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The Quote Of The Day:

Let me go on, like a blister in the sun,
Let me go on, big hands I know you’re the one.
-From Blister In The Sun
-Submitted by thehappycyclops

PLEASE send your VF quotes to amusic
I have one from mdixon and about 20 or so from Erik, so
I’m set for awhile.


Dec. 7- Opera House, Spokane, WA (KAEP) (O)
Dec. 8- 6:30 pm, Colliseum, Portland, OR (KNRK), $25.50 (O,P,T)
(With Cake, Flys, Garbage, Soul Coughing)

**Dec. 31- Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA (O)**

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To book a show, contact Monterey Peninsula Artists.
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Portland, OR
parr (Nick)
LilBoek (Steve)




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In Today’s Issue:

New Year’s Eve
Irving Plaza and Haverford
Hunka Bunka
RE: Portland
Guy Hoffman Questionnaire
Hi From a New Subscriber
My So Called Life?

New Year’s Eve
As you can see, the Official Homepage (which by the way has just been
beautifully updated) is now listing a New Year’s Show at the Patriot
Center in Fairfax. A lot of you were at the recent 9:30 Club show, and
since this is a New Year’s Party, I would expect even more of you to
want to go to this. I suggest you make this an EVENT. All of you who are
going (and I know the as yet unreported ticket cost will decide some of
you) should really get together and try a few things. For instance, you
could share rooms. Out of concern for your safety, I think you should
not attempt to drive home. Even if you will be stone cold sober, you
never know what the jerkoff driving next to you has been doing.
If there will be a lot of you, you should try to find a hotel which will
give you a group rate. I’d be willing to bet that if someone calls to
say that you’re booking, say 15 rooms or whatever, that some hotel will
cut you a break. Food? Everyone could pot luck something in for dinner,
if there is no food served at the show. I’m sure you could smuggle some
stuff into the hotel, and everything could be disposable; not green, but
Now, I have no idea how this show will be set up, but if there are going
to be tables, you could look into reserving some right up front for
AM subscribers.
All of you who are going should nominate a person who will do all the
legwork, and you should spend a lot of time online together to firm
things up.
Oh, there’s all SORTS of things some creative person could dream up!
So, what better way to ring in what many think of as the last year of
the millenium? (I don’t think it starts, if you want to get technical,
till 2001, which would make 2000 the last year, but then 2000 is such
a nice round number, right?)

Irving Plaza and Haverford
Well, I had a magnificent Femmes week!! Pat, I’m so bad at set lists.
I can’t take my eyes off the stage long enough to jot down what they are
playing so I can’t add too much to the Irving Plaza review except to say
that Brian’s solo on Jesus Walking on the water and Good Feelings was
sensational both at Irving Plaza nd at Haverford on Friday night. I do
remember Gordon saying that Moxy Fruvous would not be opening for them
anymore because they sing too good. (“Those harmonies!!”) and because
he was shielding us from all the little technical difficulties occuring
on stage, such as stepping in gum on stage which he said was no doubt
dropped there by one of the Moxy Fruvous members. Interestingly, Guy
told me at the Haverford show that he thought the sound system at Irving
was terrible. I told him I didn’t agree. The guys were nice enough to
put Bec and I on the guest list at Haverford so we got to see the same
intense solos on both those songs on Friday night. The Haverford
concert was in the most beautiful venue. Gorgon and Brian both remarked
during the show and to us afterwards that it was such a nice venue. The
crowd was enthusiastic without being crazy and when they started crowd
surfing, Brian said that it wasn’t appropriate in a venue as nice as
that and it was “dorky” to carry on like that. It instantly stopped!!!
After the show, I was talking to one of the students in the bathroom and
she told me it was the most violent she had ever seen the student body,
I told Brian that afterwards and he said he couldn’t believe she thought
that was violent. They played almost the same set list as the Irving
plaza show (Bec has the set list so maybe she’ll report). After the
show we went down to talk to everyone and they were pleasant, and
pleased with the night. Brian told us that the were going to be managed
by the same people who manage TMBG and that they were expecting to be
able to release not only Freak Magnet but also a live album. They were
on their way to the motel for the night and then on to Pittsburgh on
Saturday. I told them I couldn’t go to Pittsburgh or my husband would
most certainly leave me. They all look very healthy, and happy and I
thoroughly enjoyed both shows.


