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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)

11/9/02 Vienna, Austria Spark 7 Hall
11/10/02 Munich, Germany Elserhalle
11/11/02 Berlin, Germany Colombiahalle
11/14/02 Trodheim, Norway Stud Samf
11/15/02 Bergen, Norway Per Gynt Salen
11/16/02 Oslo, Norway Rockafeller
11/17/02 Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
11/18/02 Aarhus, Denmark Train
11/19/02 Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
11/21/02 Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle Durlach
11/22/02 Wiesbaden, Germany Schlachthof
11/24/02 Brugge, Belgium Magdalenzaal
11/25/02 London, UK AstoriaLondon, UK
11/26/02 Dublin, Ireland Vicar Street

Gordon Solo
*12/11/02 PORTUGAL Paradise Garage Lisbon


Gordon Solo in Portugal
Traveling Europe
East Coast – NYC, Boston, Providence, New Haven
Oriental Theater Show
St Louis
South by Midwest
St Louis

New Gordon Solo Date
Gordon Gano solo in PORTUGAL 11 December Paradise Garage Lisbon

Traveling Europe

Any one ever contemplate traveling Europe following the Femmes Schedule?

It seems like it would be a fun thing to do and a cheap excuse to see Europe


East Coast – NYC, Boston, Providence, New Haven
okay…i can’t stand to see this few posts, either. the
femmes rocked, as always. vic is just…awesome. having
him up back really gives the stage show a lot of life.
he is always being ridiculously silly and theatrical
(big surprise given his theatre background). i’m also
thrilled with seeing sigmund at the shows. he adds so
much to the tunes that you audibly miss his presence
when the femmes appear without him. i can’t review
everything because the shows (nyc, boston, prov,
new haven) kind’ve blended together…but highlights
that i remember: – dan played this insanely rockin’
tuba solo in nyc. for those of you that have seen
dan…this topped everything. – the boston show ended
with gordon making weird ufo noises with his guitar
while victor lifted the washtub off of his floor
tom and proceeded to ‘fly’ it around in front of the
audience. – in providence, they came back out for an
encore with groucho glasses on. – in new haven, brian
and gordon both played the best solo ever for never
tell. i know that’s an awfully light post that’s
missing a lot of detail, but in my opinion, there’s
really no way to put that level of talent into words.

Oriental Theater Show
I went to the Oriental Theater on Oct. 20th to see the Femmes in Milwaukee.
I think I was probably the first person to even buy tickets since the
advertising was poorly executed(my humble opinion). I was front and center,
I wouldn’t pass it up no matter what the cost. Speaking of which, the tickets
were kind of expensive but I would pay anything to see a band I love as
much as the Femmes. I didn’t care too much for the opening performance of
wearable sculpture. A few pieces I liked but I found the whole thing boring.
I believe a better choice of background music to go with the pieces would
have improved it a little, as well as having the models lighten up and look
like they are having fun. The Violent Femmes put on an awesome show,
but when do they not? I heard a lot of songs that I’ve never or rarely heard
at their past Summerfest performances. The show was so full of energy,
which is more than I can say for the audience. See, it was kind of
awkward. Usually at concerts I’m up and dancing or jumping around.
Here I couldn’t, or at least I felt that I couldn’t. I was in the front row and
everyone behind me was seated. I wanted to get up and dance a little but
didn’t think I should because I would be blocking those behind me. In
retrospect I believe that if I had stood up, others would’ve followed suit. I
was more worried about upsetting the audience members
when I should have been worrying about upsetting the band. I’m sure it’s
not a good feeling to be playing upbeat music to a bunch of people just
sitting and smiling. If, by some great miracle, the band plays at the Oriental
again I will stand up, dance a little and not worry about others. They should
be standing too! All in all I had a great time. The atmosphere was amazing
and the performance is one that can’t be matched. I only hope that others
had as much fun as I did. Thank you, Violent Femmes, you put on a great
show as always. Hurry back soon.

