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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)

10/27/02 TOAD’S PLACE New Haven, CT (Rolling Blackout)

11/9/02 Vienna, Austria Spark 7 Hall
11/10/02 Munich, Germany Elserhalle
11/11/02 Berlin, Germany Colombiahalle
11/14/02 Trodheim, Norway Stud Samf
11/15/02 Bergen, Norway Per Gynt Salen
11/16/02 Oslo, Norway Rockafeller
11/17/02 Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
11/18/02 Aarhus, Denmark Train
11/19/02 Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
11/21/02 Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle Durlach
11/22/02 Wiesbaden, Germany Schlachthof
11/24/02 Brugge, Belgium Magdalenzaal
11/25/02 London, UK AstoriaLondon, UK
11/26/02 Dublin, Ireland Vicar Street

What’s up people?
VF … Porn N’ Chicken …
Hello? Anybody out there? Two posts in a month?!? And what about all those
West Coast and Midwest shows?? Only one person went??
Come on people! Work with me here! Send in some reviews … you know you
want to!

VF … Porn N’ Chicken …
For the record, the femmes’ cover of “Do You Want
to Hurt Me” appears during a breakup scene in the comedy
central “original” movie, “porn n’ chicken.” i don’t know
how this happened either.

Just thought I would share my Bayfest experience with anyone who cares ; )

First thing first, the show went really well for my band, we had a good crowd
and with our stage being right at one of the main entrances, many people heard
us. Not sure if anyone on this list caught any of it – no introductions were made.
If so, our music is obviously far from that of the Femmes.
Anyway: I can’t tell you how nice it was checking into my hotel to find Gordon
walking past me on his way out. Then not long after that Brian made is way
outdoors. Had a nice brief chat with Darren Brown the tour manager who had
once helped a friend of mine and I get into a sold out show in D.C. Still a nice guy.
Their show was amazing for me, LOVED seeing Victor back up there. He has
so much energy and enthusiasm…. you can’t help but feel it in the audience. I
wasn’t too surprised that nothing written/recorded with Guy was played. Great to
hear all of the old classic/favorite songs. Though they did do an impromptu improv
letting Gordon sing to the audience in spanish! Good times.
And can I tell you how perfectly timed my return to my hotel was… as I walked
up to the elevator asking for it to be held, it was Gordon holding the door for me.
So there I was riding up with Gordon, Brian, and Victor. Wild, I had previously
met Gordon and Brian on more than one occasion, but this was a first with Victor.
Nice guys as always, real nice.
Anyway, it was a great weekend, great festival, and the Femmes were great…
just like the old days!