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The Quote Of The Day:

How come Bobby Dylan and Louie Reed
They’re never seen in short sleeves.
Hey the sixties everybody’s going to heaven.
Sixty-nine, sixty-eight, sixty-seven.
The things we were doing got me under the rugs.
We be doing the death drugs.
-From Death Drugs
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Would like boots of the following shows:
9/95 Maritime Days
1/96 Winterfest, Icehouse (first show)
7/4/96 Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheatre
8/97 Waukesha County Fair
Plus, I know there was a guy with a video camera at the Winterfest show.

Wanted: a copy of Film Noir, or any other VF material. Will trade a good
quality ’89 show at the Metro in Chicago.

Wanted: boots from Brian Ritchie solo projects. Will trade for VF stuff;
write for details.
Also wanted: boot of November 14, 1996 University of Maine Orono show.

Wanting to buy: a pre-New Times violent femmes poster.
I will also offer free copies of “The Mercy Seat” to all who ask.

Wanting to buy: a boot of the Lisle gig in IL.

Wanted: any VF boots, particularly the 9/16/97 Palace show in Hollywood.
Will trade for the following boots:
8/1/83 New Orleans, LA
1/20/85 Berkeley, CA
9/27/91 Seattle, WA
“Film Noir”

Wanted: any VF boots.
Will trade for the following boots:
50 Replacements and Paul Westerberg shows
1 Jonathan Richman
Big Star
OR will trade 2 blank tapes for each show.

Wanted: any VF boots.
Will trade for the following boots:
3 Nirvana
1 Sonic Youth
1 Sex Pistols
2 Rolling Stones
1 Who

Wanted: boot of the Carrol College show (WI), end of 96.
Will trade copy of Tom Waits singing a Jack Kerouac song at the Allen
Ginsberg Memorial show earlier this year, or will pay cash.

Wanted: boot from the Nov. 8th show at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista.
Will trade whatever I have….

Wanted: a video released in 83 or 84, Femmes live, called “No, Let’s
Start Over.” I think that this was actually a legit release from
WB that never took off. Also, I’m STILL looking for a poster of the
original femmes.
Will offer free cassette copies of “Film Noir” and “Kiss Off”, both
live in europe 1984.

Wanted: Violent Femmes MP3’s. I have Blister in the Sun.

Wanted: Violent Femmes bumper stickers.




The tab digest is give and take; remember to share what
you have.


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RE: The New Orleans Show
RE: The New Orleans Show
The Coimbra Show..Moshing..the Homepage
RE: Lobsters
RE: Where Do They Live?
A Story
A Story
A Story
Missing Lyrics
Missing Lyrics..Moshing..Drugs
Gross Point Blank..Musical Tastes
Vary the Encores
Shrimp Whistles

RE: The New Orleans Show
I also caught the show in New Orleans and thought that they were great. A
smaller venue may have been better but they still put on one hell of a
show. I hope to see them again real soon.


RE: The New Orleans Show

Yah, I admit they didn’t seem very pleased with the crowd and they did
keep shaking their heads, but they came on stage and played for about 45
minutes without a pause, so thats what I meant by energy. Plus, when they
played ‘Out the Window’ and ‘American Music’, it was like nothing I’ve
ever heard. I really enjoyed the show and thought it was awesome, but it
was clear that Gordon and Brian were disappointed in the crowd’s responses.
Guy really never seemed to get really into it, and I’ve read in concert
reviews that he has little or no stage presence. Any thoughts on this?

Grand Kaiser

-Pat. Says: I’ve seen Guy very into it at concerts. I’d say he has a very
good stage presence, when the mood hits him. It seems tho that
he can be very moody.

The Coimbra Show..Moshing..the Homepage
The Violent Femmes played a concert here in Coimbra a few weeks ago. Sure
I had to be there! Well, I had to mosh my way to the tickets and at night,
mosh my way into the pavillion. It was their first time in Portugal, I
couldn’t miss them! If they ever come back I’ll be there to see them. The
one thing I hated was the fact that the band that played before them
could only play 5 or 6 themes. A lousy organization, I should add.
In these newsletters I discovered the expression “mosh pit”. There are
always mosh nutties in every concert. It is natural. I’m one of them.
Another thing: why the need to be big? I ain’t really a gig guy (big for
a Portugese 😉 ) but what I like in moshing is to go round and around
and to be pushed in and out, Fighting my way to dizziness.
So U wanted foreign guys and foreign opinions-U got them.
Don’t you think tooo commercial? I mean compared to our first
opinion about the band?

