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November 8-House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL (T,O,P)
November 9-Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL (T,P)
November 10-Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (O,P,T)
November 11-McAllister Auditorium,Tulane University,New Orleans,LA (O,P)
November 13-Foellinger Auditorium,U of ILL/Urbana, IL (mg-black,P,O)
November 16-Tripp Athletic Center,UMASS/Dartmouth, N. Dartmouth, MA (P,O)

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would like the following: Any good Brian Ritchie CD’s, any good bootlegs
with hopefully unrecorded music on it… or covers, American Music,
Singles: Do you Really want to Hurt Me?, I held her in my Arms, Tonight,
Used to Be, plus anything else i may be unaware exists, CD’s only please.
As trade, Alden offers a bootleg of this summer’s Waukesha show, good

Would like boots of the following shows:
9/95 Maritime Days
1/96 Winterfest, Icehouse (first show)
7/4/96 Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheatre
8/97 Waukesha County Fair
Plus, I know there was a guy with a video camera at the Winterfest show.

Wanted: a copy of Film Noir: I have a good quality ’89 show at the
Metro in Chicago to offer in trade…or if anyone else is interested,
i could go for some more femmes material!

Does anyone have any boots from one of those shows that brian ritchie
has taken part in ??? i don’t think he played out to support his
albums..? well anyway an outside of the femmes brian ritchie musical
exhibition would be just peachy to feed my ears and i have some femmes
stuff to trade for it. (i cannot communicate today ughh silly fingers)
i’ve been searchin’ highhhhh and i’ve been searchin’ lowww but i still
cannot find a boot of the november 14th 1996 university of maine orono
showwwww…and i don’t know what to dooouuuoooo!!!!! can somebody help me….???
with lots of lovey, kyle

I would love to buy a violent femmes poster, not the new crappy
posters but an old one, It does not have to be super old but before
New Times. I will also offer free copies of “The Mercy Seat” to all
who ask.

I’m new to this list and I joined it after I saw the Femmes at the Lisle
gig in IL. I’m wondering if anyone on the list was there and recorded
the concert. If so, please contact me privately. I would like to arrange
a sale.

I would like to buy a copy of “The Blind Leading The Naked” either on
tape or CD from someone who lives in England (because that is where I
live, too). Sadly I have nothing to offer in return except cold,
hard cash. Alternatively, does anyone know of a record shop which is
likely to be able to get it for me. All the ones I have tried say
that it is no longer available.

I currently have 4 Femmes boots with more on the way. Here is the list
of them:
8/1/83 New Orleans, LA
1/20/85 Berkeley, CA
9/27/91 Seattle, WA
“Film Noir”
I’m looking for pretty much any Femmes live stuff but especially the
show from 9/16/97 at the Palace in Hollywood, CA, because I was there
and it was by FAR the BEST show I have ever been fortunate enough to

I have about 50 Replacements and Paul Westerberg shows (and one
Jonathan Richman show from about 2 weeks ago!), but I don’t have any
by the Violent Femmes. I’m looking to trade for any femmes shows.
If no one is interested in the mats or Jonathan or Big Star or the
pixies, I will gladly trade you two blank tapes for every show. I live
in Washington state, and it’s rare that we get the femmes to play up

I dont have any bootlegs by the Violent Femmes,but I know some of you
people out there do,and I was wondering if you would be interested in
trading me for something.I have 3 Nirvana boots,1 Sonic Youth,1 Sex
Pistols,2 Rolling Stones,and a few others I cant think of.If you are
interested in trading me any of these for a Violent Femmes bootleg,or
one by any band,please e-mail me.Oh yeah,I also have a Who boot.





The tab digest is give and take; remember to share what
you have.


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FAU Info
GLENN Gano Gigs
Trade, Sell. Buy BOOBOO
RE: Top 5 Faves, Or: A Banana in the Ear
Top 5 Trend
RE: Classify the VF
RE: Classify the VF
RE: Opening Bands
RE: Opening Bands
RE: Opening Bands
Fake Fans
Assumed Names

FAU Info
I confirmed it. At the Buzz Bake Sale Fest in West Palm Beach, FL ,
goldfinger was playing. When i was leaving , i saw them. I asked them if
they were opening for the Violent Femmes and they said “yeah”. I did not
ask them if they were on the specific date of Nov 10. But i am pretty sure
now that they will be opening up for the Violent Femmes.