St Louis
hey, you don’t have to ask me twice to ramble on
about what a fabulous time i had! i went to the st.
louis, mo show with my roomie and we brought a friend
of ours along. we had fanangled seats in the front
row center of the balcony (let me take this time to
plug the Pageant–where the show took place–a
spectacular venue, and if you ever get a chance to
see any show there, do it, you won’t be sorry) so
i spent forever making this banner to hang over the
edge, to try to coax the band into playing the songs
that we wanted to hear. they opened with country
death song. on the second song we hung out the banner
for all to see. after that second song, gordon
my secret boyfriend) had them spotlight us and read
breakin’ hearts. the band sort of talked for a second
if they remembered how to play the second one, they
tried going into it a few times, and then all of the
sudden got it and went into it and didn’t miss a word.
it was awesome. then they played the other song we
requested, then spotlighted us again and asked everyone
to “give it up for the people in the balcony” i was
extatic, it was fantastic, and we had the time of my
life. the crowd was great, too (–jeff, are you reading
this?) wonderful wonderful wonderful. i can’t wait till
they make it back our way again.
South by Midwest
One of my great regrets in life is not ever having Deadheaded. When I
could have tripped the light fantastic of what – arguably – could have
been the grandest existence possible for a live music junkie such as
myself – I blew it. I worried about work or what the neighbors would
say. Before that I worried about work, or school or what my friends
would think. Before that I worried about work or whether my parents
would ground me… blah blah… If any of this hits home with you…
Kick yourself in the ass! If you can’t get your foot to your ass, go find
the Cowboy Mouth album EASY and listen to the song “Get Out of
My Way.” Life is precious. Do something you love today.
Something just for yourself …
My indulgence is the music of the Violent Femmes. I don’t know why
it is that I love standing in the smokey darkness, swaying back and
forth with sweaty strangers, pouring out my love, my hate, my fear,
and my hope along with that quirky voice I know as well as my
own but I do. Damn! I really do. And may I say – with all due
respect – the Violent Femmes are bad ass! I’m sorry… I just can’t
think of any better way to describe what I’ve seen. I don’t think I
have ever used those exact words to describe them before – and
it really doesn’t convey that much I guess – but it just fits. At the
st of May who knew when – or if – we would ever see another
show. 5/16 brought the return of Victor and the momentum has
been building ever since. From the awkward (and quite amusing)
first run of “Black Girls” in a decade to “Good Feeling” echoing
in the Oriental Theater on 10/20, it has been a helluva good time.
I have been so fortunate to have been able to be there for so
many of the shows this year. The circumstances were finally right
for me to erase that road-tripping regret. “Patience, patience
said the man…” I have also been so fortunate to have shared
many of those shows with some incredible souls. Some names
I know, some became good friends, and others I just can’t
remember. But I always look forward to the people I meet at
Femmes shows. In fact, over the last couple of years, I have
looked more forward to the people than the music. Yes, I
said it. The majority of those shows were less than stellar. And I
can admit that I feel there are still a few stale elements. It all
depends on your perspective though. I stood next to a kid in
Urbana who had never seen the Femmes before. He
thought “Kiss Off” was “the best thing ever.” I – on the other
hand- am not usually that enthused about that bit of the show.
But his excitement spilled over on me, and before I knew it we were
jumping up and down together counting off. It’s all in your perspective.
For all of you still dubious, “old-schoolers” you can shed that too
-cool-for-school image now and re-claim your fandom. The all
self-titled “greatest hits” shows are over (I hope). I can report
near-nightly I Hear the Rain and Jesus Walking on the Water efforts
as well as I Held Her in My Arms & Color Me Once in
Minneapolis, Breaking Hearts in St Louis (a request from some
fans who made a great looking banner), Sweet Misery Blues at the
Oriental, Nightmares & Breaking Up in Urbana and a funky version
of Waiting for the Bus with Jared on bass and Brian on xylophone
at Longwood Univ. In fact, now that I think about it, Gordon’s
performance in Farmville is actually what prompted my first
“bad ass” thought. The next night in DC the HOD got the moniker
(Tuba Dan and the guy on the arabic hand drum were excellent). Brian
and Victor were tied for the title in Minneapolis – until the encore when
(sorry Vic) Brian scored a knockout on the solo for Color Me Once.
Everything after that was a blur of miles and music so we’ll just call it
even. The show at the Oriental was weird. It wasn’t even close to a
sellout at all – due to piss poor promotions by the organizer.
The rest of the shows had great support – most were near-sellouts
I would guess. So… to sum up… DC & Minneapolis rocked… hard!
The Pageant in St Louis is my new favorite club. Guinness in a can is
actually pretty good. The Violent Femmes are Bad Ass. and … Oh!
Do not let people from Altoona talk you into going to the hotel bar
before a show!

