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*Saturday 12/13/03 Los Angeles, CA Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center
Star 98.7 Not So Silent Christmas – Michelob After Party

*Wednesday 12/31/03 Chicago, IL The Metro
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Pittsburgh – The City with NO Cabs
Political Common-tary
RE: New Years
Razor Madness
Late from NZ

12/13/03 Shrine Auditorium Not So Silent Night
665 West Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
Info Line: 213-749-5123
VFwill be rocking the STAR 98.7 Michelob Ultra Afterparty.
Your ticket to NOT SO SILENT NIGHT will get you in to the afterparty FREE.
Tickets are sold out but STAR VIPS can win tickets EVERY HOUR!

12/31/03 New Years at the Metro
3730 N Clark Chicago IL Doors 9pm – Show 10pm
18 & OVER W/ID $75.00 General Admission
Metro Box Office is CASH only & is next door in HiFi Records (NO service fee)
or Ticketmaster 312-559-1212

The City with No Cabs
To all those considering a road trip to Pittsburgh be advised
that this city has no taxi cabs! But other than that your trip
should be just fantastic… especially if you get to see the femmes
rock out in a totally cool club. And that is just what I got to do
this past weekend. Hey Pittsburgh the rumor mill says that the
Club Laga will be closing soon… is there anything that can be
done? I truly hope that it isn’t closing because no one goes there.
Well anyway the show was packed and the whole scene was
awesome. The club had incredible acoustics. Everything sounded
so good! Plus they had two huge screens that projected all of the
stage performance to the far reaches of the club. Then there was
the show itself… kick ass doesn’t even begin to describe the set the
femmes played. Maybe all this talk about only playing greatest hits
has made a difference because they did not play their “greatest hit”
BITS. I dont think I’ve ever been to a show and not heard that
song. They played some newer things too like Freak Magnet… so
maybe possibly they might… no I cant even say it because then I
would get my hopes up that they would record… oh damn I said it
anyway… well what’s done is done. ;-> So to all you fans out there
I have only one thing to say… ROAD TRIP!!! All the miles in your
life fade away but the memories are yours forever.
Political Common-tary
And how do you envision your Rock ‘N Roll lifestyle? Cocktails
with the band after the show? Holding a guitar while your favorite
musician autographs? Yeah… like that could happen…
I’ll tell you what did happen, the Femmes did Pittsburgh. It
was a completely UNblistering performance! Yeah baby!
My hat’s off to my favorite band! It took 3 of us to piece it together
and we think we’re still missing 1 or 2 but here’s a set list worthy of
posting (sorry, we can’t remember the order :o): Look Like That,
Please Don’t Go, Jesus WotW, Confessions, Kiss Off, Add it Up,
Good Feeling, Freak Magnet, Ugly, Fat, Held Her in My Arms,
Gone Daddy, All I Want, Black Girls, American Music, Country
Death Song, I Wanna See You Again, Gimme the Car and Mother
of a Girl. I can’t tell you how cool it was to hear Ugly and Fat again
after such a long time. But . the moment of the evening for me was
Mother of a Girl. I had NEVER heard that live before and it is one
of my favorite Femmes songs. (Now there is only one song left that
I haven’t heard live!) You know what’s weird? I didn’t even realize
that Blister was absent from the set until about a half hour after the
show. There was a big group of people stage right trying to lure the
band back after the encore by singing Waiting for the Bus but I
didn’t notice anyone screaming for Blister. I hope no one went home
disappointed but I certainly enjoyed the substitution of the other
great songs. Speaking of the encore – Carmaig DeForest opened
the show and he came back out and joined the band for a fun little
tune called “Bush Lies.” Carmaig explained to me later that he had
originally penned the tune during the elder Bush admin and that
Brian had requested he break it out again. It Iraq-ed.

Polluted in Pittsburgh,
RE: New Years
OH MY GOD!!!! I cant beleive it!!?!??!??! 75 bucks! I mean
i adore the femmes…but omg!!!!!! Can’t it be cheaper for a
retired-drinker!?!??!?!?! who is also a poor college student????
I know i am nuts….anyway to anyone who goes I HOPE YOU
please dont think that I am being a bad fan I drove to Philly and
back in 3 days just to see their concert last year….and then I
SAW them a week later 20 minutes away! I AM NUTS I
love- crazy fan Jen 🙂
Razor Madness
After seeing the wonderful shows in Northern California in September I was SO
excited to here about the Femmes coming back to LA next month. However, I have
been listening to STAR 98.7 down here recently and apparently on 12/13 they are
having their Not-so-silent-night at the Shrine featuring Jewel, Matchbox 20, Jason
Mraz and Sarah McLachlan. Is it just me or does this not sound like a line-up the
Femmes would be associated with? As far as I can tell there are no other bands to
be announced for this show. Anyway, I hope they do come down for a show
because it’s all I can do to stop myself from following them around a little. Does
anyone do this? I imagine they do. Oh, and a quick review of the NorCal shows:
amazing. This is the first time I got to see Victor and he was just hilarious. He added
some brilliant touches with his zany outtakes that seemed so perfectly timed that they
almost appeared premeditated. I’ll have to agree with one of the other reviewers by
saying that the shows (especially Great American Music Hall) belonged to Brian. His
talent is inspiring and never ceases to amaze me. I absolutely love to see people
living for their passions and he is a prime example. The show at the Cataylst was
definitely more rowdy, but very enthusiastic to say the least. I got to see Brian
walking around before the show for quite a while but got really star struck and shy.
There is just nothing in the world like a VF show, and I sincerely hope that I get the
opportunity to see them many more times. Okay, hope to here from you soon!
Late from NZ
My friends and I aced the femmes months ago in NZ. Sorry to be so slogging slow but
here is our review!
Speaking of adding it up, it’s time to mention the Violent Femmes ..
they’ve been making great music for a couple of decades now, and
yet still they manage to surprise and refresh. Age-wise, they are
looking a bit worse for wear, but beneath the wrinkles, bad dress
sense, and balding gracelessly, they’re still young at heart … and
what the hell, i say this as a friend, if you had the chance, and you
missed them, you are a fool. plain and simple. Gordon Gano was
a lot shorter than i would have expected at a whopping 5’4″,
though very smiley. He was dwarfed by the bass player Brian
Ritchie who despite his gigantic acoustic bass and his bad pants
was all rock & roll. The real killer though, was Victor DeLorenzo,
the band’s original drummer, who has reportedly recently rejoined,
replacing guy hoffman. His kit consists of one snare, one floor tom,
and one cymbal, and was placed smack bang in the middle of the
stage, right at the front. He was a madman, a psychotic dancing
pixie, he would run away from the kit and do a little dance on the
far end of the stage, then run back and like a mad scientist mixing
up a batch of some indescribably evil concoction would swirl his
drumsticks around the drums, it was like nothing i’d ever seen or
expected before, he was a hell of a performer.

They played for about 2 hours, knocking out almost the entirety
of their debut “Violent Femmes”, “American Music”, “I Held Her
In My Arms”, all the greats. The Horns of Dilemma, their horn
section, featured NZ’s own Don McGlashan, that’s right, Don
McGlashan of Blam Blam Blam, The Front Lawn, and The
Muttonbirds was playing with the Violent Femmes. That just rocks.

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