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The Quote Of The Day:

I hope you know, that this will go down on your permanent record. . . .
Oh yeah?
Well don’t get so distressed
Did I happen to mention that I’m impressed?
-From Kiss Off
-Submitted by neil


**Nov 25- Rodon Club, Athens, GR (P)**
**Nov 26- Rodon Club, Athens, GR (P)**
**Nov 27- Mylos, Thessaloniki, GR (P)**
**Nov 29- 8 p.m., Vicar Street, Dublin, IRL, 16.00 (I don’t have
a pound symbol on my computer), 18+ only show (P,T-IRL)**
**Nov 30- 7 p.m., Forum, London, ENG, 14.50 (ditto about the symbol),
18+ only show, (P, T-UK)**
**Dec 2- Aula Magna, Lisbon, POR (P)**
**Dec 3- Coliseum, Oporto, POR (P)**
**Dec 4- Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, GER (P)**
Dec 31- Falls Festival, Lorne, AUS (P)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
Serious inquiries only.


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else on the list also going? Check here first!




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HOB Poll Results
New Photos at
My Homepage url
Looking for Amber
Viva Winsconsin on E-bay
Viva Wisconsin CD
Freak Magnet
Violent Femmes Singles
BITS in Strange Places
Launch.Com Billboard
Radio TMBG


Dear subscribers,
Thank you all for your patience while I have been recovering from my
various illnesses and general feelings of malaise. I am now healthy,
relatively happy, back to my workout…but still broke. Anybody know of
a decent at-home job which pays about $500 a month?
Thank you to the many people who wrote get well wishes to me.
At any rate, I am now prepared to resume posting issues 3X a week, as
long as there is enough subject matter to do so. Due to the fact that
I have neglected sending welcome messages to the many new subscribers,
I will be posting it in the next issue which is lacking in subscriber
input. Some of you veteran subscribers have never even seen it yet,
since I inherited you from James.
This issue contains all posts received since the last issue last month.
Some are a bit outdated, but still deserve to be seen. This has
necessitated a two part issue today.
Please read the tourdates section carefully. Those of you in Europe
will be very pleased. If anybody finds out more about the concerts
listed (time, price, opening band, age restrictions, etc), or about any
other concerts (I don’t know many EU concert search sites), please let
us know.
And now, read on, while I detach a puppy from my sleeve.

Has anybody got any details as to whether or not VF will be visiting
London again this year as I notice from Pollstar they are due to visit
Hamburg on the 4th December (although according to the German Tourist
Board this is not yet confirmed).

The reason for my panic is that I am due to fly to Las Vegas (USA) on
the 6th December and would hate to miss them.

If I knew that they would definately not be coming to England then I
would gladly travel to Hamburg and watch them there.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


I emailed a couple of days ago to ask if anyone knew if the femmes
would be playing London, I have today found out that they will be
playing the London Forum on the 30th November 1999.

I obtained this information from Pollstar and have just purchased the
tickets via my ticket agency.

Thanks for any effort that may have been put into finding out further
details about concert dates etc.


HOB Poll Results
I recently brought back my weekly….(or bi monthly as it is starting
to look like) polls on my site. And the first poll being about VF’s hob
live cyber cast way back when. They was an overwhelming feeling that
all femmes fans were a little upset at the fact there was no encore.
Which I can understand since this the femmes were talking about here…
but maybe I’m wrong…but I don’t think your allowed to do encore at
festivals.. Then again I could be Wrong. What the heck do I know…I’m
one of these unfortunate souls that has never seen the femmes live. If
you would like to take the poll go to

Plus I have ran out of ideas for future questions for the polls. If any
one has any questions they would like to posted let me know..or just
post them here.

The 18 year old VF Fan,

New Photos at
Hey kids,

Check out the awesome new photos at .
There are about 30 live concert photos, taken two years ago. I
guarantee you haven’t seen them before, cuz my friend took them and I
scanned them myself. And sign my guestbook…dammit.


My Homepage url
In a vain attempt by Geocities to keep it’s homesteaders from running
away they have made it easier for people to access member pages. As if
that is going to make up for the fact that the server is slower that a
turtle running at a full sprint. Anyhoo, my new URL is
Wonderful isn’t it.
In other femme related news Victor DeLorenzo’s long awaited (by me
anyway. I’m dying for anything even remotely femme related right now.)
will be out soon. I think it’s coming out the end of this month. It’s
going to be called “The Blessed Faustina” Of course it was recorded at
Joe’s in Milwaukee and hopefully will live up to musical variety that
he has put forth on his two previous albums. Anyway it’s good to see
Victor doing something. So now we have this album from Victor,
Absinthe for Guy…I believe it’s Brian’s turn to do something nonfemmes
related itsn’t it? IT would be nice to have another solo album from
brian. PLLLEEEAAASEEEE. Pretty please with cherrys on top.

