deana and
Carrie so I figured they had probably went on to the club without me.
I, unlike my unfortunate friends, was able to get a cab no problem. I
then spent the next hour and a half freezing my tits off waiting for
Deana and Carrie outside the club. I did meet this really hot italian
guy named Jason though. (“How you doin’?” “How you doin’?”) Ahh
how I love my Italian brethern. Anyway, couldn’t find Deana and I had
no idea what Carrie looked like so I figured I’d go into the club and
begin the drinking festivities without them. Carmaig set was great
and about mid way through that I finally found Deana and Carrie.
Deana’s first words to me were: “I am so TRASHED.” Ahh that’s my
girl. At least this time she can not blame her drunkeness on me…. she
was that way when I got there. The femmes set was excellent. NO, it was
excellent to the 1,000,000 power. I have never had so much fun at a
Femmes show in my life. Deana and I danced the whole time. IT was
fantastic. THe set list as Deana listed was awesome. I am so glad
they played Mother of a Girl. I had been listening to that song
constantly before the show and I think that may have been the first
time I heard it live. It is almost as cool as the time they played Sweet
World of Angels at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee. I Love Milwaukee.
Anyway, great show, great after show, and for future reference if
anyone has questions about myself and a certain lounge lizard
residing in Los Angeles, Calfornia they can ask me and not my friends.
Thank you Good Night.
XOXO Kathryn
“Anything to stupid to be said is sung” – Voltaire
(aka) kittricken
RE: Not So Silent Night
>>Jewel, Matchbox 20, Jason Mraz and Sarah McLachlan.
>>Is it just me or does this not sound like a line-up the
>>Femmes would be associated with?
I would love to see all of the above with the Femmes. I have seen all of the above
and the Femmes except for Jason Mraz. Sounds like a good show to me.
Brian – Please come back to Phoenix in 2004!!!
Monica – Hot from Phoenix

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