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November 8-House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL (T,O,P)
November 9-Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL (T,P)
November 10-Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (O,P,T)
November 11-McAllister Auditorium,Tulane University,New Orleans,LA (O,P)
November 13-Foellinger Auditorium,U of ILL/Urbana, IL (mg-black,P,O)
November 16-Tripp Athletic Center,UMASS/Dartmouth, N. Dartmouth, MA (P,O)

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would like the following: Any good Brian Ritchie CD’s, any good bootlegs
with hopefully unrecorded music on it… or covers, American Music,
Singles: Do you Really want to Hurt Me?, I held her in my Arms, Tonight,
Used to Be, plus anything else i may be unaware exists, CD’s only please.
As trade, Alden offers a bootleg of this summer’s Waukesha show, good

Would like boots of the following shows:
9/95 Maritime Days
1/96 Winterfest, Icehouse (first show)
7/4/96 Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheatre
8/97 Waukesha County Fair
Plus, I know there was a guy with a video camera at the Winterfest show.

Wanted: a copy of Film Noir: I have a good quality ’89 show at the
Metro in Chicago to offer in trade…or if anyone else is interested,
i could go for some more femmes material!

Does anyone have any boots from one of those shows that brian ritchie
has taken part in ??? i don’t think he played out to support his
albums..? well anyway an outside of the femmes brian ritchie musical
exhibition would be just peachy to feed my ears and i have some femmes
stuff to trade for it. (i cannot communicate today ughh silly fingers)
i’ve been searchin’ highhhhh and i’ve been searchin’ lowww but i still
cannot find a boot of the november 14th 1996 university of maine orono
showwwww…and i don’t know what to dooouuuoooo!!!!! can somebody help me….???
with lots of lovey, kyle

I would love to buy a violent femmes poster, not the new crappy
posters but an old one, It does not have to be super old but before
New Times. I will also offer free copies of “The Mercy Seat” to all
who ask.

I’m new to this list and I joined it after I saw the Femmes at the Lisle
gig in IL. I’m wondering if anyone on the list was there and recorded
the concert. If so, please contact me privately. I would like to arrange
a sale.

I currently have 4 Femmes boots with more on the way. Here is the list
of them:
8/1/83 New Orleans, LA
1/20/85 Berkeley, CA
9/27/91 Seattle, WA
“Film Noir”
I’m looking for pretty much any Femmes live stuff but especially the
show from 9/16/97 at the Palace in Hollywood, CA, because I was there
and it was by FAR the BEST show I have ever been fortunate enough to

I have about 50 Replacements and Paul Westerberg shows (and one
Jonathan Richman show from about 2 weeks ago!), but I don’t have any
by the Violent Femmes. I’m looking to trade for any femmes shows.
If no one is interested in the mats or Jonathan or Big Star or the
pixies, I will gladly trade you two blank tapes for every show. I live
in Washington state, and it’s rare that we get the femmes to play up

I dont have any bootlegs by the Violent Femmes,but I know some of you
people out there do,and I was wondering if you would be interested in
trading me for something.I have 3 Nirvana boots,1 Sonic Youth,1 Sex
Pistols,2 Rolling Stones,and a few others I cant think of.If you are
interested in trading me any of these for a Violent Femmes bootleg,or
one by any band,please e-mail me.Oh yeah,I also have a Who boot.

I am looking for a copy of the show they did at Carrol College here in
Wisconsin back towards the end of 96… I was at the show, and even
moreso, I was the fan that requested “See My Ships”. They played it, for
what they said was the first time ever live, and they did it
beautifully. I can now die happy. The thing is, the bootleg I tried to
make didn’t work (damn batteries…) and now all I have is the memory.
I don’t have anything to trade really, but I do have money, and a decent
copy of Tom Waits singing a Jack Kerouac song at the Allen Ginsberg
Memorial show earlier this year….





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In Today’s Issue:

Roll Call
RE: VF in DC on NYD..Top Five Faves
RE: Classify the Vf..Top 5 Faves
RE: Classify the VF..Top 5 Faves
RE: Classify the VF
RE: Concert Volume

Here’s what I’ve found out about the UMASS show:


You can contact the University Box Office by calling 508-999-8598. I had
also asked for ticket prices and opening band, but as you can see, he
neglected to give me that info. Maybe he didn’t know. At any rate, if
anyone calls the UBO, and finds out any more, please email me so I can
tell everyone else on the list who might want to go to this show.

