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RE: Drewery
RE: DMFD Intros
RE: Unsung & FM
Sung Heroes
RE: Unsung Heroes
Misc Femmes Info
RE: A Couple of Things
RE: Fountains of Wayne
Re:Welcome Amber
Six Degrees
The Rugrats Soundtrack

RE: Drewery
I totally agree with Bobby. I think it’s jewelry for “Sweet Misery
Blues” and for”I Hear the Rain”, I always sing insane instead of sit!!!


RE: DMFD Intros
Well, I only went to one VF concert, and it was 7 years ago (they never
came back here in Italy since 1991 tour)… I’m sure that they played
DMFD, but I can’t remember what Brian said before.
But I remember one thing: Brian speaks a quite good Italian! He
introduced Gordon and Victor (he called him “Vittorio De Lorenzo”!), and
they didn’t understand a word! And Brian was the only without an Italian
As I wrote to Erik thehappycyclops ,the Femmes ended the
concert with a long, long version of “Candlelight song”, with the crowd
singing “listen to the song, sing along” for minutes after the band
left the hall.


RE: Unsung & FM
Erik – this is wierd because I too have been thinking about this topic.
I was SO excited to hear Life is an Adventure & Sweet Worlds of
Angels in Milwaukee. That’s what got me thinking about it.
I can help some – I’ll break your list into 2 groups –

Songs that exist live on boots and/or that I’ve heard live:
>America Is, Candlelight Song, Cold Canyon, Good Friend,
>Children Of The Revolution, Cold Canyon, Good Friend, Heartache
>I Wanna See You Again, I’m Free,Lack Of Knowledge, Life Is An
>Adventure,Look Like That, New Times, Outside The Palace,
>See My Ships,She Went To Germany, Telephone Book,
>Life Is A Scream, Two People, Used To Be, When Everybody’s
>Happy, World Without Mercy.
>Machine – I’ve only heard one time – at the Masquerade in Atlanta (in
91 I think)
Plus – from Freak Magnet I have heard:
Bad, Rejoice, When You Died & Pos 4th Street & Freak Magnet.

So that leaves these 10 plus the rest of FM that I’m just not sure about.
>Chinese Rocks ,Degradation, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, I Saw
>You In The Crowd, Jesus Of Rio, Living A Lie, Love And Me Make 3,
>Nothing Worth Living For, Thanksgiving, This Island Life.

This Island Life, Requiem & Forbidden now top my list for “hoping to
hear.” Plus I haven’t heard Fool in the Full Moon or Death Drugs in a
while so that rounds out my top 5 right now.
About Ben’s note:
>So when do we give up on Freak Magnet ever being released and
>consider it in the public domain for bootlegging? …
>What I am trying to say in this is that everyone, after over a year has
>passed, should be given the opportunity by those with the monopoly of
>Freak Magnet promo discs, copies, etc. to HEAR the new music made
>by their favourite band.

IMHO – this is most intelligent and poignant note written yet about
Freak Magnet. It deserves an answer.


Sung Heroes
I recall hearing Candlelight Song on a boot that was sent to me of a
Milwaukee show this year, I believe. I Wanna See You Again has been
added to their play list since probably over a year ago, and Life Is
An Adventure I’ve heard both at the Milwaukee show on the 31st of
October and on the Nov 2 show at the Riviera in CHicago. The time I met
Gordon I asked him why they don’t play Jesus of Rio and he says they
never have all the right instruments…he was probably just blowing off
the question, though…?

john #3

RE: Unsung Heroes
I saw VF in concert during 1991 European Tour here in Milan, and they
played Look Like That, I’m Free, Two People and a long, long version of
Candlelight Song as the final encore, with all the people singing
“listen to the song, sing along…” for two or three minutes. It was
marvellous, and it was my only VF concert…

P.S. Do you know Brian Ritchie speaks a very good Italian? And he was
the one without an Italian name… (Gano & DeLorenzo didn’t understand
a word!)

-Pat. Says: I seem to recall, and I could be wrong, that the original
spelling was not Gano, but Ganeau??

