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The Quote Of The Day:

She used to sit and watch and wait
Now I think I’ll go and sit
-From I Hear the Rain
-Submitted by hanzzzz
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Oct. 26- 8 p.m. Opera House, Oshkosh, WI (O,P) $22.25 reserved price
call 920-424-2350
Oct. 27- 8 p.m. Grand Theater, Wausau, WI (O,P) $22 reserved price
call 715-842-0988
Oct. 29- 8 p.m. Hollywood Theater, LaCrosse, WI (O,P) $22
call 608-789-7400
Oct. 30- 8 p.m. State Theater, Eau Claire, WI (O,P) $22.50
call 715-832-2787
Oct. 31- 8 p.m. Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI (O,P,T)
call Ticketmaster or the Pabst Box Office 414-286-3663
Nov. 3- Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL (P,O,T)
Nov. 5- Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA (O,P) (with Devo, Ween)
Nov. 7- University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (P)
Nov. 9- 7:30 p.m. Hunka Bunka Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, $18.50 (P,T)
Nov. 10- 7:30 p.m., Irving Plaza, New York, NY, $26.50 (P,O,T)
Nov. 11- 8:00 p.m., University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (O,P,T)
Available through Ticketmaster
Nov. 13- Haverford College, Haverford, PA (O)


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In Today’s Issue:

The First Time
RE: Godot
RE: Dance Intro
RE: Dance Intro
RE: Volunteer
RE: Volunteer
Music Conventions

The First Time
AHHHHH…..the first time…..I remember my first time….

I was in 11th grade, 17 years old, back in ’96. I was just getting into
“alternative” music, once I realized that the gangsta rap that I was all
into was just repetitive stuff about killing people and how rich they

Well, there was this song that I kept hearing that went “they do it all
the time…yeah yeah…” and I thought that it was like the coolest
thing. The “yeah yeah” part sounded so silly. I fucking LOVED that! I
found myself singing it wherever I went, like when I was walking home
from school or waiting outside for my dad to pick me up. I didn’t even
know who did the song.

Then, one time in the cafeteria, I was singing it and I asked a friend
who the hell did that song. And he said “I think it’s the Violent
Femmes.” And I was like, “okay, that’s a cool name.”

So then like I found out that they also did that “when I’m out walkin..”
song also. And one time, I was over at my friends and it was during the
“flashback lunch”, where this radio station plays just like 80’s stuff.
And my friend wanted to request 3 songs. One of them was “Buffalo
Soldier” by Bob Marley. I can’t remember the other one, but the third
one was….”Add It Up” by the Violent Femmes! I was like, dude, what
the hell is that? So he’s starts going, “add it up, add it up” and I’m
like, “yeah, alright, that’s great man.” They never did play it

Then I was sittin’ at home listening to the radio, and all of a sudden,
“whoa! what the fuck?!?” So I listen to the song and it rocks and then
it gets to the end and the guys starts singing “add it up, add it up…”
and I’m like “fuck! Add it Up! this is that Violent Femmes song that
that stupid old British fart DJ didn’t play!”

So then, I’m like a fan…. singing all their songs (all 3) in school
and everywhere else until one day, I’m at the library and they’re
selling old tapes and one of them says “Violent Femmes” and I’m like
“shit!” so I take it up and buy it for 50 cents. For the next 2-3
weeks, it didn’t leave my walkman. I would listen to it on the bus and
when i was walking and i would just keep flipping it over and over and
over. Every song was great!

Well, since then, I’ve seen them in concert and that’s what made me a
HUGE fan. I’m gonna see them again on November 5 with devo and stuff,
so Pat, put me on the list for that show.

Okay bye,


RE: Godot
> “Standing on the corner/ *Waiting for
> Godot*!”

This is really great, you know.
I’m afraid Freak Magnet is going to be OUR Godot…


RE: Dance Intro
Ok…here’s brian’s intro to “dance motherfucker dance” at the show on
April 24 in Charlotte, NC…

There was this girl who was standing right next to me who wrote the band
a letter. We FINALLY convinced Brian to pick it up and read it. So he
read it out loud making up all sorts of bull about how the letter said
they sucked and were the worst band..etc etc…So he stops, goes “Do you
know what I say to that”….and started the song…it was coool..


RE: Dance Intro
Let’s see, at the superbowl bash last year, it had something to do with
the game, lemme think… I think Brian, being the cheesehead that he is,
said if he met the Broncos, he’d give them a special message, and i
think you can guess what that is…. “WHEN I SAY DANCE, YOU BEST DANCE,
MUTHAFUCKA!” hee hee. sorry i don’t know the exact quote, but you can
probably piece it together.


RE: Volunteer
<< I have to tell you that not too many people have
volunteered their clips, and this is sad, because I wanted to make this
a listwide effort. >>

While I’m interested in this project, I didn’t put my name out because I
have nothing to add. I’ve tried to vid the femmes 3 times – including a
show where I was able to tape both bands before them on the outdoor bill
– and each time someone from the band has taken the vid. So I can say
they are def NOT fan-boot friendly. I don’t know if it’s really the list
not helping – or if it’s the femmes tight policy. BNL, who often tour
with them, will not only allow vid taping, they mug for the camera. VF
is so strict that I wondered how much is really out there at all.

-Pat. Says: I asked Liz for more info, and here’s her answer:
<< Someone from the band? Or someone from the crew? Because I know for
a fact that the band does not mind cassette boots.>>

Well, if it’s the crew, it’s the part with the band. I can’t say as to
the first two – because I got snagged by people I hadn’t actively seen
fairly quickly, with VF tags. As to the third, it was an outdoor show, I
was up front and had taped Tribe Called Quest and Barenaked Ladies, then
the crew changed to the VF guys and there was an older gentleman with
them (fifties) Two songs in Gordon nodded to him and he walked over and
took it. Luckily, I had changed tapes between.

I had asked Ed (BNL) at a different show about it and he said that he
didn’t know how VF felt about it – but BNL has an extensive boot
community and despite the fact that they have often shared a stage with
VF there is no tape of them during the ‘together’ part of the show.
(They usually come out for DMFD)

So the last few times I saw the Femmes I didn’t even bring my stuff. I
only tape permitted shows and not knowing if it as VF policy or venue
before I had tried to get something – at that show it seemed clear to me
that it was the band – which was a bummer. I’d LOVE to be wrong


RE: Volunteer
sorry, i don’t have any vf’s tapes though if i did i would definitely
send them in and if anyone does have some and aren’t sending them please
do because thats really mean. A lot of people will be able to enjoy the
stuff you are if you just send it. It’s not that hard.


Music Conventions
Cool, cool, cool. Today I woke up and wandered outside to find a music
convention downtown. Last year I found a promo CD for Breakin’ Up and
the CD American Music Live 1991 at the same convention so I had really
high hopes. I wasn’t disappointed. This year I found the clear promo LP
for Nightmares/World We’re Living In and the CD Film Noir! I’m so happy.
Life is great. The Femmes rock. Moral of the story. Go to music
conventions in your neighbourhood.

Erik”36″ Foisy

“How do you make God laugh?”

-Pat. Says: I’d certainly go to music conventions downtown, if there
were any conventions around here….if there were a
DOWNTOWN around here.