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October 29-The Forum, London, ENGLAND (O)
October 31-Sports Hall at Coimbra University, Coimbra, PORTUGAL (O)
November 8-House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL (T,O,P)
November 9-Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL (T,P)
November 10-Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (O,P,T)
(With Goldfinger, according to T)
November 11-Tulane University, New Orleans, LA (O,P)

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Listen to me baby.
Can you keep a secret for me?
Make sure no one finds out,
cause then the lights will go out,
and I will find you out,
and I will cut you up.
-From Never Tell
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St. Petersburg

Boca Raton

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would like the following: Any good Brian Ritchie CD’s, any good bootlegs
with hopefully unrecorded music on it… or covers, American Music,
Singles: Do you Really want to Hurt Me?, I held her in my Arms, Tonight,
Used to Be, plus anything else i may be unaware exists, CD’s only please.
As trade, Alden offers a bootleg of this summer’s Waukesha show, good

Would like boots of the following shows:
9/95 Maritime Days
1/96 Winterfest, Icehouse (first show)
7/4/96 Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheatre
8/97 Waukesha County Fair
Plus, I know there was a guy with a video camera at the Winterfest show.

Wanted: a copy of Film Noir: I have a good quality ’89 show at the
Metro in Chicago to offer in trade…or if anyone else is interested,
i could go for some more femmes material!

Does anyone have any boots from one of those shows that brian ritchie
has taken part in ??? i don’t think he played out to support his
albums..? well anyway an outside of the femmes brian ritchie musical
exhibition would be just peachy to feed my ears and i have some femmes
stuff to trade for it. (i cannot communicate today ughh silly fingers)

I would love to buy a violent femmes poster, not the new crappy
posters but an old one, It does not have to be super old but before
New Times. I will also offer free copies of “The Mercy Seat” to all
who ask.





The tab digest is give and take; remember to share what
you have.


In Today’s Issue:

Who Was That Guy?
The Montclair Show..RE: Top 5 Faves
RE: Top 5 Female Bands
RE: Top 5 Faves..Musical Tastes
RE: Musical Tastes
RE: Musical Tastes
RE: Musical Tastes
RE: Musical Tastes
RE: Musical Tastes..Lisle Story..Marvin Gaye
RE: I Get It
RE: Fantasy Tribute Album
RE: Fantasy Tribute Album
RE: X-Country and the VF
RE: X-Country and the VF..etc.
RE: New Spin on Black Girls
A Lil Web Page Secret
Bass Tabs Needed
Come to Wisconsin
Taping Question

Who Was That Guy?

this is to the hysterically funny person who wrote about the femmes
tribute album:

#$%^&*I haven’t read anything that spastically amusing in a
long time#$%^&*

thank you jonnie kazoo player!


-Pat. Says: Ohmigod. Mea Culpa, Kyle. I forgot to include your return
address in your post! Folks, that totally whacked post on
Wednesday was by that kazoo playin’,jaw-harpin flutist:

He’s been sadly silent these past few months..if (I hope) he
starts to write more often, you’ll be sure to get a few good

The Montclair Show..RE: Top 5 Faves
well, heres my piece on the montclair show…
the show was great. there were only 2 things that were bad: there were
seats,and the crowd looked tired, bored, and tight as anything. it
looked like none of them were having fun or enjoying themselves at all,
a few did though. but our row did, we were singing and having a great
time and everything, but thats besides the point 🙂 they did these
really great lighting effects during the show and the boys came through
the entrance banging and playing these little instruments. i dont want
to make this long cause i hate reading long ones too, but they played
wonderfully. if anyone wants a setlist, just mail me. the best part
of the show was after it though. my friend and i met guy again and he
remembered us from the last show. we met his sister gail before the
show and she was pretty friendly even though we only got to say hello
and they were off to dinner. but after guy found us and he stayed with
us for a while and talked. it was a great show.

oh and for those 5 or 6 favorites…
1)pink dream-the cure
2)mirror mirror-violent femmes
4)jane says-janes addiction
5)disintegration-the cure
6)gallons of rubbing alcohol-nirvana


RE: Top 5 Female Bands
1. fiona apple
2. jewel
3. L7
4. 7 year bitch
5. the phlegming octupi

(those arent in any particular order they’re just like…there)
okay well yea, um those are my top five chick bands,
hmmm….nothings else to say, sooo…um, bye.

“life’s short and hard like a body building elf, so save the planet and
kill yourself, if you’re feeling down and out with what your life is all
about, lift your head up high and blow your brains out”

RE: Top 5 Faves..Musical Tastes
Personally i dont think i could narrow my favorite songs down to
five…but i’ll try to come close.

(in no particular order)
1. Boadicea- Enya
2. Cactus- The Pixies
3. I Won’t Share you- The Smiths
4. Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow- Sugarcubes
5. Your Sweet Voice- Matthew Sweet
6. Beers, Steers, and Queers- The Revolting Cocks
7. Summertime Rolls (or 3 Days)- Jane’s Addiction
8. Dream a Little Dream of Me- The Mamas and the Papas
9. Johnny (or Prove my Love)- The Femmes
10. Don’t Let’s Start (or Spider)- TMBG

Yes, i know i said I would try to keep it narrowed down, but even that
list is much shorter than it should be. As far as my favorite bands
go…I would have to say (and if these are roughly in alphabetical order
it’s because i’m reading them out of my CD rack) Bach, The Beatles,
Beethovan, The Breeders, Clapton, The Commitments, The Cranberries,
The Doors, Enya, Garbage, Handel, Jane’s Addiction, The Mamas and Papas,
Steve Miller, Ministry, NIN, Carl Orff (as in Carmina Burana),
The Pixies, The Police, Queen, REM (only the stuff before monster),
The Revolting Cocks, Simon & Garfunkel (two of my cats’ names),
The Smiths, Spinal Tap, The Sugarcubes, Matthew Sweet, TMBG,
Too Much Joy, The Violent Femmes, and XTC.

