VIOLENT FEMMES – American Music Email List 11/16/2004

11/16/04 Online Issue
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Tour Dates: (new dates in red)

12/2/04 Santiago, Spain
12/3/04 London U.K. Forum (020 7344 0044)
12/5/04 Camber Sands U.K. All Tommorows Partys (Southcoast of England)

12/15/04 Hollywood, FL Paradise Live
12/17/04 Milwaukee, WI The Rave (w/ the Donna’s)

12/29/04 Anaheim, CA House of Blues
12/30/04 Tucson, AZ City Limits
12/31/04 San Diego, CA BIG NIGHT SAN DIEGO Qualcomm Stadium

Brian Tairaku Ritchie
11/20/04 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Shambhala Center
2344 N. Oakland Avenue Suggested Donation: $15 7:00pm
MSRC is a 2-year old retreat center affiliated with Shambhala Interna-tional. It has been established to help develop and nurture mindfulness, awareness, peace and compassion in this world of ours that has become increasingly marked by anxiety and fear. Our current good news is that the original owners of the property have recently offered us another 33 acres of land next to the Kettle Moraine State Forest! MSRC needs to raise $110,000 to buy this land. To this end Brian Ritchie has offered to perform for us on shakuhachi? a Japanese bamboo flute. Brian Ritchie (of the Violent Femmes) studied shakuhachi for seven years in New York City with James Nyoraku Schlefer. Ritchie achieved the rank of Jun Shihan (teaching license) in March of 2003. Brian has already released two CD’s of shakuhachi music, “Purple Field” (Honkyoku) and “Shakuhachi Club NYC” (World Jazz).

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New Tour Dates
Jack and Bobby Episode
Online Album

Jack and Bobby Episode
Did anyone else catch the Jack and Bobby episode (last week?) that featured the Femmes’ music? (They played “Good Feeling”)
Bobby — the character who will become president in 40 years — was seeing a goth-punk girl who was slightly older than him. She brought the Femmes’ first album on vinyl from the thrift store she worked at. “It’s yours — it was only a dollar.”
She procedes to describe the Femmes to him — I wish I’d saved the show on the Tivo, but it was something like “the feeling when your dumb teacher’s voice is still ringing in your ears and you come home and your parents nag at you and …”
It was actually kind of a cool Femmes commercial. 🙂
# James Welborn
# Cambridge, MA
# welborn

Online Album
Does anyone remember a cd the Violent Femmes put out after Freak Magnet that could only be downloaded off
of some websight? At the time I was a tech-wimp, but now that I can burn CDs I’d like to find that. Is it
still available somewhere?

Also, just wondering if anyone is going to see them at the Rave in December. I’m rounding up some of my
friends who’ve never seen the Violent Femmes before, so it should be fun!


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