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The Quote Of The Day:

Don’t speak to me of lovers,
With a broken heart.
You wanna know what will really,
Tear you apart?
-From Country Death Song
-Submitted by jepoole

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Nov. 5- Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA (O,P) (with Devo, Ween)

Nov. 7- University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (P)
Nov. 10- 7:30 p.m., Irving Plaza, New York, NY, $26.50 (P,O,T)
Nov. 11- 8:00 p.m., University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (O,P,T)
Available through Ticketmaster
Nov. 13- Haverford College, Haverford, PA (O)

**Nov. 14- 7:00 p.m., Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA, $20.00 (P,T)**

Nov. 15- 7:30 p.m. Hunka Bunka Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, $18.50 (P,T)

**Nov. 16- 7:30 p.m., Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY (P,T)**
**Dec. 8th- Portland OR (lilboek)**

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‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
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mypen15 (Nick)

Tampa, FL
PsychoEvil (Colin)

New York, NY
Fraggle3 (Shannon)

Orlando, FL
PsychoEvil (Colin)
mdelato (Michelle)

Sayreville, NJ
Fraggle3 (Shannon)




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In Today’s Issue:

Femmes In Portland?
La Crosse
Got Femmes?

I don’t have too much info on the haverford show, and for those that
don’t know where it is it is just outside philadelphia. Student tickets
were ten dollars, but they are already sold out. Tickets are now on
sale to the general public for sixteen dollars. pretty cheep if you ask
me compared to some other femmes shows. even though the free wvu show
was a great idea. i haven’t decided if I am going yet, but chances are
I am. i don’t know if anybody is opening up for them or not. well,
hope to see everybody else up there if i go.

Bobby V.

-Pat. Says: I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a concert which was more
difficult to find out about. Emails from me and others on
this list have gone unanswered. Phone calls are fruitless.
A big boo to Haverford, and I hope you all can find some-
thing, ’cause you’re on your own. I wash my hands of it.

Femmes In Portland?
It appears that the Violent Femmes will be playing in Portland OR on
December 8th. They have been advertising the heck out of it on radio
station KNRK 94.7fm for the past couple of days.


La Crosse
Just thought I’d comment on the show in La Crosse at the Hollywood
theater. Well, the music was great….when you could hear it. EVERYONE
from the crowd kept yelling “TURN IT UP”, but unfortunately, that got us
absolutely nowhere.
I would highly recommend NEVER NEVER NEVER go to a show here. I felt
like I was in a high school auditorium being chaperoned by somebody’s
parents. Everytime anyone tried to stand up and dance, security yelled
for us to sit back down…How STUPID!!! I mean, we’re there to listen
and jam out to a band. Plus, for those of us who are 21 and wanted to
enjoy a few refreshments with the music, we had nothing to choose from
except Miller Light and MGD –YUCK!!! So, with all this going on, sure
enough, pretty soon a few choice people started getting a little
disgruntled and began pacing the aisles screaming that they wanted their
money back. It was horrible. I can’t believe I wasted 23 bucks. (no
offense to the band of coarse, but maybe next time they should check out
the place they’re playing first!!) I hope the rest of you have a better
experience than I did at this show. It was my second time seeing them,
and was VERY disappointing. Sorry…I wish I had something better and
more optimistic to say. 🙁