At a show in April of 1994 in Rochester, NY, at the University of
Rochester, Gordon came on stage for the beginning of their encore,
referencing “MACHINE” he said “This is a world premier of this song,
coming off of our new album.” Obviously he was referencing “NEW TIMES”,
anyway it was just Gordon with a a microphone and a mega-phone for voice
effects, I believe good ol’ Brian was on a back up synthesizer. Brian
was also adding counter lyrics in the background throughout the song, it
was both simple and simply amazing.

At that same show Gordon performed a solo version of “NOTHING”, it was
the first and only time I had heard that song performed, and Gordon
mentioned that he had “written this song for a movie that was never
released.” He then continued on, and entranced the whole crowd, it was
awesome. Long live the femmes!


Misc Femmes Info
RE: Unsung Heroes.
I looked at the list of songs that thehappycyclops had on
the last issue of american music and I noticed that I have heard many of
those songs in my hometown. Most of which I had heard at the Washington
Park Rose Garden on Labor Day Weekend in either 93 or 94. Unfortunately
I don’t own any bootlegs to these shows but I do give some hope that
they have played these in concert.
America is, Candlelight Song (I personally think it is the best live
song I have heard from the Femmes), Children of the Revolution, Cold
Canyon, I Wanna See You Again, I’m Free, Jesus of Rio, Lack of Knowledge,
Love and Me Make Three, Machine (Several times, I’m surprised there are
no bootlegs of this around), New Times, Outside the Palace, See My Ships,
She Went to Germany, Telephone Book, Thanksgiving, This Island Life,
Used to Be, When Everybody’s Happy.
RE: My Best Concert Experiences with the Femmes.
These will be rather short so bear with.

April, 92: venue: the Fox Theater, Portland, OR.
My Best friend and I cut in line so we got into the Fox Theater about
20th or so. It was general admission so we got great seats. This was
my first concert ever. The Violent Femmes had no opening act so they
played for about 3 hours and it was the why do birds sing tour so there
was a lot of early work.

Washington Park Rose Garden, Portland, OR.
Outside venue at the end of the Summer. I was in front of the stage the
whole show, however, the general admission area was kind of far back from
the stage. Black Happy opened for the Femmes. The crowd didn’t care for
Black Happy, we were there to see the Femmes. Great concert simply for
the fact that the Femmes played some unusual selections including a sweet
rendition of Candlelight Song.

Timberline Ski Bowl, Mt Hood, OR
A large concert with MC900ft Jesus, Afgahn Whigs, House of Pain, Violent
Femmes, and James. A lot of people couldn’t believe that James was
headlining but such is life. It rained a lot and it was cold. even for
the end of the summer. Nothing was too out of the ordinary but during
the Femmes set someone did break their back and the show was momentarily
stopped. During the stoppage of play Brian Ritchie fielded questions
from the audience. The crowd was mostly asking about Victor because it
was right after the split.

LaLuna, Portland, Or.
I don’t remember too much about this show except that Possum Dixon Opened
up for them and they had that huge New Times Symbol in the back. January
of 95 I think.

San Jose, CA. Shoreline Ampitheater.
Two of my friends and I went down to Kamp Kome 2. 10th row tickets and
I do believe the show was sold out. It was a great show. I wish the
Femmes had played longer though. I was able to sing along with the song
“Bad” because I had practically memorized Romans so I thought that was
way cool. I was able to get my Saturday Morning Cartoons comic book
signed by Gordon, Guy, and Brian. Gordon got a good laugh out of seeing
that book which in turn gave me a good feeling.

LaLuna, Portland OR.
This was the most recent show I have been to and it was last February.
All you on the East coast are spoiled and I am very jealous. However,
This show was one of the greatest. Carmaig DeForest opened for the
Violent Femmes and I recommend all fans of the Femmes to check him out.
The Femmes came out and played for a long time playing songs like
Thanksgiving it was great. During the show Gordon asked for an obscure
song and my Friend and I screamed for Peter Jest… this kind of took
Gordon a little off guard and said that our request was definitely
obscure. They then proceeded to sing a song where Dominic was the main
vocals. It was really cool. At the end of the concert Gordon walked up
to Brian and asked who he thought were the best fans in the audience and
Brian pointed in my general direction. Gordon then walked over and
handed my friend and I guitar picks and they walked off the stage. It
was the best experience. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the Portland
show in December… peace and love to all.