GLENN Gano Gigs
if anyone is in alaska….you might be interested in this….:

saturday, november 8th
kaladi brothers on brayton drive

friday, november 14th
barnes & noble, 200 e. northern lights

saturday, november22
kaladi brothers on brayton drive

in the newsletter it said that on the 8th brazilian singer pragyana will
perform…and on the 14th there will be a mystery guest???…and david
moore will play with glenn as well as do his own set……

Trade, Sell, Buy BOOBOO
Hey, all of my e-mail was erased and i was setting up a bunch of trades
with people on American Music. Could you please post something from me
telling those people to e-mail me and update me on what’s going on.
Thanks a lot.


-Pat. Says: Anyone who was setting up trade with mypen15, please contact
him again ASAP.

RE: Top 5 Faves, Or: A Banana in the Ear
For sure you tell yourself what the matter with the object : Uh,
a banana in the ear. Let me introduce you to a good ol’ joke that runs
uphere in Canada.
(Excuse me if there’s something wrong with my English, I usually speak
Here’s the joke :
A man walking on the sidewalk see someone with banana in the ear.
He stops the man and asks him : “Hey, why is there a banana in your ear”.
The other reply : “What ?” He retries with his question : “You have a
banana in the ear, why ?”. “Excuse me, says the other, I can’t hear you,
I have a banana in the ear !!!”
I know it’s the kind of joke you can find in the Reader’s Digest but
it’s so absurd that most people surely don’t even mind to find a funny
sense in it.
Anyway, I finally come to my point. At one time, me and friend used
to e-mail each other our top-5 songs each week. And we called it : “Une
banane dans l’oreille” translated as “A banana in the ear”. It’s a long
story just to tell you my 5 best songs for the moment. It also helps me
to practice my English.
Here they are, in no particular order (This list tends to change every
couple of days or so).
1- Add it up – Violent Femmes
2- Superstar – Sonic Youth (a song written by
The Carpenters)
3- I’m only sleeping – The Beatles
4- Crime scene (part one) – The Afghan Whigs
5- Misunderstood – Wilco

And here’s my top-5 French songs (worth to learn French)
1- La complainte du progrs – Boris Vian
2- Sang d’encre – Jean Leloup
3- Les bonbons – Jacques Brel
4- Le parapluie – Daniel Blanger
5- Ceci n’est pas un chanson – Bran Van 3000

Thanks for laughing at my joke

Edgar Pwelanfonte

Top 5 Trend
hey all you top five listers!

i just wanted to point out a curious fact that i ran across while reading
all of your lovely top five lists. there is an enormous amount of you
who listed the femmes and janes addiction. i think that is sort of
interesting how you are all sort of similar…’ll have to pardon me.
i am an anthropology and sociology major and i love observing trends in
human behavior!

ok…i hope i didn’t perplex too many of you with that little observance!

“I hope you got…….FAT!”—-what an awesome song! 🙂


RE: Classify the VF
I am going to have to agree with MBlack. The Violent Femmes have
their own unique style unclassifiable by any term we now have for
music. They are simply Violent Femmes, nothing more and nothing less.


RE: Classify the VF
In a message dated 11/3/97 7:37:23 PM, you wrote:


almost an oxy-moran! But seriously my personal opinion on the matter is
this. Labels are a way of separating music so people have an idea of
where to look. The femmes are either in alternative or Rock/pop sections.
Just leave it alone. True the femmes are unique and not only do they not
really copy anyone (unlike most bands) but no one has really tried to copy
them. Which is unusual considering that there are over a dozen songs old
and new that have the same basic chord progression as “Smells like teen
spirit”.(everclear, better than ezra, offspring all written after the
release and the cure , love & rockets, and more written before) THERE

RE: Opening Bands
>Just curious what bands have opened for the Femmes in the past….

Here’s the two I’ve seen.