I’M BACK. I had such an excellent time in Milwaukee. I can not get
over how clean it is their and how nice everyone is. I loved it. My
hotel was great and it was connected to the Pabst so no sweat on getting
to the concert. OH yeah I guess you all want to know how the concert
went. Boys and Girls can you say AWESOME? I knew you could. Brian
came out first and played a piece on the smaller Shakuhachi wearing a
kimono and a basket on his head. Then he went back stage and they all
came out. Brian in the Kimono, Gordon had a mask on that was half a
devils head and half a persons head, and Guy came out dressed as himself
or at least someone who looks just like him. I can’t even remember the
first song they played. In fact I don’t remember most of the set list.
Brian sang a Bob Dylan song,I think it was called “Don’t knock my music”
or something like that. During which he treated the people in the front
row to a spit bath. (Brian showers bring May flowers?) Just a little
spraying going on. I almost died when they played “Sweet Worlds of
Angels”, I thought I would never hear that song in concert. Sigmund
Snopek (I keep want to call him Sigmund Sponk, I don’t know why) and
they played “Hallowed Ground” Horns of Dilemma included the usuals
plus Brian’s young nephew. Oh yeah, Sigmund’s mom was there and they
dedicated a song to her. She got up and started dancing it was great.
For the Brian’s intro to DMFD he said that when the promoter called them
up for this show and asked them if they wanted to play Madison, Eau
Claire, Milwaukee. “Well, we don’t know. Then they offered to throw
in tickets to the Packers vs Niners game. OK we’ll do it.” Then some
idiot in the audience decided it would be really cool if he screamed out
“PACKERS SUCK”. I’m sure we can all imagine the lack of brain matter
that took, anyway Brian looks up into the audience and says “Buddy, if
the Packers suck, then you suck a million times more than they do.” A
comment that irrupted the whole audience. I was kind of disappointed in
the remark. I expected something much wittier. : ( Gordon was unusually
talkative. Although, I can’t remember most of what he said. I think the
shock just blocked it all out of my mind. Maybe I’ll remember later. I
don’t know what to say, it was a great show. Well worth the travelling
I did.
HOLY SHIT, I’m speechless this has never happened before. I think I’m
going to go curl up in the fetal position for a little while and just cry.
This is so odd.


PS One more thing I would like to add. Traveling on the train through
WI, I realized that I hadn’t seen one damn COW. Not one!!! Which leads
me to believe they have all been abducted. I’m going to try and figure
out a way to work this into my homepage. This is very important.

The Milwaukee show was AMAZING! I’m sure a few other people will write
in about it, so I’ll keep my review of the actual concert short.
Two days before the concert, one of the music ‘critics’ in the Milwaukee
Journal Sentinel wrote an article basically stating the Femmes were
becoming old and washed-up. If you’re interested in reading that, the
URL for the article is:
The guy attacked everything from “Why Do Birds Sing?” on, and several
songs by name. Well, the Femmes opened with “Look Like That” and “Hey
Nonny Nonny” (from WDBS?), and played all but two of the songs the
critic attacked. I didn’t ask, but I’m sure it was a response to him.
Brian also mentioned the article on stage, where the crowd booed loudly.
(As an interesting side note, after declaring the Femmes old, the
Journal Sentinel decided to review the Neil Diamond concert Saturday
night instead of the Femmes…. hmmmm….)
They played a lot of slower stuff, which was really cool to hear for a
change, and what was even cooler was that the crowd stayed into it for
the entire show. “I know it’s true but I’m sorry to say” and “Sweet
Worlds of Angels” were cool to hear live.