“It takes one to know one.”

RE: A Couple of Things
>>…please, i would like to know how old most of u
>>are..? could u let me know?

I am eighteen.

>>everyone, after over a year has
>>passed, should be given the opportunity by those with the monopoly of
>>Freak Magnet promo discs, copies, etc. to HEAR the new music made by
>>their favourite band.

I just ordered the promo CD. if anyone knows of a good CD ripper that
works with a PC-DVD drive by Creative Labs, I could make some mp3’s.
otherwise, i can record on cassette or MiniDisc, as long as you pay me
for the cost of materials and shipping, and promise (in writing) to buy
a legal copy if it ever comes out.


-Pat. Says: I do not recommend you burn copies. Everyone pretty much
knows by now that Southland CD has promos, and it is
possible they’re burned boots anyway. Look, this album
will come out. Really. And a signed promise to buy the
real thing, well for what THAT’d be worth you could wipe
your ass with it. Trying to hold someone to an agreement
like that would be to admit that you illegally made copies
for that person, no?

RE: Fountains of Wayne
Wanna know something interesting? I’ve never heard of the Fountains,
but the Fountains of Wayne are named after some cheesy store in Wayne
New Jersey. My friend knew them. Yeah, who cares.
Eric, Chinese Rocks isn’t by them, but neither is “Children of the
Revolution,” or “Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me.” Well, “DYRWHM” kind of
is. Modified anyway. I read that they really like playing
“Candlelight Song” for themselves, cause it’s so weird and stupid and
mellow. I don’t know about in concert though. And they can’t play
“Life is an Adventure” apparently because it’s a totally studio song.
Don’t ask me.
To get backstage you flash your tongue ring at them, and then they’ll
say, “Hey! This is the girl in our fan club!” And they’ll let you in
and be your best friends forever.
My school was going to book the Femmes, and I tried so hard to get
them here, but instead, we got Funk Master Flex. Whoever the fuck
that is. I would have at least been pleased with Blues Traveler.
But, Nooooo.
And I’m 18. That’s a good question though, let’s have an age check


Re:Welcome Amber
Welcome Amber, don’t ya’ll agree that she just sounds like the nicest
girl? After reading her post, I can only say that I am insanely jealous
of the proposition of being 16 in Milwaukee with femmes connections.
Must be nice, huh, amber? Well, anyway, that’s all I had to say.

Six Degrees
HEY!!! I just thought something for the LIST!!!!!!!
How about a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game for the Femmes!!!!!!!!
Think about all the bands they’ve played with – The Dead, Lou Reed plus
the My So Called Life, Reality Bites & Sabrina appearances.
Oooooooohhhh!!!! I’m gonna give this some thought by the time you get
back Wednesday! This *could* be a lot of fun! If people like Kyle &
Nick participate this could be hilarious!


The Rugrats Soundtrack
Hi everybody. I just picked up The Rugrats soundtrack. I’ve been
waiting a while for this thing and boy am I disappointed. Gordon Gano’s
part is so small! The 3rd tune is ” This World Is Someting New To Me “.
It is performed by Dawn Robinson; Lisa Loeb; B Real; Patti Smith; Lou
Rawls; Laurie Anderson; GORDON GANO; Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson &
Cindy Wilson of the B-52’s; Phife; Lenny Kravitz; Beck; Jakob Dylan and
Iggy Pop. Great potential there. Problem # 1 – Its 1:59 long! Problem
#2 It consists of brief sentences ( sometime rhyming ) that would be
mentioned by newborns, individually spoken by everybody in turn to a
vaguely catchy tune. The rest of the album is mostly the kids singing
badly ( and annoyingly ); although there is a Blondie remake. Ha! Lotsa
of poopie jokes. Oh well, time to return the CD. The only funny thing
was in the “credits” of the song, where everybody is mentioned ”
performing courtesy of < insert record company > ” and of course Gano’s
not mentioned! Actually, that’s not funny.

Erik”36″ Foisy