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October 31-Sports Hall at Coimbra University, Coimbra, PORTUGAL (O)
November 8-House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL (T,O,P)
November 9-Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL (T,P)
November 10-Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (O,P,T)
November 11-Tulane University, New Orleans, LA (O,P)
November 13-U of ILL @ Champaign-Urbana, IL

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‘Cause there’s no tomorrow like today
and there’s no today like tomorrow
-From Lack of Knowledge

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St. Petersburg

Boca Raton

New Orleans


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would like the following: Any good Brian Ritchie CD’s, any good bootlegs
with hopefully unrecorded music on it… or covers, American Music,
Singles: Do you Really want to Hurt Me?, I held her in my Arms, Tonight,
Used to Be, plus anything else i may be unaware exists, CD’s only please.
As trade, Alden offers a bootleg of this summer’s Waukesha show, good

Would like boots of the following shows:
9/95 Maritime Days
1/96 Winterfest, Icehouse (first show)
7/4/96 Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheatre
8/97 Waukesha County Fair
Plus, I know there was a guy with a video camera at the Winterfest show.

Wanted: a copy of Film Noir: I have a good quality ’89 show at the
Metro in Chicago to offer in trade…or if anyone else is interested,
i could go for some more femmes material!

Does anyone have any boots from one of those shows that brian ritchie
has taken part in ??? i don’t think he played out to support his
albums..? well anyway an outside of the femmes brian ritchie musical
exhibition would be just peachy to feed my ears and i have some femmes
stuff to trade for it. (i cannot communicate today ughh silly fingers)

I would love to buy a violent femmes poster, not the new crappy
posters but an old one, It does not have to be super old but before
New Times. I will also offer free copies of “The Mercy Seat” to all
who ask.

I’m new to this list and I joined it after I saw the Femmes at the Lisle
gig in IL. I’m wondering if anyone on the list was there and recorded
the concert. If so, please contact me privately. I would like to arrange
a sale.

I would like to buy a copy of “The Blind Leading The Naked” either on
tape or CD from someone who lives in England (because that is where I
live, too). Sadly I have nothing to offer in return except cold,
hard cash. Alternatively, does anyone know of a record shop which is
likely to be able to get it for me. All the ones I have tried say
that it is no longer available.

I currently have 4 Femmes boots with more on the way. Here is the list
of them:
8/1/83 New Orleans, LA
1/20/85 Berkeley, CA
9/27/91 Seattle, WA
“Film Noir”
I’m looking for pretty much any Femmes live stuff but especially the
show from 9/16/97 at the Palace in Hollywood, CA, because I was there
and it was by FAR the BEST show I have ever been fortunate enough to

I have about 50 Replacements and Paul Westerberg shows (and one
Jonathan Richman show from about 2 weeks ago!), but I don’t have any
by the Violent Femmes. I’m looking to trade for any femmes shows.
If no one is interested in the mats or Jonathan or Big Star or the
pixies, I will gladly trade you two blank tapes for every show. I live
in Washington state, and it’s rare that we get the femmes to play up





The tab digest is give and take; remember to share what
you have.


In Today’s Issue:

Boca Raton Question
The London Show
RE: Top 5 Faves..Etc.
RE: Top 5 Faves..Musical Tastes
RE: Musical Tastes
The VF and the Military
Various and Sundry
Where Do They Fit? Do We Fit?

Boca Raton Question
on the boca raton show. can you check if goldfinger is still opening up .
i dont think they are. at least ticketmaster doesnt say so

-Pat. Says: You’re right. Now it says ‘with very special guests’, and a
search for Goldfinger shows up nothing at that date.
Pollstar also lists no Goldfinger shows on Nov. 10, but they
are touring FL around that time. So, I can’t answer your
question for you. Anyone out there at FAU now? If so, please
find out for us. Thanks.

