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November 8-House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL (T,O,P)
November 9-Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL (T,P)
November 10-Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (O,P,T)
November 11-Tulane University, New Orleans, LA (O,P)
November 13-U of ILL @ Champaign-Urbana, IL (mg-black, O)

**November 16-Tripp Athletic Center, N. Dartmouth, MA (P)**

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Oh no, it’d never happen to me.
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Lake Buena Vista, FL

St. Petersburg

Boca Raton

New Orleans


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would like the following: Any good Brian Ritchie CD’s, any good bootlegs
with hopefully unrecorded music on it… or covers, American Music,
Singles: Do you Really want to Hurt Me?, I held her in my Arms, Tonight,
Used to Be, plus anything else i may be unaware exists, CD’s only please.
As trade, Alden offers a bootleg of this summer’s Waukesha show, good

Would like boots of the following shows:
9/95 Maritime Days
1/96 Winterfest, Icehouse (first show)
7/4/96 Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheatre
8/97 Waukesha County Fair
Plus, I know there was a guy with a video camera at the Winterfest show.

Wanted: a copy of Film Noir: I have a good quality ’89 show at the
Metro in Chicago to offer in trade…or if anyone else is interested,
i could go for some more femmes material!

Does anyone have any boots from one of those shows that brian ritchie
has taken part in ??? i don’t think he played out to support his
albums..? well anyway an outside of the femmes brian ritchie musical
exhibition would be just peachy to feed my ears and i have some femmes
stuff to trade for it. (i cannot communicate today ughh silly fingers)
i’ve been searchin’ highhhhh and i’ve been searchin’ lowww but i still
cannot find a boot of the november 14th 1996 university of maine orono
showwwww…and i don’t know what to dooouuuoooo!!!!! can somebody help me….???
with lots of lovey, kyle

I would love to buy a violent femmes poster, not the new crappy
posters but an old one, It does not have to be super old but before
New Times. I will also offer free copies of “The Mercy Seat” to all
who ask.

I’m new to this list and I joined it after I saw the Femmes at the Lisle
gig in IL. I’m wondering if anyone on the list was there and recorded
the concert. If so, please contact me privately. I would like to arrange
a sale.

I would like to buy a copy of “The Blind Leading The Naked” either on
tape or CD from someone who lives in England (because that is where I
live, too). Sadly I have nothing to offer in return except cold,
hard cash. Alternatively, does anyone know of a record shop which is
likely to be able to get it for me. All the ones I have tried say
that it is no longer available.

I currently have 4 Femmes boots with more on the way. Here is the list
of them:
8/1/83 New Orleans, LA
1/20/85 Berkeley, CA
9/27/91 Seattle, WA
“Film Noir”
I’m looking for pretty much any Femmes live stuff but especially the
show from 9/16/97 at the Palace in Hollywood, CA, because I was there
and it was by FAR the BEST show I have ever been fortunate enough to

I have about 50 Replacements and Paul Westerberg shows (and one
Jonathan Richman show from about 2 weeks ago!), but I don’t have any
by the Violent Femmes. I’m looking to trade for any femmes shows.
If no one is interested in the mats or Jonathan or Big Star or the
pixies, I will gladly trade you two blank tapes for every show. I live
in Washington state, and it’s rare that we get the femmes to play up

I dont have any bootlegs by the Violent Femmes,but I know some of you
people out there do,and I was wondering if you would be interested in
trading me for something.I have 3 Nirvana boots,1 Sonic Youth,1 Sex
Pistols,2 Rolling Stones,and a few others I cant think of.If you are
interested in trading me any of these for a Violent Femmes bootleg,or
one by any band,please e-mail me.Oh yeah,I also have a Who boot.





The tab digest is give and take; remember to share what
you have.


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The VF Chessboard
RE: Roommate Mystery..Top 5 Faves
RE: Top 5 Faves..Classify the VF
RE: Classify the VF
RE: Classify the VF..Musical Tastes
RE: Musical Tastes..Blue Hands
VF in DC on NYD
Opening Bands

The VF Chessboard
OK, Folks, the Chessboard is now officially a part of the Official
Homepage. Those of you who haven’t already looked at it can do so now
simply by clicking on it in the menu.

RE: Roommate Mystery..Top 5 Faves
to cyclops: I too wrote to the roommate of the unhappy VF fan. I too
received email back, and yes i too came to the conclusion that one of
them is not telling the whole truth. Anyway, my top five:

Out the window-VF (kind of my theme song)
Dad-K’s Choice
Counterfeit-Limp Bizkit
How’s my Driving Doug Hastings-Less than Jake
Rocky Raccoon- The Beatles

Thats mine, but ask me tomorrow and they’ll be different. Thanx for
your time


RE: Top 5 Faves..Classify the VF
Hey! Thanks to whoever started that “fave songs” topic. Finally,
something I can respond to.