St Louis
i saw them in st louis!!!!
does anyone know why they dont do meet n greets after the show?

I saw the Femmes this past friday at the Avalon in Boston and they
were AMAZING!!!!!! I had never seen Victor perform, all previous
shows I’ve seen were with Guy. I talked a little with one of the sound
board persons and was told that Guy left after his contract was up, but
on with the description of the show . . .
I don’t remember the exact set list- the second song they did was “Country
Death Song”, then “Promise”, and into a great version of “I hear the Rain”
followed by Blister. Then after that Gordon was talking about the Boston
Red Sox (as the venue is across from Fenway Park) and the fact that
Nomar [Garciaparra] is merely Ramon spelled backwards. Using this
logic Gordon said that for the rest of the night we would be referred to
as “Nodrog” or Gordon spelled backwards. This really was amusing to
both Victor and Brian and the crowd seemed to get a kick out of it.
Then Gordon started to to play “Smoke on the Water” and it took Brian
and Victor a second to get into it (it also send the sound guy scrambling),
before he switched to “Ironman” but everybody was laughing to hard to
finish it, so they went into “Dahmer’s dead”
During “Waiting for the Bus,” Gordon, Brian, and Victor all rocked out
solos, as well as in “Black Girls”. Victor was full of so much energy the
entire show, he was set up all the way in front in the middle with Gordon
to his right, and Brian to his left. He kept doing this thing where he would
lift his left leg in some sort of a kick and then pound on the tranceaphone.
It was really cool to see him perform and his energy was incredible!!!
I remember someone a while back saying that they saw a big tatoo on
Brian’s right arm. Well I saw it too; it was huge and looked blue. I
managed to meet a girl there who said she was Brian’s sister in law-
and she told me it was a portrait of a Japanese artist that he got a few
months back . . .
Some other songs that they played were Please do not Go, Add it up,
Kiss off, Prove my love, promise, Gone Daddy Gone, Good Feeling,
Gimme the Car, 36-24-36 (Gordon paused the song halfway through
and announced that he really didn’t like this song anymore, but then
went right back into it), Jesus Walking on Water, I know its true but
I’m sorry to Say, Hallowed Ground, No Killing, I held her in my arms,
World were living in. Their might be some more that I left out- this is
all off the top of my head. All in all a great show, a great vibe, and a
great time. Let me know if anyone else was there.

Re: VF CDR Tree
The email address I posted previously seems to be dead so for anyone
else interested in sharing the music:

For those in Europe, I can be contacted at
and I’m not in Canada, but Scotland.

If you are located in the USA you should get in touch with Kirt at

Does anyone know if there is a promoter involved in organising the
european dates? I’d like to get in touch with them to persuade them to
put on a show in Glasgow, perhaps the night after Dublin. The last one
was packed out and was a great night. If not I might have to get a
flight to Dublin – lets see…Guiness, Femmes, can’t get much better
than that.


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