The London Show
I’ve just got back from seeing the Femmes at the Forum.
It’s the first time I’ve seen them live and they were superb (of course!).
They looked a lot better in the flesh than on the Sabrina episode.

Both Gordan & Brian had a story to tell.
Apparently Brian’s ancestors come from Scotland & despite several visits
to the UK he has never been to Glasgow. They came over early so he could
visit. He sat by Loch Ness to look for the Monster. A head on a long
neck with one eye came up from under the water, looked straight at him and
said “Dance Motherfucker Dance” ……… (nice intro.)

Gordan’s story was that he got shit on by a bird at Hyde Park!


RE: Top 5 Faves..Etc.
I know you’ve all been waiting for this…

My 5 favorite songs![trumpet fanfare]:

1.Black Girls -VF
2.Hey -Pixies
3.tourette’s -Nirvana (or ‘Lounge Act,’ by the same)
4.Alec Eiffel -Pixies
5.Seasons of Wither -Aerosmith

About any song from any of these bands makes me wet. Some others whose
songs have the same effect:

The Beatles, The Cure, Tori Amos, The Breeders, Guided By Voices,
Bryson and the Brysons, Jimi Hendrix, Dinosaur Jr., Led Zeppelin,
Soundgarden, The Four Brysons, Black Sabbath, The Screaming Trees,
Iron Bryson, Brysonica, Leadbelly, Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi,
MC 900 ft. Bryson, etc…

I like to think it’s eclectic.


P.S. Are there any French people on this list that can tell me the
equivalent French phrases for “That sucks” and “I don’t care?” I’ve
always wanted to know but my French teachers have always refused to tell
me. Please spare the list this information and mail me privately. Merci.


RE: Top 5 Faves..Musical Tastes
hey hey! i’m fianlly going to a Femmes concert ( at FAU, Boca Raton). i
didn’t think i’d live to see the day. I’m not fataly ill, just
In any case here are my favorite five:

Kiss off -Violent Femmes
Girlfriend in a coma- Smits
Sidewinder sleeps tonight – REM
Hey you -Pink Floyd

Five favorite bands are:
Violent femmes( surpsised?)
The Smiths
Mano Negra ( French/Spanish ska-punk band)
Aquarium ( Russian rock band i grew up listening to)

well that’s all for now

RE: Musical Tastes
I never thought I would enjoy reading so many list of five or more items
in my life! Its so cool to know everybody’s favorite bands and songs.
Our singular link, the VF, makes these list interesting. If I was
reading the same sort of lists from groups I would have no interest in,
say “People With Red Hair’s Top Five Bands” I just couldn’t care. Of
course we also find that other people’s taste can be quite close to our
own. Then again they can be quite far. Kurt Vonnegut speaks quite highly
of this sort of thing, the “Extended Family/Social Unit” to label it.
And I now understand why! Wow, this is such a soul opening moment. Gasp!
Of course now I’m wondering if I’m the only one who feels this way and
I’m beginning to have second thoughts on sending this email. Hi Ho, oh
Anyway, here’s my fab five groups :

Violent Femmes
Pink Floyd
Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets (Vancouver)
Carl Orff

My hat’s off to anyone and everyone who has named only five songs. My
brain hurt just contemplating such an act. A week or so ago someone
called for our help about a roomate who didn’t like the VF and I emailed
some advice. It didn’t help; anybody else send him anything, anybody
else receive email back? Someone’s not telling the whole truth about the

The VF and the Military
Hey. I’m not sure if any of you know this or not but it’s worth a shot.
First, if you noticed the quote of the day for Oct 29, it had in it “I’m
an anti-militarist” Now, assuming he’s speaking from his (his meaning
Gordon’s) view point, one would assume that means he’s against the
Military. Anyone know if this is correct or not? Second thing. I’m
enlisting in the Air Force in December and will be shipped out in March soon as I’m done with school (no, I do not want anyone mailing me
and telling me it’s stupid..if you want to know why..mail me, I’ll
explain in detail). So, if any of you are formerly or currenty enlisted
in any of the 5 branches, do you know if they let you bring your cd
players and things with you to boot camp or to tech training or anything
like that? I’m not sure how well I can stay sane without my dosage of
Femmes to kick me off in the morn.