**A new song, sung by Brian and Guy, apparently called either “Don’t
Talk About My Music” or “Shut Your Mouth.” Much to the crowd’s delight,
the second verse of the song was something like: “They won’t release the
album/They say it sucks/But if you don’t like the Femmes/Why don’t you
get fucked.”
-The concert opened by Brian walking on stage, with a basket over his
head so you couldn’t tell it was him, and playing a wooden flute (I
don’t know what the instrument is actually called, sorry) for a few
minutes. He then walked off, and walked back on, minus the basket but
with the band.
-Everyone’s favorite, Sigmund Snopek III, played a piano on stage for
much of the show, which really added a lot to the performance, I think.
-The cover of Bob Dylan’s “Positively Fourth Street”(off Freak Magnet).
Brian did his best to imitate Bob, playing a harmonica and his guitar at
the same time.
-A cover of Michael Hurley. The song, which Gordon explained was the
only halloween song he knows, was called “Werewolf.” I asked Gordon
about Michael Hurley, and Gordon told me that he has always been a big
fan of Michael Hurley, who was apparently a folk rock musician in the
60s (he may still be, I don’t know).
-The intro to “dance, motherfucker, dance” from Brian:
“When the promoter called us up and offered us this tour, he said
‘Hey, do you guys want to play in (names all six cities on the Wisconsin
tour, shrugs his shoulders in indifference after each). Then he said
he’d throw in tickets to the Packers-49ers game tomorrow, and we were
like, ‘OK, we’ll do the tour!’ We’re going to be there tomorrow…”
(Crowd cheers, except for one person who yells out “Packers suck!”)
Brian looks at the person and asks “The Packers suck, huh? Buddy, if
the Packers suck, then you suck a million times worse then they do!”
(crowd cheers) “I talked to Reggie White, and I told him, ‘Look Reggie,
you just stand there over that line, look Steve Young right in the face,
and tell him…”
-If anyone wants a complete set list, let me know.

Regarding Everyone’s Questions:
Here are answers to the ones I got a chance to ask… thanks for helping
me think of some!
>Is there one part of the country or particular city that you especially
like playing in?
BRIAN: Wisconsin.
>How does one takes over the world with an Electrolux (referring to the
“Machine” video)?
GORDON: *smiles* very carefully.
>Any inside updates on shopping for a new record company?
BRIAN: We’re working on it. (I told him I like the Freak Magnet album)
Thank you, we like it too.
GORDON: Hopefully we’ll find a label to release it on. (I told him I
thought they should’ve played “All I Want” from Freak Magnet) *his eyes
light up* You like that one too? Yeah, maybe we’ll start playing it.
We’ve talked about it.
>Is Hitting the Ground an actual movie that anyone will ever get to see,
and will the
>soundtrack be released?
GORDON: *chuckles* They decided not to release the movie into theaters,
but I heard that they will release it on video in the next few months.
I’m not exactly sure when. Now the soundtrack, *smiles* which I happen to
think is the best part of the movie, is going to be released. At least
that’s what they tell me. I’ve already been paid for it, so I imagine
they’ll release it. I’ve been told it will be out early next year, on
Mercury Records.

Now I’d also wanted to get Guy’s input on some of the questions, but I
couldn’t find him anywhere back stage. So I went up to Willie and asked
him if he knew where Guy was. Willie looked back at me, with a look of
confusion on his face, and said “Guy?” I decided not to press that


Got Femmes?
64+5+13 = 2101 Well no, not really but that last number is the number
of miles I’ve driven since Tuesday and at 4am Sunday morning I was
scraping the bottom of the barrel for ways to stay awake so I started
adding it up (heh heh). I think it’s already been established I’m
slightly neurotic when it comes to the Femmes but lest ye all think I
am totally insane I do want you to know that I did not drive all the way
up there just to see the Femmes. I went to Chicago the first 3 days –
very interesting city (saw Oprah (YEAH), & the Field Museum & Art
Institute) then headed up to Eau Claire Friday & Milwaukee on Sat.
64 = the total number of songs I got to see/hear
5 = the number of Shakuhachi solos on-stage
13 = SNOPEK on piano!
It was an absolutely incredible couple of shows! The Femmes truly
amazed me! When I heard the shows were going to be acoustic I knew
I had to be there. I am just so grateful things worked out so that I
could go. Lot’s of people, myself included, have asked how they can
continue to perform and travel year in and year out. I’ve also wondered
for a while, because of that odd lifestyle, if it was still fun for
them to play the music.
Question answered. When the conditions are right – fans are there for
the music, acoustics are good, time is not an issue etc. – they can
still make some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard AND allow
themselves to get caught up in the “Femmes thing” and enjoy it as much
as the audience.
Timeless! Ageless! Unforgettable!