Anyway, here they are, in no particular order (This lists tends to
change every couple of days or so)

Kiss off – Violent Femes (or just about any other song by the Femmes)
Show Must Go On – Queen
Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
Can’t Get it Out of My Head – ELO
Violet – Hole

If anyone out there has similar tastes feel free to email me at

As for VF’s classification, I think “rock” might do. Although Pat’s
suggestion works too.

– Olga

RE: Classify the VF

There is no possible way to classify the unique sound.

It is such an ecletic sound like no others, including They Might Be
Giants or Skeleton Key!

The Femmes clasification should be “Violent Femmes”.

It would be hard to copy, even if someone tried to!


RE: Classify the VF..Musical Tastes
Hello all! Okay, I’ve got 2 topics to address. First of all I ‘m just
wondering why we’re trying to put the Femmes in a category at all. The
most important thing is that they are awesome and that we all love them!
But, if they must be put in a category with all the other lame bands in
the world which I hate to do, I would say they are a mix of folk,
bubble-gum pop, rock, and a dash of punk.

Second in line is my favorite bands or whatever. I can’t put them in any
particular order because I’d have 4 number 1’s and 15 number 2’s. I’ll
just give you a quick overview.

Violent Femmes, Tori Amos (who my friends call Torn Anus), The Beatles,
Tuscadero, The Doors, Bjork, Indigo Girls, Madonna (the old stuff),
James Taylor, Shania Twain, Grateful Dead (first concert I ever did
nitrus at), Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, The Cure, Deee-Lite, Blondie,
Cakelike, Pulp (oh, Jarvis!), Jane’s Addiction, Rasputina.

Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, Dave Mathews Band, Weezer, Spice Girls, New
Kids On The Block, Vanilla Ice, Wu-Tang Clan

I love you all! See you at New Years!

RE: Musical Tastes..Blue Hands
Okay, I’ve been to a grand total of THREE concerts (Live with PJ Harvey,
Toadies, and k.d. lang), but I must say that k.d. lang is probably one of
the greatest live performers anywhere, anywhen. I highly recommend her to
any femmes fan, for the following reason: she kicks ass. okay, let me be
more specific. k.d. really has a great voice; unlike MANY singers today,
who sound good in the studio, but can’t sing for shit live (Stefani comes
to mind), k.d. blows you away BECAUSE she can do the same stuff live that
she does recording. plus, she is sexy beyond reason. 🙂

beky, you poor dear, the only thing i can tell you is that it will come
off in a week or so. my friend once died her hair blue during third
period, and her face, hands and neck were blue for a week and a half. as
a preventative measure: wear those gloves WHILE you’re dyeing next time,
then you won’t have to after! 🙂

VF in DC on NYD
In response to the New Years show @ Capital Ballroom in D.C., I go every
year and when I chit-chatted w/ the Femmes on their bus I asked Guy about
it. He said it was becoming something of a tradition, so I’m pretty sure
they’ll be coming to the D. C. area then. Although I really wouldn’t
mind if they came sooner too! All of us who plan on going should meet up
and claim the front row. 🙂

danica luvs the femmes

Opening Bands
Just curious what bands have opened for the Femmes in the past….

Here is the list based on the concerts I have attended:
Fragiline Porcelin Mice (Rolla, MO – March 1996)
Goo Goo Dolls (Milwaukee, WI – July 4, 1996)
Dishwalla (Milwaukee, WI – July 4, 1996)
Smoking Popes (Lisle, IL – October, 1997)
oh and can’t forget…
Joe & Mike (Crawfordsville, IN – November 1996)

In case any non-central US people want to know, Joe and Mike are two
losers from Indiana with little to no talent. They appeared to be 2 guys
that “all the girls” went ga ga for because they played all the trendy
crap like Dave Matthews, REM, and Pearl Jam. We here at the U of
Illinois call them “Cock & Balls” instead of Joe & Mike.

Anyway, please help me with list of opening acts.


-Pat. Says: This thread started up a couple of months ago, but I don’t
think too many people responded to it. I remember the names
of only a few that I’ve seen: Phil Cody at Oneonta (I really
liked them, but from what others have said, my experience
may have been a fluke), Angry Salad at Scranton (Well, they
were accomplished musicians, but IMHO they still sucked.
Their lyrics were ridiculously bad), ESU had another talented
but shitty band. Lycoming had a decent band from the Poconos
somewhere. Not great. Decent. I liked whoever opened for
them in Bloomsburg last year, but I can’t remember the name.
At Newport, one band, Moxy Fruvous was by far the best. The
best that day and the best of all the opening bands I’ve seen.
Anyone else? And who would you most like to see open for
the VF? I’d vote for Great Big Sea,the Levellers, Shane
MacGowan, and Moxy Fruvous again.