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The Quote Of The Day:

I never had this problem with nobody in the government
I guess I always figured they never mean what they meant
and God help us all not to be so stone surprised
when we wake up in the stars, with the skies in our eyes…
-From Lies
-Submitted by Jeffrey_Wilson
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Nov. 10- 7:30 p.m., Irving Plaza, New York, NY, $26.50 (P,O,T)
Nov. 11- 8:00 p.m., University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (O,P,T)
Nov. 13- Haverford College, Haverford, PA (O)
Nov. 14- 7:00 p.m., Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA, $20.00 (P,T)
Nov. 15- 7:30 p.m. Hunka Bunka Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, $18.50 (T)
Nov. 16- 7:30 p.m., Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY (P,T)
Dec. 7- Opera House, Spokane, WA (KAEP) (O)
Dec. 8- Colliseum, Portland, OR (KNRK) (O)

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In Today’s Issue:

DMFD Intros
Fountains of Vane…
Unsung Heroes
Re: Drewery
VF they bring all their equipment on the bus..
Freak Magnet

DMFD Intros
Daniel’s still looking for them. If you have any of Brian’s outrageous
quotes, write:


Fountains of Vane…
Apparently Milwaukee Wisconsin wasn’t the only place one could
be in America on Halloween night to enjoy a sampling of the finest
music this side of Heaven. If I’d known about the VF tribute being
played in Athens GA on the same night it would have been a very
tough choice for me to make – cuz I do LOVE Athens so! Wondering
what in the H-E double toothpicks I’m talking about? Check out this
webpage for a band called The Fountains:
This band, in their infinite wisdom of course , performed an all
Femmes tribute evening (in drag) on Halloween night in Athens GA
last week! Any band who’s a fan of the Femmes is a friend-o’-mine!

P.S. Dear Collectors – I’ve already inquired about a tape and/or pics-
none exist as of yet :o( but I’m still looking :o)

Unsung Heroes
The other day I put together a list of all the Violent Femmes songs,
what albums they are on and what concerts the Femmes played them. I
admit, I don’t own all the bootlegs of all the shows ( boy, wouldn’t
that be a dream ) but I have a fair amount. It was interesting to see
which songs are played more often ( although its easy to guess ) but
there were a few surprises. Anyway, I got to wondering about songs they
haven’t played in concert. Some, like Machine, I can understand why. But
the list of songs they haven’t played is quite small. I didn’t put in
any of Freak Magnet’s tunes on cause its too recent and we got to give
the Femmes time, but all the others are on. So I’m wondering which, if
any, songs the Femmes haven’t played in concert and was wondering if
anybody out there could help me out. OK, its not the most interesting
topic, but I’m curious. The folowing is a list which I don’t have live.
Has anybody heard these live or has a bootleg with it? Email me if you
wish and if I get enough responses I’ll post a list of unplayed tunes.

America Is, Balkan Falcon, Candlelight Song, Children Of The Revolution,
Chinese Rocks ( OK, this one’s not even their’s and the only version I
have was recorded at a party, so technically I have it live, but I’m
curious if they’ve played it since ), Cold Canyon, Degradation ( I
imagine if they played this one live it would have been at 03/29/85 ),
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, Good Friend, Heartache, I Saw You In The
Crowd, I Wanna See You Again, I’m Free, Jesus Of Rio, Lack Of Knowledge,
Life Is A Scream, Life Is An Adventure, Living A Lie, Look Like That,
Love And Me Make Three, Machine, New Times, Nothing Worth Living For,
Outside The Palace, See My Ships, She Went To Germany, Telephone Book,
Thanksgiving, This Island Life, Two People, Used To Be, When Everybody’s
Happy, World Without Mercy.

Contact me at thehappycyclops

Erik”36″ Foisy

“How do you make God laugh?”