Solution AD (they jam!) (Lycoming College Summer ’97)
Badwrench (Bloomsburg University, November.. I think ’96)

RE: Opening Bands
ive seen the femmes 3 times…the opening acts i saw were:

november 22,96- mars needs women – who, im sorry if any people from the
ny/nj area are on this and like them they sucked. all they chatted about
while they were on stage was, and i say this literaly “buy our cd”. and
the music was horrible

may 3,97- knockout drops. they were alright. a lot better than mars needs
women and

october 15,97- the toasters. i hear they’re a pretty well known ska band.
they were pretty good. a lot better than i thought. the one good thing
about them was they played the theme song to kablam.
i have a setlist for that last show if anyone wants it : )


RE: Opening Bands
for some reason i can’t remember many ….probably because they are all
el’ stinko…i saw buffalo tom open for them in maine….they blow big other way to put it…..the drummer had a nice pork pie set…
tastey…sounded nice…too bad he plays straight through beats!!!…he
is exciting….moxy fruvous was ok but they seem to never change there
act…i’ve seen them play 4x over the last 4 yrs……they are different
and that makes a big difference……i wish bands would choose there
opening acts like the indigo girls do…….i understand that the femmes
do not pick who opens for them….that stinks….i stink i need a shower

Fake Fans
You know one thing that moderately amazes me is that the Femmes are
still where they’re at and not soaring in the heights of fandom. When
you look at it, they have had a few relatively big hits (i.e. Blister in
the Sun, Kiss Off, Add It Up, etc.), but they are almost in the same
place where they started. When I talk about them to most people they
either don’t know who I’m talking about at all or don’t figure it out
until I start mentioning popular VF songs.

I like to see people taking interest in the Violent Femmes and
appreciating the music, but more often than not they don’t have any clue
about the band and don’t really appreciate the music. I’m not saying
that a good fan must have every CD and know Gano’s mother’s maiden name.
I’m saying that there is more to music than just sound.

Let’s put this in high school terms for lack of a better media, but I
think we’ll all still understand. There’s a small secular group that
listens to the Femmes. They hear and feel the music and have a deep
appreciation for what it stands for. One day some cocky prep is driving
to school in his BMW and hears Blister in the Sun on the local radio
station. Thinking that it’s a pretty cool song he rushes out and buys
the CD (with his parents money). He then introduces the song (not to be
confused with the rest of the songs, because he doesn’t really like
them) to his friends. They all rush out and buy all the VF
paraphernalia in a 100 mile radius. Which brings us back to the small
secular group. They see that something that they once coveted and
understood is being brainlessly injested by the masses as a growing
trend so they are forced to move on from VF to something or someone else
just to keep from looking like they are conforming to the fad instead of
vice versa. Maybe this isn’t even about the Femmes and about our
society in general, but either way you all know what I mean or I hope so

I feel that the Femmes stand for something all their own. As if they
are underground, yet hold themselves above the “system.” Take for
instance Kiss Off (we all know the song so I won’t quote it), they see
the system, understand what it stands for, realize the consequences of
not playing in the system’s games, but they still rebel and hold against
it. They refuse conformity and to be accepted by the masses.

I thought of all this while I was going to bathroom and brushing my
teeth (not at the same time). This could just be senseless ramblings or
maybe you can relate. I don’t know. But I will gladly accept any mail
that has feeling for either.

-Pat. Says: Just because something has become popular doesn’t mean you
have to stop liking it. I understand where you’re coming
from, but IMHO to be a true nonconformist you have to stop
caring so much about whether other prople think you’re
conforming just because you do one thing which has suddenly
become ‘the thing to do’. There’ll be enough of the other
things you do to assure people you’re weird ;=)
Just keep doing what you do, and liking what you like, and
if others do and like the same, what of it?

Assumed Names
Hi to all,
I just received an e-mail from my uncle who lives in Milwaukee, WI and I
was wondering if anyone has any idea of what tavern and what assumed name
they would happen to be playing at and under…

> The Femmes, huh. When I worked at a grocery store in 1984, they always
> came in for a midnight snack. One of the members father is a preist or
> rev. or something like that and his church was close by. He would also
> come into the store for food.
> I think it’s one of those things where they have been around all the
> you really don’t realize it. Many times a few of the members play every
> Sunday night at a local tavern under an assumed name.

I want to make a trip to WI this Winter and I was wanting to see more