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The Quote Of The Day:

Oh my nerves
I’m losing my mind
this Damn telephone
spoils my favorite position
and now I can start
-From Agamemnon
-Submitted by shipyard21


Nov 25- Rodon Club, Athens, GR (P,O)
Nov 26- Rodon Club, Athens, GR (P,O)
Nov 27- Mylos, Thessaloniki, GR (P,O)
Nov 29- 8 p.m., Vicar Street, Dublin, IRL, 16.00,
18+ only show (P,T-IRL,O)
Nov 30- 7 p.m., Forum, London, ENG, 14.50, 18+ only show, (P, T-UK,O)
Dec 2- Aula Magna, Lisbon, POR (P,O)
Dec 3- Coliseum, Oporto, POR (P,O)
Dec 4- Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, GER (P,O)
Dec 27- Australia Anniversary Park, Perth, Western Aus, AUS (O)
Dec 31- Falls Festival, Lorne, AUS (P,O)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
Serious inquiries only.


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Thessaloniki, GR

Dublin, IRL
adobly (Alexandre)

London, ENG
NFLHWB (Harry)

Lorne, AUS
cmc688 (Chris)




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Heart Attack Having a Heart Attack!
Official Site
Phila. Sonic Session
Sonic Session
Violent Femmes in Greece
Freak Music Advance on eBay!
Beyond Records
New Album
New Songs?

Heart Attack Having a Heart Attack!
OK Resident Evil 3 came out today which is a heart attack in itself. I
am so addicted to that series. Anyway I was just playing and decided
to turn it off just in time to see the begining of the Late Late Show.
Guess who’s on the show next week. FEMMES. It’s either next week or
tomorrow night I’m not sure. I wasn’t really paying attention till I
heard “and the musical group the Violent Femmes” Hee Hee. SO
everybody pay attention maybe bust out the tv guide to see what’s going
on. And remember to set your VCR’s to record!


Update: The Femmes will be performing on the Late Late show with Craig
Kilborn on November 19 that would be next Friday. Check your
local listings for times and stations.

Official Site
Hi Pat, hi all.
Do you think it’s “normal” that a band missing from the music scene
since 1994 (at least here in Italy, where they don’t even come for
touring since 1991, nearly all the people think VF don’t exist anymore)
hasn’t updated the “What’s happening” page on her web site since august
(!), with approssimative news on it (“Viva Winsconsin” announced for
december, and we all know that the right date will be november, the
23rd)? I mean, this time they can’t accuse their label for scarce
advertising (it happened with Elektra)… Cooking Vinyl promote the cd
more than VF do!
I find it very strange, really.
The first time I saw the official VF site I was amazed, than just
disappointed for the lacking of updates and for the elementary
graphics. It seems “rudimental”, especially if compared with the
majority of rock band’s official (and even unofficial) sites. Don’t you
think so?


Update: The Violent Femmes heard me!!! (The site has been updated…)

Phila. Sonic Session
I’ve never been to a sonic Session before. What a great experience.
The Sonic Studios are spacious, cool looking and acoustically perfect.
There were about 50 people in the audience and the people from Y-100
told us afterwards that of all the sonic sessions they have hosted,
our audience was by far the most enthusiastic. There was such a warmth
from the audience to the Femmes and vise versa. Gordon started the
show by asking if anyone had ever been to a sonic session before and
when one guy raised his hand, Gordon said, “Good, then you can tell us
what to do.” The Femmes said they would take requests “with veto
power” and they did veto both of my requests. (Sweet Misery Blues and
Gimme the Car.) Here is what they did play:

Flamingo Baby (complete with Gordon and Brian balancing on one leg)
Gordon said he messed up the guitar solo but it sounded great to me.

American Music (The most requested song)

Rejoice (because Gordon felt like it)

Add It UP (would they dare NOT play it)?

Cold Canyon (Gordon was afraid he wouldn’t remember the words and told
Brian and Guy not to play too loudly so he could concentrate)

Good Feelings (The most beautiful, acoustic version ever with Brian’s
solo the highlight of the show.)

It was short, but oh so sweet. Darren told me they were heading down
to DC for another sonic session so maybe they are doing a bunch of
them? If so, I would highly recommend that you beg, borrow or steal to
get there. I had to take the afternoon off from work and must suffer
the wrath of my boss tomorrow for taking off on such short notice but
would not have missed it for the world. BTW all three looked healthy
and relatively happy. A really great day!!


Sonic Session
I can now die a happy man…
whoever said the 5th time isnt the charm.
I just saw what might be the greatest the show on earth…I saw the
femmes play a room of around 50 people. Most wqin tix, but i begged a
DJ i knew to get me on the guest list, which he did. Dan the guy in
charge from Y100 at the end said it was the most feeling and atmosphere
of any sonic session the station had done which is around 100.
(including Dave matthews, tori amos, weezer and many many others).
We were led into this small room and right there in front of us were
the Brian and Guy… They went with a just acoustic set of guitar,
bass, snare, tom and cymbal. When I walked in, I asked if they could
play Hallowed ground one of my fave songs…but they later couldn’t
remember it or something and didn’t. They played all requests
basiclly though…the set list was as follows…
Flamingo Baby
American Music
Savior (a new song that I didnt know, im not even sure if that was
its name)
Add It Up
Cold Canyon
Good Feeling