Various and Sundry
if i was asked to classify the femmes i’d probably look at the person,
start talking really fast, and hope they got confused. ok so the other
night i was like sitting on the couch thinking and i got this thought
…i think that they might be giants could do justice to the song please
do not go… i might be like losing my mind, but i kind of have it going
through my head right now and it sounds pretty cool….whatever, im done
now i guess.


p.s.-i was dyeing my friends hair turquoise today, and we didnt have any
gloves, and i’ve scrubbed my hands a couple times with bleach but they’re
still rather turquoise…i don’t suppose anyone would happen to know how
i would go about getting my hands to be flesh colored again would they?
my parents will flip if they see my hands turquoise and they’re getting
slightly suspicious as to why im wearing my gloves.

Where Do They Fit? Do We Fit?
I’m going to have to agree with Pat on the issue of classifying VF. If
they must have a label, the only label that “fits” is Punk. OK I’ve
said it! Now I want to post something that’s been brewing for a while.
I don’t respect a few of the “older” (I prefer the term “more mature”
but it simply doesn’t apply to all) posters to this list because of
their disdain for our under 21 friends. Truth is, most of the friends I
had when I was your age don’t even know VF is still together – much less
actively search out new music or attend concerts. If it weren’t for new
interest, I doubt VF could or would tour so much and then I wouldn’t get
to enjoy my favorite band! So I don’t care if you like only 10 seconds
of one song on one album or even just the way Gordon parts his hair –
it’s all a Femmes thang!

OK – that said guys – back to the “punk” label. The first time I heard
VF (a bootleg of a live performance – circa 84/85) I had no idea music
like that existed – then I found a few others like The Cult, Lone
Justice, B-52’s, The Cure, REM etc. No radio station I’d ever heard
played music like that. The music was so personal- poetic, angry, fun,
intellectual, and in VF’s case (which is probably my favorite thang),
rockin’ but strangely not van-halen electric. No promo racks at the
Record Bar – no line of T-shirts either – just Music. There is a book
out there called the “Blank Generation” and I kind of like that
description of the late 70’s early 80’s. I couldn’t relate to Duran
Duran, Pat Benetar, Madonna or for that matter Reagonomics but I could
relate to punk music. “Punk” and “Alternative” weren’t even widely used
terms until the mid 80’s and they weren’t used as compliments even then!
IMHO originally the term “punk” represented the genre of music and
artists not a particular type of beat, melody, or lyric. But as all
things do – the music evolved. I would like to think the evolution
started because other people related to the music, as I did, and shared
it with friends (the roots of modern indie rock?) but I don’t really
know exactly what caused the “alternative” explosion. I’ve read that
Cobain felt reponsible for breaking it open and that he had realized ,
too late, that major label involvement would corrupt the movement. I
hope that when he covered Bowie’s man who sold the world he wasn’t
trying to say he felt he was the man who sold ‘out’ the world. Whatever
the cause, some great bands and great music became more available to the
world AND Columbia House got to add a new category to it’s how we can
suck you dry but make you think it’s a good deal catolog! BUT over the
last year or two “alternative” has become -as I so eloquently heard from
a new Superdrag song recently a “Bankrupt Vibration.” (I believe the
chorus was – “your alternative station’s a Bankrupt Vibration a fucking
illusion of an alternative nation). So my point is, yes I do have one
:), when I use the term “punk” to describe VF I define it in the
original “genre” sense of the word – you may only use the term in the
“Green Day” sense. I may call it Slam Dancing – you may call it
moshing. I like the orignal “alternative” – you may think Stefani and
Gavin Rule. For me it isn’t a judgment – young/old, smart/dumb – just
a different reference point!