I was influenced quite a bit by an older sibling, having to share a room
with my sister for the first twelve years of my life. ummm…i’ve seen
the femmes in concert twice. but i am always waiting for them to come
back to ohio. i’m only seventeen (or will be in a month), but i’ve also
seen REM, TMBG, Matthew Sweet, and a few others. ummm…i’m going to stop
babbling and boring you ppl now.


“Take what you need. It does the job. Texas has religion….REVOLTING
-“Beers, Steers, and Queers”
The Revolting Cocks

RE: Musical Tastes
Seeing as though everyone else is writing about their musical influences,
i may as well do the same. I cant do my 5 favourite songs but i will do
my 5 favourite bands:

1) VIOLENT FEMMES (of course)
2) rage against the machine
3) regurgitator (Australian)
4) radiohead (o.k computer is one of the best albums of 97)
5) the prodigy (awesome in concert, freaks all of them)

Other music i listen to is pearl jam, nirvana, chemical brothers,
spiderbait (oz), you am i (oz), magic dirt (oz). Some of the music i
wont listen to is R’n’B and that gangsta rap stuff.


RE: Musical Tastes
Well, since everyone else is telling what kinds of music they like I
might as well.
I like the Femmes, (I think thats obvious)
and the DOORS (I’d love to hear a femmes cover of a doors
I also like a lot of industrial/electronic stuff
Atari Teenage Riot

I dont think anyone else on the list mentioned any of those 3.

well, thats my 2 BITS =)


RE: Musical Tastes
As Pat so perfectly pointed out, most of us don’t realize just how old the
bands we listen to are. Most of them are small time for years before they
hit it big. Look at No Doubt (just shut up folks..I don’t care what you
think of them) Gwen Stefani is 28 (or 27..i dunt remember) She was still
in High School when they started out. Now they’re big as (insert a noun
here). I thought I had read somewhere that the Femmes started playing
together in 1979 or so.maybe not..I can’t list my 5 fav songs because I
can’t decide. You’d have to give me a specific category of music to
define it for. As for my top fav bands well, they’re in no particular
order (all I know is I love Femmes the best..the rest are just my favs..
in meaning I like close to everything I’ve heard of theirs)

Violent Femmes

Beastie Boys (fav song..Grrls..which I changed to guys.)
Counting Crows
Less Than Jake
No Doubt
The Queers
Green Day
Smashing Pumpkins
The Offsping…crud..I’m ending the list here..I just realized that all
my “fav bands” are the ones whose CDs I own (this list could get a
little long), I got that far in naming when I realized it..oh well

RE: Musical Tastes
Oellablue made a comment about someone being jealous of others that
actually knew old bands, in that statement she said-“I used to when I
was young”-in a rather sarcastic tone. Just to stick up for the
teenage race, I’m 17 and I probably know more old music (beatles,
dead, doors, harry chapin, phil ochs,etc) than i do new, and simply
because I’m young that does not mean that I have any less of a right
to like or know old music. Thanks.


-Pat. Says: Well, what Oellablue was saying is that some people
shouldn’t doubt what people say is their favorite music.
That sarcasm was directed at the doubters, not the young
subscribers. So you are in full agreement.

RE: Musical Tastes..Lisle Story..Marvin Gaye
Hi, I have not written in a while but here goes:
First of all, i would like to add my favorite bands, I love the Femmes,
of course, then Bush(they are not a “knock off of a knock off” as
someone put it) Sublime, Jewel, Poe, Cake, and I know im forgeting more.
My favorite femme song changes weekly, but at the moment it would be
between the Candlelight song and good friend. I think that every femme
song has at least one part that is sooooo cool that it stays in my head
forever, does anyone else get that?
Ok, I wanted to share a Lisle show story too. I live in St. Louis, and
my fellow femme fan/friend asked me to go up for the show. I was sooooo
excited but then my dad told me that school was my job and i couldn’t
take a day off of school to go to a rock concert. I was pisssed. what
made it even worse was then he said “if it was the beatles i would let
you go” frankly, the femmes mean more to me than the beatles ever will
(sorry beatles fans) so i didn’t get to go, but my friend in chicago did
go, and so did another girl from st. Louis(she got to miss school) well
after the concert, my 2 friends waited by the bus to see Gordon, and they
did! but the point of this story was that they were sooo sweet, becasue
they got GOrdon to make out an autograph to me and they didn’t get one
for either of themselves, because they couldn’t get more than one. I
thought it sooo sweet that they sacrificed having his signiture to make
me feel better.
anyway, i had a question too. You know the song “See My Ships”? well,
someone asked me who marvin gaye was, and i don’t know, does anyone
and another thing, when i first got a VF CD it was 3. and i thought it
sucked for about a year. so i never really listened to it. and then i
became a big fan , but i still never really listened to it, /c in my
mind it was classified as bad music, but then one day I pulled it out
and listened to it, and now I am like addicted to it. I cant stop
listening to it. anyway, i have rambled too long.
see ya doll is DEAD…..

-Pat. Says: That’s a phenomena of VF might not like something
so much for a long while and then BOOM all of the sudden
that’s all you want to hear.
Marvin Gaye was a Motown singer/songwriter (second only to
Stevie Wonder) of the 60’s-80’s. Many of his R/B hits
crossed over to the pop charts. Abused physically and
mentally almost daily as a child by his father, in 1984
Marvin saw his father abusing his (Marvin’s) mother, and
attacked him. His father then calmly walked into the next
room, got a gun, and shot Marvin twice in the chest, killing
him instantly.