The highlights was when we walked in Gordon who was truely in element
began to joke about strting off. the femmes spent as much time playing
as they did tlaking which was kinda cool.
On flamingo bay..gordon played an awesome solo on the mic stand…which
was cool…Add it up and Good feeling were the total highlights…
people got up and asked to dance to add it up which was cool as hell…
It was jsut one of those times in your life where you walk out of the
room feeling a total new…the line of the day belongs to guy though..
he saie the following line when i asked him about touring for the new
album…”Of course…we toured for 6 and a half yrs on the last one”


Violent Femmes in Greece
I am going to the show in thessaloniki (the town in which I live) and
will send a review .
gordon gano speaks greek(i read in a magazine that he decided to learn
greek after a vacation in the greek islands); every time they came here
to play, he sang a different greek poem and talked to the audience in
After that he was invited by a greek band named pix lax to lend his
voice to one of their songs. For me it sounds like a mix of nothing
worth living for and sweet worlds of angels. The funny thing is that
for me,he sings in greek better than most greek singers.

bye !

p.s. i found viva wisconsin in germany at the end
of october ,the label there was volgato records.


Freak Music Advance on eBay!
It ends on Saturday, but there it is!


Beyond Records
>By the way, “Beyond Records” is apparently a subsidiary of BMG.

I’ve been asking the rep at BMG Canada about the Femmes and Beyond
Records and his information ( for Canadians anyway ) isn’t great. They
do deal with Beyond Records which would suggest that they will be
carrying the new album ( not Viva ) but he couldn’t find a listing for
it in all his paperwork.

Erik”36″ Foisy

-Pat. Says: I think in Canada the albums will be released via the
Cooking Vinyl label.

I would just like to let AM readers know that I have already purchased
my VIVA WISCONSIN album from http://www.HMV.CO.UK about a week ago and
didn’t realise that it is as yet unavailable in the U.S.A.

The cost was 11.99 plus 1.00 shipping (uk). I am not sure if they
deliver to the US or whether or not its worth ordering when you take
into account the shipping time. (also I will have to return mine as the
last 2 tracks are scratched.

I wrote a few months ago when the femmes last played in the UK and
Brian Ritchie sang a song called DONT TALK ABOUT MY MUSIC which i am
pleased to say is on this albumn (so the next time my wife complains
about me playing too much VF music this is the song that gets played
at full volume).

Overall this album gives a fresh sound to some great songs.


New Album
not only am i going to see the femmes play on new years ((y2k, as the
clock strikes 2000) falls festival vic. aus) but i’ve also just got
the new album “viva wisconsin”. -it’s reasonable. (all live tracks
as you know). my favourite being “sweet worlds of angels”, “hallowed
ground”, “black girls” and “american music”. everything else i’ve
better recorded live versions on singles and stuff..

i was v.suprised to see this in aus *way* before november 23. it’s
been out for a week already!

just one more thing. do you have any subscribers in brisbane /
australia? .. i read an email on the femmes page from some guy “chris
in brisbane”, (not me chris in brisbane) .. it’s a shame the page
doesn’t include the senders e-mail address!

many *thanks*

chris mcee

New Songs?
That’s me again.
Today I found on the English site the following VF promo

SLEEPWALKING (2-track US promo including Clean Vers)

Maybe 2 songs from the brand new “Freak Magnet”? WOW!!!



-Pat. Says: Yesterday, I was listening to a college station and heard
a song I swear was the Violent Femmes, except it’s one
which I’ve never heard before! I didn’t get all the lyrics,
but it was something about heroes. I couldn’t stay to hear
the announcer say which song it was. Has anybody else heard
this? Could it be one of the songs on this promo about
which Andrea is talking?

I’d just like to remind everyone of what an awsome, ground breaking
album New Times is. I know it’s no longer a new album, but we can still
be excited about it.
On it is some of the coolest, most wacked out and eccentric music
the Femmes have ever written. For instance, Mirror, Mirror is written
in a kind of eastern European polka style and beat, which progessively
accelerates as the song gets more intense with Gordon’s angst and/or
dark humor.
“Agamemnon” is also a cool and strange tune….a large theme in the
song appears to be nervous distraction and lurking insanity.
ex: “Oh my nerves, I’m losing my mind….this Damn telephone spoils
my favorite position, and now I can start writing…poetry…again!!”
However, Agememnon, whoever he is, will not leave him alone.
“When Everybody’s Happy” is a beautiful tune, in a sad and
melancholy tone, which has always been characteristic of a lot of their
songs. The song leaves me with a feeling of irony. It reminds me of
“I know its true, But I’m Sorry to Say”.
I think that “4 Seasons” and “DOn’t Start Me On The Liquor” should
go down as Femmes classics. Great examples of VFs’ humor.
The thing I like about this album is that it has a good number of
upbeat tunes that leave you with a smile on your face, whether or not
they are about happy subjects…..notably Breakin’ Up, Key of Two, and
I Saw You In The Crowd.
Thanks, and be sure to give your NEW TIMES album a listen now and
then, AND play it at parties…. a good atmosphere maker

– James -a fan in Maine