Till next time,

Looking for Amber
Hello everyone!

I’m looking for Amber Braughler … if you’re
out there, send me a quick e-mail. And if anyone knows how to get a
hold of her, let me know. I have some Femmes-related stuff that
belongs to her. (Stuff I should have sent back to her long ago. I’m a
bad, bad man. Someone spank me.)

Also, I thought I’d tell everyone that I’m moving across the country
from Las Vegas to Boston. There is just a greater density of Femmes
shows on the east coast and I couldn’t miss out any longer. 🙂

For now, the Unofficial Violent Femmes site I maintain (poorly) at will stay where it it. It may move
sometime in the near future. I’ll keep you guys updated. I also
anticipate that I will actually have some time to work on it when I
am in Boston.


-Pat. Says: I don’t think Amber is able to access her email, but
Deana should be able to get in touch with her.
Gee, thanks, James…you move here to the east to see more
shows, and what happens? You drive them clear out of the
BTW, let me know if you need to change your email addy.

Viva Winsconsin on E-bay
The brand new “Viva Winsconsin” will be released on november, 23. I
found it on E-bay (5 days left) yesterday, and the promo cd will be for
sale ad Southland Cd Store.

The songs are…..
1. Prove My Love 2. I’m Nothing 3. Country Death Song
4. Blister In The Sun 5. Gimme The Car 6. Don’t Talk About My Music
7. Confessions 8. Hallowed Ground 9. Life Is And Adventure
10. Old Mother Reagan 11. Ugly 12. Good Feeling 13. Dahmer Is Dead
14. American Music 15. Special 16. Sweet Worlds Of Angels
17. Black Girls 19. Gone Daddy Gone 20. Kiss Off



Viva Wisconsin CD
On Tuesday we got some new release information via the mojo machine
about the Violent Femmes Viva Wisconsin CD due to be released soon.
Now, the info comes from Lightning Export Ltd
( )
in the UK and I work in Canada so I don’t know if the States will be
following the same path. It is somewhat curious that we Canadians will
be importing it from the UK instead of the US but the Femmes have never
been an easy band to understand ( or their labels ).

Violent Femmes-Viva Wisconsin
Label – Cooking Vinyl
Price – 8.19 ( in pounds )
Order by – 19 Oct
Release Date – 22 Oct
The band’s first live album in their 18 year career, recorded in their
home state last year. Includes fan favourites such as “Blister In The
Sun”, ” Add It Up”, “Kiss Off”, and “Country Death Song”.

Now I just checked on my work’s web site ( ) and
found this conflicting information:

Cdn$35.49 (US $23.35) Violent Femmes: “Viva Wisconsin”
Release Date:1999-09-29
Catalogue Number:COOKCD

>From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, the Violent Femmes comprise Gordon
Gano (b. 7 June 1963, New York, USA; vocals, guitar), Brian Ritchie
(b. 21 November 1960, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; bass) and Victor De
Lorenzo (b. 25 October 1954, Racine, Wisconsin, USA; drums). Gano and
Ritchie first teamed up for an acoustic set at the Rufus King High
School, Ritchie having formerly played with Plasticland (one single,
‘Mushroom Hill’/’Color Appreciation’). Joined by De Lorenzo, they
recorded a debut album (through Rough Trade Records in the UK). Its
rough, acoustic style failed to hide the Femmes’ intriguing variety of
songs and lyrics, and although they have since mellowed, this formed
the basis of what was to follow. Two acclaimed singles, ‘Gone Daddy
Gone’ and ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ (both 1984), were drawn from Violent Femmes
before Hallowed Ground followed a year later, a more full-bodied work
that lacked the shambolic nature of their debut. Hallowed Ground
contained, what is for many, the classic Violent Femmes composition,
the macabre ‘Country Death Song’. The Blind Leading The Naked nearly
gave the group a hit single in their cover version of T. Rex ‘s
‘Children Of The Revolution’ early in 1986. There was then a long pause
in the Femmes’ activities while Gordon Gano appeared with his
side-project, the gospel-influenced Mercy Seat, and Ritchie recorded
two solo sets for the SST Records label, and one for Dali-Chameleon.
De Lorenzo released Peter Corey Sent Me in 1991 and played on Sigmund
Snopek III’s album, which also featured Ritchie. The release of the
succinctly titled 3 re-introduced a more sophisticated Violent Femmes,
although the grisly subject matter continued, while 1991’s Why Do Birds
Sing? included a savage version of the Culture Club hit ‘Do You Really
Want To Hurt Me?’ Moving to Elektra they released two further albums
which failed to capture the band at their potent best.