Gustavo Baeta
Coimbra, Portugal


-Pat. Says: When the homepage first came out, that is to say, before
anyone knew about it except us because it hadn’t officially
gone online yet, it was very, shall we say kindly, homespun.
Alright, it was pretty bad. In fact there was a debate going
on as to whether the official homepage was in fact official or
whether someone was conning us. It has improved greatly since
then. The name of the person who is working on the page
escapes me at the moment, but he is doing a very good job
IMHO, at least imaginatively. If only he’d update it a bit
more often…

RE: Lobsters
i grew up on the east coast and my dad has made lobsters for many years.
while, many people say they hear them scream, he has never heard one
scream. i don’t think that it is possible and people that care about what
they’re doing decide its important so they hear screaming.

RE: Where Do They Live?
>Hey. Do any of you know if any of the Femmes live in Racine, WI?

Nope, Victor De Lorenzo does NOT live in Racine.


A Story
Well, someone called for digging up those excruciating, embarrassing
femmes-related memories. I had been repressing mine, but here goes:

7 years ago, I was a young lad in the 7th grade. I had this fairly good
friend, Holly. We were in Junior Achievement together. Hey, I was never
cool in school. Anyway, I heard this song on the radio as mom drove me to
JA that night, so i felt like singing it. It went (in my mind) “Lemme go
on, like a twister in the sun, lemme go on, big hands…etc”. So i sang
this. And Holly said, “That song goes blister in the sun, not twister.”
I had just heard that song and was pretty sure he was saying twister. So
naturally we got in an argument, which turned into a big argument, and
holly and I were never really friends ever, ever again! That much i can
pretty much live with. The worst part is, that I WAS WRONG!!! Since then
I’ve met other Hollies and learned my Femmes lyrics. The embarrassment
lives on.

Thanks for letting me relive the pain.


A Story
Ok, since we are sharing femmes stories now, I thought I would share mine.
Which one to pick though is such a hard task. There are just countless
numbers of them. I guess though that the best stories involved my senior
week of high school (94) At this point I was a femmes fanatatic, still
am, but I was still in the learning process. I got very drunk that night,
and I remember lying down on the floor after doing shots, and singing
“Dating Days” still one of my favorite songs. I was trying to convince
everyone I wasn’t drunk, so I whip out the verse, “It seems that no matter
how much I drink…I seem to still stay sober…” and then I hear the next
verse from across the hall, which was my friend who was doing shots with
me. We both just got up and acted like drunken fools and finished singing
the song, dancing all around the room, and having everyone at this party
look at us in amazement. I wish I could remember some better stories
besides that one, but when i do, i’ll be sure to let everybody know. I
do remember waiting for the bus at ocean city, which can take forever, and
when we finally got on, all cramped in like sardines, i started singing
that song (waiting for the bus) and i swear at least half of the bus
joined in with me. I couldn’t believe so many people knew that song. I
was just so happy to share my drunkeness with other femmes fans.

p.s. alcohol is dangerous, and should only be consumed in safe quantities
and under the strict supervision of Bobby. Drinking and driving is BAD
don’t do it.

pps. I heard nightmares the other week on WHFS, and I couldn’t believe
it. Actually they played a violent femmes block consisting of kiss of,
blister in the sun, and nightmares. How many other songs are played over
the radio. i have heard add it up and american music before, but that’s
about it. at least for DC/baltimore stations. i did hear eep opp ork ah
ah while i was hiking the appalachian in pennsylvania. that was cool

Bobby V.

