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The Quote Of The Day:

I’ll corner you in an elevator,
Then you won’t be able to put me off till later…
– From Sweet Misery Blues
– Submitted by [email protected]

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Nov. 16- 7:30 p.m., Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY $22.00 (P,T)
Dec. 7- Opera House, Spokane, WA (KAEP) (O)
Dec. 8- Colliseum, Portland, OR (KNRK) (O,P)
(With Cake, Flys, Garbage, Soul Coughing)

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Poughkeepsie, NY
Prpl35 (Jill)

Portland, OR
LilBoek (Steve)




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DMFD Intros
My Homepage
Portland Info
Irving Plaza
Haverford Show
Joshua and Kathryn’s Excellent Adventure

DMFD Intros
Daniel’s still looking for them. If you have any of Brian’s outrageous
quotes, write:


My Homepage
I worked on my homepage all night to add new links and other interesting
things. (like a picture of Guy when he a had just a little bit more hair
then he does now.) So please pop on over and take a look.


Portland Info
hey pat this is to all the people in the am fan club, i would not advise
any one to try and bootleg the concert in portland on the 8th i’ve come
to find out they are checking everyone with metal detecters as they come
into the concert. if any one knows how to get around this please, please
e-mail me. thanx see you all there!!!

nick parr

Irving Plaza
Sorry about the long time between issues. I knew I wouldn’t be able to
put one out Wednesday, but things got in the way which prevented me from
posting on Friday as well. Marylee and Shannon, I would like for you to
put together a review of Irving Plaza if you have the time. I’ll try,
but it won’t be good because my set list and all my notes on the concert
were stolen out of my trunk the next day, along with all my luggage and
cameras. There go the kids’ Halloween party pictures. Anyway, the show
was great, the place was packed, the crowd was enthusiastic. Moxy
Fruvous was as good as I remembered them from last year. They have a lot
of respect for the VF; mentioned them alot during their set. It would be
wonderful to see the two bands tour around a bit. Highlights, as far as
I can remember them were: Tony Trischka for one. Haven’t seen him in
years, and it was great to have the banjo up on stage. Forgive me if
I’ve spelled his name wrong. Some guy named Michael on the Shakuhachi
in the horns. He seemed nervous at the start, but did a great job.
Some guy from another band (can’t remember the name) sang Used to Be
with Gordon, not a bad job. Don’t think I’ve ever heard them play that
before, and Gordon did mention he wasn’t sure if he remembered the
words. Lesse…Life is an Adventure is finally seeing some live action.
My son Ethan is thrilled to hear that, and hopes that the next time he
sees them that they will play it then as well. Positively 4th Street,
Don’t Talk About My Music, Rejoice and Be Happy were the new songs
played. I can’t remember anymore. I need my crutch. If anyone was there
who has a better memory please write in.


Haverford Show
Haverford Show,
well, i must say to start off with i was in shock. I walked into the
Hall, forget the name, where the concert was held, and it was tiny. Not
only was it small (which by the way was a good thing), but there were
seats throughout the small room ( i have classrooms bigger than this
place). when i got there, everybody was sitting down, as the opening
band performed. they were actually really good, but i don’t remember
who it was. Eventually, everybody stood up and got out of their seats,
by that time i was already up front in great position. The femmes came
out around 10:05 i believe, and played until almost 11:50 i think. They
were really energetic i thought, and played some new songs i haven’t
heard before in my tenth concert appearance. ok, i’ll try to remember
the list (no way is this in the right order)

Out The Window
American Music
I hear the rain
I’m Nothin
Jesus Walking on the Water
Add It Up
Waiting for the Bus
Life is an Adeventure (on of my favorite songs, finally i got to hear it
Old Mother Reagan
Gone Daddy Gone
Black Girls
Blister in the Sun
Dance MF Dance
Good Feelings
Dahmer’s Dead
Kiss off (last song)
I wanna See you again
Color me once
Prove my love

Ok, i can’t remember anymore. remember that’s not in order, except for
opening with out the window and finishing with kiss off. they mentioned
something about haverford university (not college) having a great
cricket team, and how they have such a nice place rather than a big
gymnasium. but since they don’t have any cricket songs, they played
dahmer’s dead instead. The atmosphere was pretty good, except i hear
there were a lot of girls making out with one another in the back. not
too many people there knew songs from Rock or Freak Magnet, but I was
surprised with how many people knew the less popular songs from their
old albums, it made it more enjoyable. anyway, overall, top 5 out of
the ten concerts i’ve been too, still say first new year’s eve show at
capital ballroom is #1.
anyway, what’s the next show I can drive too?

Bobby V.