You can order at the site along with Rock!!!!! for those who don’t
already own it.
As for me, mine is already on order from my work ( with discount )!


Freak Magnet
I, too, just got a copy of Freak Magnet and I like it very much. I
think, as it is, it stands as one of their strongest colections of
songs. And while I am on the subject of VF albums, I have to profess
my undying love for Hallowed Ground which I would happily take with me
if I were stranded on an island. To me, FM is the first album since
the first two which has the same passion. As per usual, there is anger,
cynicism and satire, but without the same artifice, almost affectation,
hat has touched their last offerings. And more than any one song such
as American Music, I think the whole body of work by the Femmes, the
durability of their music, and the longevity of their career makes them
one of the best rock bads of the century. Or maybe I am just in a
Freak Magnet Haze. There are worse things…


Violent Femmes Singles
Following on the heels of my last email dealing with HMV and Ligthning
Exports and the Violent Femmes is news of the Machine Single (USA) and
the Breakin Up Single (German) being available through HMV Canada. I
was informed of their availability through the mojo machine and got
someone to put them in our system. I believe the Machine Single is the
one with 2 versions,Balkan Falcon,Chinese Rocks & Color Me Once (Live).
Breakin Up should be the one with Didgeriblues (kick ass slow version)
and Peter Jest – at least I hope it is cause I ordered it thinking it
was. I’ve been looking for that one forever! I hope this helps anyone
out there wanting to increase their Violent Femmes collection. Since
both these singles are in HMV Canada computer system they “should” be
on for all of you non-canucks.
For anyone in the Ottawa area on Sunday Oct.24th, between 10-4, at the
Chateau Laurier, smack downtown there is a record convention going on.
I have ALWAYS found some weird esoteric Violent Femmes stuff there.
I’ll try to get some info on where they are going afterwards.

Erik”36″ Foisy


I read John Locke, study the Founding Fathers, support the
Constitution, and am an officer candidate in the Marine Corps. In
other words, I am a devout conservative; however, I am also mildly
obsessed with the Femmes. They do sing about social liberalism, but
that doesn’t mean conservatives won’t like them. Hey, the Femmes have
good music, and conservatives like good things.


BITS in Strange Places
As a reference to playing BITS in public. While watching my beloved
Cleveland Indians lose a tough series to the Boston Red Sox, (I’m still
depressed about their collapse) it was game 3 in Boston when Red Sox
third baseman John Valentin hit a double down the line to left field
scoring 2 (I think) runs.
As I was screaming at the TV and being generally unhappy, Blister comes
blaring over the speakers inside Fenway Park. While it didn’t alleviate
my mood at all it was kinda cool to hear it.


There aren’t many excellent songs that I know with lyrics containing
less than ten words. In fact, I can think of only one, and its called
Dance MF Dance. I was browsing through the sleeve notes for Add It Up
and I was surprised to see that Brian didn’t write this song. What a
shame, I thought it had his mark all over it.

While I’m at it, here’s another thing. I remember years ago (1985) ,
when I first heard the song Add It Up, having a conversation with a
friend. We were students and took ourselves pretty seriously. We were
trying to figure out what the song was about. Tom, my friend, reckoned
it was about a frustrated guy who just couldn’t find himself a woman,
so he had to go out and pay for it. I thought that this was probably
right but we were never sure. I always associate that song with Tom.
We later fell out and haven’t been in contact in years. But whenever I
hear Gordon’s intro, I’m taken right back to our conversation. Back
then, our biggest concern was how to impress our fellow females
students. Looking back, we were mostly unsuccessful, which is probably
why we liked the Femmes so much.


-Pat. Says: The older you get, the harder it is to find new friends.
It is in your best interest to keep or rekindle your old
friendships. I once had a friend with whom I had a falling
out, but he died before I was able to track him down again.
So many things left unsaid…so many misunderstandings
unresolved. “Just for a day or two, I’d like to be with
you, just for a day or two, I’d like to have you alive”

Launch.Com Billboard
I noticed this afternoon bought advertising on a prominent
billboard in Orange County, CA. The ad campaign reads “Violent Femmes,
Orgy, Offspring…. buy music that will keep you up all night”.

Thought that might be noteworthy.

Probably a major campaign throughout the country.


Radio TMBG
i know this is a little off topic, but i was wondering if any of you
had stumbled across radio they might be giants-it’s put together by the
johns, and on … it’s in association with emusic, who
have a lot of not quite mainstream bands and lots of web radio stations
-so my thought was-if tmbg can have a radio station, why not the femmes
-it’s basically all of their old music, and some new stuff-i don’t know
how we’d even go about getting the site to carry femmes material or vf
to give the site the necessary copyrights to have it on, but it would
be cool
ok-everyone have fun-hope you feel better pat-