A Story
OK, I’ll add my story. It was early summer 1984, and I had graduated from
college in Dec. 1983, with my BS in Chemistry. I finally got my first
interview, and they sent me money to rent a car so I could drive from
Willimantic, CT to Burlington, MA (just outside Boston). I was very
nervous. I mean shaking. I felt like my whole life depended on this
interview, cause money was starting to run low even though I had a bit
coming in with the continuing TL dating research I was doing over in
the physics dept. So here I was, nervous as hell, driving through
Boston in a rented car when I hadn’t driven in about 4 years (and rolled
a car that last time) when suddenly on the radio I heard Kiss Off. Like
I said, this was ’84, and the song was still relatively new. I had the
album by that time of course, but suddenly upon hearing that song, all
nervousness left me. I thought to myself, screw it, I’ll get the job or
not, If they don’t like me, fuck ’em! Someone will hire me. And the
result was: I aced the interview. They offered me a job on the spot.
Well, the next day I got another, more attractive offer, and I took that
one instead. The bottom line is, I have the Violent Femmes and that song
to thank for helping me change my attitude during that difficult time.
And I can’t hear that song without thinking of that story.

Missing Lyrics
Does anybody know why “Balkan Falcon” and “Chinese Rocks” aren’t included
on the lyrics section of the Home page?

Missing Lyrics..Moshing..Drugs
Did anyone notice on the lyrics page that all the lyrics to Add it Up
aren’t there? (Yes, this is my first time looking at the lyrics page).
Does anyone know why? I know that on the self titled, the full set of
lyrics are there (i cd got stolen).
Ahhh moshing. It can be great. It can suck. At a concert I got kicked
in the head by some stupid chic wearing heels while crowd surfing. I was
extremely mad. At one point, I was leaving the pit and someone decided
it’d be a great idea to shove me. I busted open my knee and luckily some
guy reached down and snatched me up before I could be trampled. So, the
next morn I wake up with a huge knot on my head that is cut, a split knee
with blood, a bruised chest (got kicked), a sore ear where my earring
almost got ripped out, and a slightly blackened eye. The result was I got
out at the next concert and moshed some more. Combat boots are worn to
protect your feet..and if anyone kicks you, you can boot them right back.
I don’t expect moshing at Femmes..they’re too “come on and chill with us
cuz we’re rad” and kick back type. Offspring (which someone said they
attended) there should be some major moshing. But, I think each band
should set their own rules as to whether or not moshing should be
permissible. And anyone not obeying should be kicked out.
One more thing. Anyone know the Femmes opinion on drugs? Cuz, in gimme
the car, Gorno says “I’m gonna make her cry..i’m gonna get her high”

“What’s wrong..what’s right..I don’t care when I hate my life”
28 days and counting till mi cumpleanos!

Gross Point Blank..Musical Tastes
Okay guys….got a question for you experinced fans…but maybe the new
fans could help out also (it sounds better than this fake fan thing).
Would you recommend buying the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack? I’ve never
heard Blister 2000 but I’m wondering if it is worth $16 to hear it. The
only other band on the album I have much interest in is the Clash
(although i am unfamiliar with many of the artists and it might turn out
that like them). Well do you guys who own it recommend this album to
others? I’m considering purchasing this but maybe I’d be better to buy 3
or Hallowed Ground since I dont have those 2 albums either. Thanks.

While I’m at it……………top 5

1. Violent Femmes
2. Talking Heads (I saw David Byrne recently and he still has it…….
hes a great performer
3. Pearl Jam….although I feel the dissention emanating from the screen
i would take issue with those of you who group them with
Bush and Matchbox20 category.
4. Beatles
5. Beck
(one last note…it seems a lot of people here enjoy the group They Might
Be Giants. I am borrowing a friend’s Flood CD right now due to all the
talk of them here. Maybe someone here can mail me with their thoughts on
this strange band and give me information). Thanks again and goodbye.

-Pat. Says: e-mail Helmsley2 about TMBG, not this letter.

Vary the Encores
I don’t know about everyone else, but I for one am tired of Add it Up
as the finale song. Now don’t get me wrong, that is one of the
greatest Femmes songs, but I would think they would vary the encores
just a little like they do with the rest of their shows. I have seen
the femmes 3 times and all three the encore was, I see a damsell and
Add it Up. It is just too predictable. I want variety!

Shrimp Whistles
Does anyone on the list know anything about Gordon’s appearance on the
Charm School children’s release “Shrimp Whistles”? Details are



-Pat. Says: I’m interested in that, too. My boys are 9 and 7, is this
release too young for them? I think I’m already going to get
them Larry Kirwan’s (from Black 47) Celtic Kids, and would
like to get them this, too, if it’s not geared towards