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RE: First Time
RE: First Time
RE: First Time
Bloomsburg Memories

RE: First Time
I thought that since so many others are crawling out of the woodwork and
contributing then I could make the effort to do the same. My aunt who
is like ten years my senior lived with us when she was in high school
and I just thought that she and her friends were the coolest…totally
worshiped them. Anyway, one day they were in the kitchen listening to
music and all talking about how great VF were and desperately trying to
impress them I began acting as if I was a femmes fan. Well, I think
that they saw right through me but after that every time I was in the
car with them or hanging out and pestering them they would put VF in and
say “Hey, it’s Kristy’s favorite band!” Looking back on it now I
realize they were probably having a lot of fun at my expense, but I
didn’t care and still don’t. They introduced me to a great band and I
will be grateful to them for that…and I guess I always feel a little
cool when I listen to them. Since I am just typing away I thought that
I would share my roommates first experience with you(well, not that
first experience) she was watching My So Called Life and there is this
episode, if you don’t already know, where Angela dances around her
bedroom to BITS and she(roommate) ran out and bought the MSCL soundtrack
only to be disappointed that the song wasn’t on there…and it wasn’t
until she met me that she ever found out who sang the song. She’s now
my only friend that I can enjoy the femmes with. Well, there’s my
contribution for the year.


RE: First Time
The first time I ever heard the Femmes was in 1984, when my daughter was
9 years old and had a friend over to play. Now this friend was a very
mature 10 year old who had an older sister who always wore black, was
sullen and depressed and who listened to the new “alternative” music. I
was doing something in the kitchen when I heard them in my daughters
room jumping on her bed and singing to this very different, very catchy
music. The lyrics they were singing were, “Why can’t I get one more
yuck, why can’t I get one more yuck.” When I listened closer, I was
going to distract them with some other bit of activity, but then I
thought, they were so innocent and joyous over the whole thing, let them
go. For the rest of the afternoon, I couldn’t get the melody out of my
head, so I listened, I enjoyed and I stayed with it.
When my daughter was 16 (and knew the real lyrics to Add It UP), she
brought Gorgon a bouquet of plastic pink flamingos to a concert. One of
her friends begged to be able to sing Flamingo Baby with Gordon so
Gordon pulled him up on stage, gave him the microphone and stood there
obviously amused while he sang the entire song on stage.
The Femmes have helped me bridge the “generation gap” with all of my
kids. Their music was so important to my children and my children are
so important to me,so it all worked out perfectly. Actually, now I am
a much bigger VF fan than any of my kids. And to think, it all started
out with, “Why can’t I get just one Yuck!”


RE: First Time
The first time I heard the Violent Femmes was when they played the
IceHouse in Milw about 4 years ago. A friend of mine needed a ride to
the show and said he’d give me a free ticket if I would drive them down.
I found out about an hour before the Femmes were to take the stage. We
got a little turned around, due to crappy directions, but made it just
in time for the Femmes to take the stage!
My friend Nathaniel also almost got a drumstick they threw out, but
someone ripped it out of his hands. C’est la vie.
That was my first conscious exposure to the Femmes, as I don’t remember
hearing them on the radio before. Of course, I was also in my Swing
phase then (still am, for that matter) and had tapes going most of the

-Victoria K. Grundle

Bloomsburg Memories
>-Pat. Says: Wes Torres (who has unsubbed AGAIN) did this in Bloomsburg
> PA back in 1986.

Wasn’t this the 1996 show? The one where the yellowshirts were like the
If I’m not mistaken I remember a few people taken out back and beat up
pretty good
by “security” er was that the mosh police.
I remember that show perfectly.
I drove me (new to me) ’83 911 Cabrio. I was standing on the right hand
side of the gym on top of the 1st row of bleachers. Those yellow shirts
made me (and Gordon) so mad that I light up inside. They would drag
people off to the right hand side of the stage and be pretty brutal in
their actions. If I remember correctly I believe someone on stage lit a
cigar and look at the security as if to say “what are ya going to do
now!”. It was great. Also it was about the only time I was so mad at
the yellow shirts to participate it what could have been a mass protest
by the audience.

Fred Hess
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