Roll Call
how many people are on this list?
see ya

-Pat. Says: As of today, we have 856 subscribers worldwide. The number
usually ranges between 850 and 900.

RE: VF in DC on NYD..Top Five Faves
My parents wouldn’t let me go to the new years show last year, so can I
say I just turned absolutely ecstatic when I heard they were coming this
year. When will tickets go on sale??? I can’t wait, oh, the excitement
oozing. My favorite five songs right now, in the order they popped into
my head:

Son of a Gun- Nirvana (cover of the Vaselines)
36-24-36- VF
I Held Her in My Arms- VF
Scooby Snacks- Fun Lovin’ Criminals
Til My Head Falls Off- They Might Be Giants

Marjorie 🙂

-Pat. Says: If you’re talking about a New Year’s Show in DC, that’s
just wishful thinking at this point. There is no DC show
listed at this time.

RE: Classify the VF..Top 5 Faves
Oh boy, where to begin? I am not sure quite how I should lump this all
together, but I only have a few minutes to write this so:

Femmes Classification:
I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere yet in the discussion, so I will
say it… I first heard the Femmes way back in about 84, when I got my
hands on a recording of their sold-out Carnegie Hall show, which
incedentally ROCKED. And during that show, Gordon himself made an
attempt to label their sound, which has stuck with me to this day. He
said they were a “semi-acoustic folk punk band”. I think that about
sums it up.

Top 5:
Um, I tried to pull off just 5, but failed miserably at around 23.
However, for Emily’s benefit, I can say that Jane’s Addiction was in
the list about 3 times, as were the Femmes.

Yrs Truly,
J Davis…

RE: Classify the Vf..Top 5 Faves
First, I want to say I agree with many of you out there that the Violent
Femmes are unique and do not fit into any specific style of music. When
someome asks me what type of group they are, I say they are “True
Alternative” They were and are “alternative” (Not hard rock punk or
whatever else you call Green Day or Oasis or etc.) I enjoy most types
of music, but have become a big fan of the Femmes greatly because of the
fact they are unique and have a great variety of songs. But I don’t put
much stock in classifying music. You should like a group because of
what they produce and perform.

And the long awaited Top 5 List. I won’t give a Top Five list for
favorite bands since there are so many that I like. But here are my all
time favorite songs that I think everyone should listen to at least

1. Don’t Start Me On The Liquor – Violent Femmes
2. Mexicali Blues – Greatful Dead (Would like to see the VF cover
3. Come As You Are – Nirvana
4. Friends – Led Zeppelin
5. Satan’s Bed – Pearl Jam (Even though I hate Eddie Vedder)

Remember, only my opinion. (Sorry if there are any typo’s)

Mike – Ft. Lauderdale

ps: If you are a fan of the Femmes because of the instruments, I
highly recommend The Squirrel Nut Zippers.

RE: Classify the VF
Someone asked Mike Gordon of Phish how he classifies Phish’s sound,
which is all over the board, from Latin to hardcore to jazz to funk to
straight out rock and all places in between. He said, “We play authentic
Jamaican roots reggae.”
I don’t quite agree with the people who say the Femmes are not
classifiable and they’re they own totally distinct sound- they’re not.
But they’re not MUCH like anybody else. Someone a while back mention
they were like “acoustic punk”- I’ll buy that, with a little R & B and
soul thrown into the mix. If anyone can give me a BETTER answer, I’d
sure like to hear it. Unlike Phish or countless other bands, all Femmes
songs are in a vaguely similar vein, but they unlike crappy rock bands
have the ability to make something sound new, unheard, innovative. You
know? Trying to classify them is kind of pointless, anyway- what does it


RE: Concert Volume
In a message dated 97-10-27 09:27:15 EST, you write:

<< But I often prefer the CD to a live performance, just ‘coz they make
so much noise I can’t even hear them (does that make sense?). >>

Dino Jr is famous for being painfully loud. This is not a concert norm
tho. If you see Dino again take good earplugs. The first time I saw them
I didn’t have them, was upfront, and suffered hearing loss. For real.
I ended up leaving early (thank god) because it was so painful. The next
three times I had earplugs and not only did it not hurt, I could HEAR the
show under the distortion and it rocked.

The femmes are high volume but not painful and certainly not distorted. Go
in confidence. I’m so glad they put the Boca show in, I was very bummed
about the Ft Laud cancellation.