All right boys and girls. Time to fill me in on your secrets. How the
hell do you get backstage???? I’m so insanely jealous and I think I
would absolutely die if I got to go chill with the boys at my next
Femmes concert. I got Brian’s signature at my first one. And I plan on
taking that shirt to my next show as well as buying another one that I
can actually wear that hasn’t been signed. But, the trick is getting
back stage to get these wonderous geniuses of music to write on me and
to talk to me with a real half way intellectual conversation (most
likely about their music). So, fill me in…how do you go about getting


-Pat. Says: Good looks, astounding intelligence and a dash of arrogance?
….Maybe it’s just dumb luck.

Re: Drewery

Damn it people, they’re talking about me! Me!! ME!!!!


-Pat. Says: I said a DASH of arrogance! Poor Drew. His school booked
Blues Traveler.

In “Sweet Misery Blues” Im pretty sure the word is Jewelry despite what
the lyrics page says. Dont you guys agree? Also in “I Hear the Rain”
on the 3rd verse I think the words sound like “She used to sit and watch
the rain, now i think i go insane.” This was brought up on the message
board but i wanted a broader opinion.



VF they bring all their equipment on the bus..
I am a brand new member. My name is Amber Johnson, I live in milwaukee,
home to the VF 🙂 I am only 16, but i am so into the femmes. they are
the best!
anyway, the connection i have with them is kinda cool, and i thought
maybe some would be interested in knowing about it.
Well, first of all, my dad knows Brian Ritchie, so does my mom. They
are just friends, who see each other around sometimes. I guess one day
Brian was playing the bagpipes (god is he talented) in a park next to
my house.. my parents went over and they just were pals from there.
Then, my mom knew Victor D. wife, and my dad knows Victor… finally,
after my parents got divroced, my mom dated guy hoffman a few times..
they are still good friends which i am ever so happy about.
well, i know a lot has been said about the Halloween Milwaukee show, but
that was like the best freaking nite of my whole life!!! it was the best
concert i have ever been to! no lie 🙂 Guy left backstage passes for us,
so after the show we got to hang out backstage with the band and other
people. it was cool, i got autographs on a shirt… they are all so
awesome! well, gordan had a cigar 🙂 he was just talking and being
really nice. brian was having fun too. he is so cool! guy is just the
nicest guy 🙂 he left really early tho, like after 10 min. of being
backstage, and that kinda sucked. i didnt get to thank him for the
passes, but o well..
I hope it doesnt sound like i am bragging, but that was my main bday
gift… 4 2nd row seats to the concert and the backstage passes. i gotta
thank guy 🙂 so…i hope most of u got to see that show, cuz they really
put on an awesome one 🙂 after seeing them for the third time, i really
realized that they are my fav. band. I absolutely love them! i am now
obsessed with them …please, i would like to know how old most of u
are..? could u let me know?

thanx so much
i am happy to be a member of this and I hope that we talk a lot of
femmes 🙂


Freak Magnet
So when do we give up on Freak Magnet ever being released and consider
it in the public domain for bootlegging? It’s very well for the smug
people to have it to protect it and climb on a moral high ground about
how trading it between subscribers of this list and other _dedicated_
would result in reduced record sales. For one thing, the Violent Femmes
make most of their income from touring (obviously), back-catalogue sales
of their first album and Add It Up. Freak Magnet is not going to be a
commercial sucess. Rock was one of their finest albums, was promoted
well and toured upon, yet it never made the top 50 any week here, where
every tour show they did was a sell-out. The Femmes are a live band.
Their appeal is in the majesty of their live performance. Many of you
Americans in this state of E-merica have had the fortune of seeing them
multiple times. The only thing we foreigners in this state of E-merica
have to cherish of the Femmes is memories of the (probably) one time
they toured wherever we are, and the albums we have bought.

What I am trying to say in this is that everyone, after over a year has
passed, should be given the opportunity by those with the monopoly of
Freak Magnet promo discs, copies, etc. to HEAR the new music made by
their favourite band.

[email protected]
suicide note: