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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)

11/9/02 Vienna, Austria Spark 7 Hall
11/10/02 Munich, Germany Elserhalle
11/11/02 Berlin, Germany Colombiahalle
11/14/02 Trodheim, Norway Stud Samf
11/15/02 Bergen, Norway Per Gynt Salen
11/16/02 Oslo, Norway Rockafeller
11/17/02 Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
11/18/02 Aarhus, Denmark Train
11/19/02 Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
11/21/02 Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle Durlach
11/22/02 Wiesbaden, Germany Schlachthof
11/24/02 Brugge, Belgium Magdalenzaal
11/25/02 London, UK AstoriaLondon, UK
11/26/02 Dublin, Ireland Vicar Street

Gordon Gano Solo Project – Hitting the Ground
*11/27/02 Dublin, Ireland Whelans
*11/30/02 Schorndorf, Germany Club Manufaktur
*12/2/02 Koln, Germany Gebaude 9
*12/04/02 Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso Kleine Zaal
*12/5/02 Hamburg, Germany Schlachtof
*12/6/02 Berlin,Germany Silverwings
*12/11/02 Lisbon, Portugal Paradise Garage
*12/13/02 Madrid, Spain Moby Dick
*12/14/02 Zaragoza, Spain Casa Del Loco
*12/15/02 Barcelona, Spain Bikini


More Gordon Solo with Hitting the Ground – NEW European dates
More East Coast – NYC, Boston, Providence, New Haven
VF in Kids – Lisbon Reminder
I’m 18 and I’m… Hitting the Ground?!? I just don’t know what I want…
Philly & Oriental Theater
Defending My Honor
Agora Theater Review
Cleveland Review
NYC Show
Help Please!

New Gordon Solo European Dates
Here is the info for some of Gordon’s European dates:

11/27/02 Whelans Wexford Street Dublin 18 Euros
11/30/02 Club Manufaktur
12/11/02 Paradise Garage
12/13/02 Moby Dick


More East Coast – NYC, Boston, Providence, New Haven
My original intentions were to finish up with my
October Femmes shows overdose and then write a nice
long diary of just how wonderful it all was. After
driving home with my son, Tuba Dan from the New Haven
show, I slept a few hours, then went to work, came home
and unpacked, then packed again, went to work on Tuesday
and then hopped a plane for Arizona, where my husband
and I were to help my oldest son, Aaron move into his
new house. I figured I’d have plenty of time to write
about the 6 Femmes shows I went to and watched as my son
play with my favorite band on the planet. Between being
exhausted from the moving (He’s inherited the family
pack rat gene)and having to wait for the wonderful Arizona
phone company to come and hook up his phoneline, I’m
just getting to my review now. So here it is, the review
of the most exciting, exhausting, thrilling, invigorating
month of my life.

First of all, I want to say how generous the Femmes are
about having guest musicians on their stage. They just
make these people feel so welcome. Dan has been
fortunate to play with them quite a few times, so when
we saw the list of East Coast shows, we decided to go
to as many as possible, and as always, Dan was most
enthusiastic about playing with them.

The New York, Irving Plaza show I saw on 10/1 was extra
exciting for me because I knew Rolling Blackout was
going to open and besides thinking that Ron is one of
the nicest guys in music, I was so anxious to see his
band. I thought they were a perfect compliment to the
Femmes set and the rest of the audience agreed. Very
dynamic, really tuned in to their audience and just full
of great rock attitude. The Femmes always play their best
shows in NY and that night my favorite moments included
a really beautiful version of one of my favorite Femmes
songs, Used To Be. Gordon had a friend of his sing
harmonies on it and the result was breathtaking.
The song that knocked me out, though was my very own son
playing the tuba on I Held Her In My Arms. I swear, I
hypervenilated on that one. We had to skip the second
Irving Plaza show but the best was yet to come. About
10 years ago, when I first met the Femmes, I invited
them to my house for dinner. Well, it took 10 years, but
on 10/4, the day of the Philly show, they ALL (road crew,
Victor, Brian, Gordon and significant others) came to my
house for brunch/lunch/dinner. To have them all under my
roof, at my dinner table was a dream come true for me.
Of course we took pictures and those pictures are all
hanging on my livingroom wall along with all the photos
of everyone near and dear to me. As if this wasn’t great
enough, we all went down to the Philly show and once again,
I got to watch Dan play and solo with them. Sunday night,
10/6, we drove down to the DC show and Dan got to play
again with them. My favorite moments in that show were
the incredible guest Horns of Dilemma musicians. The
guitar player (Bill) and this amazing man on a small
handheld drum, played the solo performances of a
lifetime. As always, my favorite Femmes musical moment
is Brian’s solo on Good Feelings. Each time I hear it,
I feel like I’m hearing it for the first time and am
convinced that no musician plays with as much heart
and soul as Brian. He is just wonderful.

Life was semi normal for the next few weeks and then
Dan and I decided to go to all three New England shows.
Again, Rolling Blackout was the opener and I loved
seeing them grow and evolve each night in New England.
I thought the Boston show was really their shining
moment until I saw them play in Providence and then by
the time we got to New Haven, they had the audience in
their palms. (Ron had one especially enthusiastic fan
in the front row in New Haven, who would have kidnapped
him and taken him home if she could).

At the Boston show, there was a couple who “tied the knot”
during the show and the guys were nice enough to acknowledge
their wedding and take pictures with them at the tour bus
after the show. Avalon is such an easy venue to be at.
I spent part of my time near the stage and the rest of my
time in the balcony by the sound and lighting booth. Both
views were great for observing not only the best music in
the world but also the reaction of the crowd. I just love
when they sing along and know every word to every song.

The Providence show was my favorite of the three. I
thought the sound was the best there, The audience was
very receptive to them and I got to watch it from the
side of the stage. I took way too many pictures
(Sorry guys, I promise not to take so many next time)and
got to see and talk to lots of great people. Any Femmes
show which includes Sigmund is always a winner and at
Providence, he was just fantastic. The Femmes were nice
enough to allow Dan’s friend Emily (violin) and her
boyfriend Damon (flute) to play with them and they even
gave Emily her own solo in Providence and Damon his own
solo in New Haven.

I loved the New Haven show but was already having
seperation anxiety about not seeing the Femmes again for
a while. To watch Dan up there playing with them, yet
another time, really moved me.

I’m anxiously awaiting the next tour! But now I have to
think about working for a while, so I still keep my job.


VF in Kids – Lisbon Reminder
During the film KIDS as the actors are walking by the
sidewalk theres a poster anouncing a V.femmes concert…
a very big one. Henrique from PORTUGAL…and dont forget
11st December Gordon Gano in Paradise Garage Lisbon solo
Henrique Alves
I’m 18 and I’m … Hitting the Ground?!? I just don’t know what I want
In what should go down in history as one of the weirdest line-ups
ever – Gordon Gano opened for Alice Cooper at the House of
Blues in Chicago on 10/23. I only found out about the show the day
before so I am sorry that I didn’t have time to send it in to the list. It
was a private gig hosted by XRT radio officially for their listeners only.
Gordon performed on the cafe stage downstairs and Alice played the
main room upstairs but – technically speaking – Gordon can lay claim
to opening for Alice. Not that he would want to probably … but he
could … It was a great show! I have Hitting the Ground but must admit
to not having really made a good connection with it yet. The stellar
lineup is definitely impressive – even includes some of my favorites –
but something didn’t click. I did decide to give it more time though after
hearing Gordon do the title track on the Carson Daly show. I’m glad I
did. Hearing the tunes through the songwriter’s own voice really gave them
life! Gordon performed the entire album plus two new songs – one was an
adaption of God Bless America that he said he had written after 9/11 and
the other was in Portuguese. He was backed by a couple of great
musicians – Lakis Pavlou (Rolling Blackouts) on bass and Frank Ferrer
(Love Spit Love) on drums. The highlight of the set was “Run”
(done by Frank Black on the CD) and it was so popular that people
were calling for it again as an encore at the end of the show! Gordon also
teased us by doing a few bars of Alice’s classic “18” tune! It scared me a
little that he knew that one! :o) The crowd was enthusiatic and several
people up front knew the lyrics to some of the songs. Gordon seemed
genuinely pleased with the set and he stayed around for nearly an hour
afterwards signing autographs and talking to people. Just a great night!
And in case no one believes me about that lineup, I have proof! My
sister moved to Chicago in August and I didn’t have to twist her arm when
I told her Gordon was in town PLUS I took pictures!!! Check them out!
PS – Has anybody else come running to the TV in the last week or 2
to find Blister in the Sun playing during a trailer for the movie Punch
Drunk Love?!? I’ve seen it twice!
Philly & Oriental Theater Show
I went to the show in Philly at the ELECTRIC FACTORY!!! I
drove there in a rented van with 4 other freinds from Kenosha WI.
We made the plans before we knew about the concert on the 20th.
Well we went regardless….why because I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Why
else? It was a great show…not as great as the show at Goose Island
this summer, nor their performance at summerfest…but it was a
great rush to travel that far to see them, even though i was extremely
car sick and hurled right before the show!!!!!
fabulous performance…I have been waiting to hear more stuff from
HOLLOWED GROUND I was soooooo excited…and for the record i
was in the 6th row center and i was standing the entire time!!!!!! Dancing
away of course!!!! Brian wore a Kilt, Gordan his Milwaukee shirt with a
t-shirt underneath of course, and Victor well he was just as handsome as
usual in his jacket! It was a great show with some awesome keyboard
solos and not to forget the HORNS OF DILLEMA were outstanding!
During ADD IT UP i went up the isle and danced next to the people in
the 2nd row because i could not contain myself any longer…needless to
say after that song i was asked to RETURN TO MY SEAT!!!!! It was
a musical experience that will stay with me for a long time. Oh and the
Oreintal Theater–it’s beautiful!

Defending My Honor
<< and … Oh!
Do not let people from Altoona talk you into going to the hotel bar
before a show! >>
OK, now I have to defend my honor. I didn’t have to talk anybody into
going to any bar we had plenty to drink in the room. LOL the bar was
just because SOMEBODY got a none smoking hotel room. The Unfortunate
thing about it all is the only thing I can remember from the show is some
guy with a tuba (who in my drunken opinion is a rock god), meeting Victor,
and shaking somebody’s pastey white little hand. But Deana assures me
that I had a fabulous time and I totally trust her opinion. I finally got to
meet Victor and now I can die happy. Yippeeee! Oh and by the way
did anybody hear about Gordon Gano opening for Alice Cooper?
LOL that is totally hysterical.
Agora Theater Review
This review is late, have been busy. They rocked the
Agora on Oct. 22. it’s always a party when the Femmes
are in town. Great show, it was so cool to Victor
playing with them again. He’s awesome, excellent drummer,
he was so funny. He was dancing around and really getting
into it. Loved all the solos, there was a lot of them,
totally amazing as always. Brian wore a kilt with lime
green docs, he pulls that off quite well. Has that been
his typical stage outfit? It took a few songs before
the crowd got going, once it did they were crazy. One
guy started climbing the ladder for the lights and the
band stopped playing and look rather annoyed. Opening
with Country Death Song was the best, they spoke a bit
but I can’t remember much of what was said. I was
surprised to see them play I Hear the Rain and I Held Her
in my Arms and Color Me Once. Defiantly one of their best
shows I’ve ever seen. Then again I’ve never seen a bad VF
show. I’ve converted my friend, told her to come along
and she doesn’t know many songs but she loved it and is
now officially a VF fan. She’s convinced Gordon noticed
her and he probably did. We took some photos but have no
clue if they turned out. To the person who didn’t want to
piss off the people sitting down, don’t worry, stand up
dance, go crazy. I’m sure that I’ve pissed off many
people sitting behind at various shows.


Cleveland Review
I just wanted to send in a Review from Cleveland, OH on October
22, 2002. This was my tenth Femmes Show and they just seem to
get better everytime. They played all the classics plus some stuff I
really did not recognize. I was about three feet from the stage and
it was almost as if I could just talk to the band. I also managed to
grab Brian’s guitar pick from the ground after he threw it to the
crowd. A most excellent 5 star show! I have a question though,
as I said before, this was my tenth Femmes show. Do they
always have a mosh pit? I was getting just a little bit angry with
17 year olds constantly nailing me in the back. I can’t recall ever
being in a mosh pit at a Femmes show.


John POP

NYC show
hi people, its been a few years since ive posted,
but yeah…so i guess thi is a return for me.
the nyc show was so great because it had been 4 very
long years since the femmes had come to the ny/nj area.
personally i absolutely love guy hoffman and when they
said that victor was back i have to admit it was a huge
downer for me. my friend and i had made friends of
sorts with guy and we were quite upset that we werent
going to be able to catch up. but after seeing them play,
i can say that having victor back isnt all that bad.
he was such a funny man. what i dont get is why that
loser from the knockout drops was there…the
‘used to be’ duet that they did was so great, but i
really dislike that man and his stupid band, but thats
just me. i saw them and the femmes play together some
time ago and i have to say that KD was possibly the worst
opener ive ever had to sit through…EXCEPT maybe that
guy who had the balls to sing a song in NYC of all places
called ‘What Side Are You On?’. who was that man?
he was terrible. The opener for the femmes was
really good though. they had me dancin’ 🙂
the femmes were so great because it seemed like that
fact that they had a show that night came as a complete
surprise to them! ‘waiting for the bus’ went on for so
long that gordon eventually just started laughing and
said ‘song over’. it was great. they were so funny
together and the vibe was just great. big ups to the
tuba player! he rocked! you couldnt help but sense that
he felt incredibly awkward. they should have put that
light on him! i was really hoping that a digeri would
have been busted out at some point, but it didnt happen,
and thats alright. they better have it next time though!
Help Please!
I am desperately looking for Guitar (Tab) sheet music
for Blister in the sun ,Please don’t go ,ect…
I am a beginner and want to start playing my favorite stuff.
I have found out that Hal Leonard music published it
at one time ,but now not in print,Please Help me
rob stautzenberger @ rstautzenberger
Or free2rideks Thank you

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