P.S. Both nights Brian had no intro to Dance, Motherfucker. He just
started singing it. And at the Haverford show they played one of my
favorites, Color me….I really want them to play Sweet Misery Blues (it
is definitely jewelry) and Special.
btw, I have a great live version of Special. It was a 45 record my
daughter’s old boyfriend, Scott, found for me in some magazine. It
sounds like it might be a very early-in-the career recording.
I just love it.

Hunka Bunka
Feeling sorry for myself

im sitting here reading everyone’s show reviews. im so jealous! i
missed the irving plaza show and the hunka bunka one wasnt the greatest.
it was good, but there was zero amount of energy in the place. the
people there sucked (except for the one person that let me borrow their
lighter during good feeling), noone danced. not even to blister in the
sun! they didnt play the songs i wanted to really hear which were
digeriblues, color me once, dmfd, and i see a damsel. the boys seemed
a little tired too. the peace keepers were really tight. they kept on
making snide remarks about the crowd and the band. i got into a big
argument with my friend at it too. im not going to get into that though.
there were some good things that happened too though. guy was just
chillin off to the side of the stage drinking a beer and tying his shoes.
brian played some neat looking flute and we got to talk to guy again
afterward. i didnt really talk to him much, i wasnt in a talkative mood.
it was really great seeing them again though. i dont remember everything
they played. but they did play the “dont talk about my music” song.
that was really funny 🙂 oh well. enough out of me.


I went to the Poughkeepsie NY show and it was great. I actually have
been on this list for awhile and i havent even checked it. I really
like the VFs but i only own two cds (yes one is add it up) and i had
never been to a show of theirs before. When i heard they were coming
to my town i had to go, they were amazing! I had so much fun. And im
proud to say i knew more of the songs then the people around me!


RE: Portland
>they are checking everyone with metal detecters as they come
>into the concert. if any one knows how to get around this please,
>please e-mail me. thanx see you all there!!!

stick it down your pants and when it goes off tell them that you have
piercings….and smile….i don’t think that anybody will want to check
it out!!! but who knows.?.?.?.?


-Pat. Says: That’s Kyle: always thinking!

Guy Hoffman Questionnaire
Hey all you VF fans
I love Guy hoffman, he has to be my favorite Femme, maybe just because
my mom is friends with him, but he is such a cool guy and a great
drummer. However, i know some people dont like him because they liked
Victor so much. I know that Vic was a great drummer too, but guy is
just as cool 🙂
so, i was wondering, just to wonder, cuz i guess i am curious…. What
do you all think of Guy Hoffman??? I love him, but do any of you beg to
differ? Let me know!


-Pat. Says: Ah, yes. The return of the Battle of the Century. Have fun,
but don’t get too nasty with one another over it.

Hi From a New Subscriber
Hi There…I am not sure how this works yet but I am giving it a go:)

My name is Kylie but I go by the name Smily:)
I am 24 and Female and I live in Adelaide, Australia.
I guess I have been into Femmes for about um….well since I was 17 or
18 when I heard them on a radio station that I happen to come across….
Triple J…(this is now the one and only station that I listen to) I
have now been hooked on them 🙂

Well I guess that will do until I find out what goes down with this.
Until next we meet take care and smile 🙂


-Pat. Says: Welcome to Smily and all our new subscribers; and there are
several of you.

My So Called Life?
I didn’t know the Femmes were on My So Called Life? Could someone hip
me to what I’ve missed?

Thanks loads,