Joshua and Kathryn’s Excellent Adventure or
Kathryn the Human Punching Bag
Josh and Kathryn here. Bringing you a report on the Violent Femmes
show in Pittsburgh the past Friday. What a wild show. Although the
night did have its bumps and bruises it was fantastic. Once again it
was Brian to the rescue. But we will get to that first here’s Josh

(in no order)

Kiss off
add it up
prove my love
gone daddy gone
good feeling
country death song
jesus walking on the water
hallowed ground
black girls
old mother reagan
dating days
american music
hey nonny nonny
dance mf dance
i’m nothin
life is an adventure
I wanna see you again
freak magnet
rejoice and be happy
when you died
don’t talk about my music

I guess as my part of the review I would like to say that although the
crowd was probably the roughest of any show I have been to, it was
really an overall good experience. The Femmes were great and played
some very cool stuff and I was able to get all three of their

Now Kathryn

OK, I don’t understand it. Why is it that everytime I go to a Femmes
show I end up getting injured or beat on by someone twice my size.
Well first let me start at the beginning of the night. My friend Donia
and I drove to Pittsburgh not really sure if we would be able to get
tickets for the show. Fortunately we did. We also brought along our
good friend Stumpy the Garden Gnome. Stumpy got in and Stumpy got to
spend all of the Femmes set on stage . (Thanks Ray) I think Gordon did
a double take when he came out and saw a garden gnome sitting there.
Anyway, the show begins. Josh and I front stage center. My favorite
place to be. The Femmes came out in typical fashion and played “I wanna
see you again”. Everything was going fine. Then the body surfing
started and every 3 minutes there was a bouncer jumping in front of me
trying to catch all the 15 year olds passing over head. Well after about
15 or 20 minutes of this Brian speaks: “My poor mother is in the front
row and keeps getting kicked in the head by all the stage divers. Stage
divers are stupid. If anyone one else stage dives throw them out.”
Rock on Brian. I know I’ve said this before but let me say it again.
The man is a Bad Ass. OK anyway on with the show. Stage diving stops,
but we all know it’s not a Femmes show unless Kathryn gets the shit
kicked out of her. So out of nowhere some drunk guy comes rumbling
through the crowd and decides that he wants to wedge himself right
between myself and Joshua. I don’t think so. We tried telling him
politely “Dude, you are not getting up here. Please go fuck yourself.”
He wouldn’t listen he kept it up. Josh and I linked arms to make it
even harder for him to get between us. He tried twice as hard. Brian
not missing any of this now decides to jump in to the battle verbally
and oh my! I would hate to be the end of one of Brian’s verbal lashings.
He spared no expense in ripping this guy to shreds. He called him a
“Lee Harvey Oswald looking” party crasher and told him to leave Josh and
me alone. He just went off. Well, meanwhile the guy calms down and
decides to rest his hand… on my breast. I made sure to let him and
everyone else there know that I did not appreciate this. Gordon and
Brian heard me and then they both ripped into the guy. I was pretty
embarrassed. I didn’t intend to say it that loud. But after feeling
this guy’s hands on my ass all night and then for him to just blantently
grab me was more then I could handle. He denied it and said it was an
accident. Gordon said, “He says it was and accident. It didn’t look
like an accident to me.” Then he said something to the effect that the
guy may have a woman of his own someday and that until then he better
just keep his hands to himself. My heros. So the show goes on with
instructions from Brian to the bouncers to throw the guy out if he keeps
his shit up. Well, the guy keeps starting on Josh and I trying to tell
us that he wasn’t, in fact, trying to get between us, he was just trying
to rest his hand on the rail. Mmmmhhhmmm and Guy is the Virgin Mary.
Whatever. I told the guy to shut up and leave me alone. He says, “I
don’t care what you or the mother fucker say… blah blah blah.” The
bouncer comes over and tells him to leave me alone and shut the fuck up.
So, I guess the guy figured if he couldn’t mess with me he would instead
turn his drunken rage on the 15 year old girls standing next to him.
What a man…. Brian seeing this bends over in the middle of the song,
basically stops playing while the rest of band goes on, and tells the
bouncer to through the guy out. Let me repeat what I said early on.
Rock on Brian. The rest of the night went smoothly. Stumpy now has the
signatures of all three Femmes on his little ceramic hat. I got to talk
to Brian after the show and he said that several record companies want
to put “Freak Magnet” out and it’s just a matter of seeing who is going
to give them the most money. He also said that they recorded another
album a couple of weeks ago (I’m guessing in Milwaukee) and that they
both will be out sometime next year. Cool. Oh yeah, they played “Life
is an Adventure” Josh and I must have looked like we were in seventh
heaven because Gordon commented after the show that we looked like we
really seemed to enjoy it. We both basically just stood there and said
that we loved the song and then I proceed to make an ass out of myself.
It wasn’t my fault I had just gotten pulverized, I wasn’t myself. I was
someone else. Anyway, the show was great. I love seeing the Femmes
live. They just keep getting better and better. And the beatings I’m
taking now will make great training if I ever become a prize fighter.


Kathryn and Josh

PS oh yeah before we forget. A little bird told us that there will be a
show on New Year’s Eve in Washington DC. See you all there.

-Pat. Says: I’m sure that at this early date any New Year’s Show is
extremely tentative. Don’t book hotel rooms till you hear
official word somewhere.