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The Quote Of The Day:

I think that I would like to
stroll down a street or two
Stop by some place that I know
and see what’s become of me…
-From Sweet Worlds of Angels
-Submitted by hanzzzz

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Oct. 16- Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ (O,P)


**Nov. 7- University of South Florida (P)**




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In Today’s Issue:

FOR SALE: 2 Tickets For Madison, WI
Rider Info
Don’t Bid on This
RE: Bass Tabs?
RE: Bass Tabs?
RE: TALK Dammit!
RE: TALK Dammit!

FOR SALE: 2 Tickets For Madison, WI
I’ve got 2 tickets for the Barrymore Theatre Oct 25– $50 for the
pair–face value.
email me.

-Pat. Says: Tom, I’m going to put this in every issue till you tell me
to STOP.

Rider Info
Better late than never, I suppose. Just got this from Rider. It’s not
Pat, sorry to get back to you so late. The show is free to Rider
students only. Anybody else needs to be accompanied by a Rider student
and have a guest pass. Passes are $10 each and can be picked up at the
alumni gym.
Me again. So what you have to do is within the next couple of hours
become best friends with one of those sorority girls who seem to be
rampant at this college (check out the student web pages; you’ll see
what I mean)

Don’t Bid on This
Dear people, there is what appears to be a boot video up for bid at
ebay. I am respectfully asking you all to back off on this, because I
have bid on it, and hope to be able to add this to our compilation. See,
if I don’t have all of you to bid against, I may get it at a better
price, and you can then get it FREE (well, for the cost of the videos
and shipping, but then you will get all those other videos, too). For
those of you interested in posters and promo pix, there are a few of
them currently up for bid as well.

RE: Bass Tabs?
i have some bass tab on my page…i forget the address for it oopsey
i think that is it…???
i tabbed out the solo for out the window a while ago and i have never
tell somewhere…


-Pat. Says: Kyle’s tabs page is listed in the Links section at the top
of this letter, as is the next:

RE: Bass Tabs?
My tab page includes some bass tabs I’ve added since Wes sent me the

I’ve added bass tabs for Johnny, Thanksgiving, Agamemnon, Breakin’ Up,
Flamingo Baby and Candlelight song.

Still looking for more tabs and btabs, especially for the new album, if
possible. Let me and Kyle Sousa know. Thanks. If anything you play
differs from a tab, send in your version, also. :^)

The Violent Femmes guitar archive:

RE: TALK Dammit!
> the femmes are doing nothing that excites me!!! i get the primus
> newsletter as well as the indigo girls….both bands are doing all
> these things…constantly keeping themselves busy with new projects
> and maybe the femmes are doing stuff as well but their webpage does a
> poor job in keeping us informed….the primus website is updated
> daily…telling us what les ate for breakfast…the femmes page eats
> a dick….i used to like it when everything on the page was new…now
> it’s all old and i’m needy…and if you turn your back on the needy
> then they grow bitter……but why should a band be concerned with
> these things that are not music…well they have to be because they
> are around for fans and money..

In effect it’s a strange thing… I mean, Freak Magnet has been ready
for more than a year, and nothing happens. Brian said that if they
could self-publish their music they would make a record every year, or
so… and New Times is from 1994! Frank Black was in the same situation
last year, “fired” by Virgin with a record ready… and he found an
independent label to publish it. I think that it would be better for VF
to sign with a minor label than to wait 4 or 5 years between an album
and the following: you know, people forget you (here in Italy, at

Always sorry for my bad English,

-Pat. Says: Dear Andrea, your English is very good. Stop apologizing.
Your post needed very little editing.

RE: TALK Dammit!
Well, I’m not sure why I’m writing now. I’m writing for the sheer fact
that I’m bored and I can’t think of anything else to do. I’m must
comment that I 100% agree with Kyle. I too feel VERY needy for
something new. Although I’m not really concerned about what Brain ate
for breakfast, (if he even eats breakfast), although at this point in
time it would be soooo very interesting simply because nothing else of
interest has come forth. I m mean how is that the most interesting
piece of Femmes news that I have come across in the past few months,
comes from someone who doesn’t give a flying fuck about the band, except
for the fact that the drummer was in her all-time favorite band, The
Bodeans. I’m going all the way to Milwaukee just for something new!
(Well that and I need a vacation.) But come on would it be too much to
ask for? Well, obviously it is. I mean the very least they could do is
put back up all the links for the Femmes cookbook or the cigar and wine
reviews. Please!!! For those who didn’t get to see them. At least it
would be something new for us. I have an idea let’s bitch!!! Let’s
bitch until there is nothing left to bitch about. And then bitch some
more for good measure. What’s the point of having an official homepage
if it’s only updated every four months. There has to be something going
on. Freak Magnet, where is it? What’s going on with it? Did it die?
Should we all take a moment of silence, to remember the poor ill
received child of the band? (Let’s not lie, if Interscope didn’t want
to release it’s most likely because it was ill recieved.) Although I
like most of the songs on the cd there is something not quite right
about it, it’s missing a certain feel. First thing I would do is get
rid of the remakes of “I Wanna See You Again” and “I’m Nothing”. Now I
know that most of the American audience hasn’t heard “I Wanna See You
Again”, but this version does the song no justice in any sense of the
word. Second, get rid of “Happiness Is” (a.k.a. The Chocolate Turtle
Song.) The only thing that song does for me is remind me of having my
period. Sorry you boys had to hear that but it’s the truth. The song
would be great if there weren’t any words. It would be sound like it
needed words but it would still be better off then it is now. In fact, I
just listened to it that’s why I’m so pissy. Think about it girls. You
know I’m right. Third, Forbidden Must go. There is this whole feel to
the record and then you get to that song and it just blows the whole
thing. Phhhhhht… out the window (excuse that very bad unintended pun)
Maybe as a B-side, (if such a thing still exists), but not on the album.
Sorry, I know you guys are all revved up about Guy singing, but it’s
such a mood killer. Other than that it’s a great album. “All I Want”
could do incredibly well on commercial radio if it’s backed up by the
right promotion. (I’m assuming that you care of course.) ok well I’m
passed that mood now I’ll be back later I’m sure I can think of something


RE: TALK Dammit!
Hello dear friends.
I joined this list over a year ago, although I’m not really sure when.
I must admit, that as of late I had not been keeping up with the list at
all. to me it was just a sort of tour date and other random info list
that I consulted when I felt the need. But now, it seems as though I am
witnessing its demise, and that is a shame.
True, it isn’t as exciting as other lists tend to be, but the core of
fans that we have had respond to this letter never ceased to amaze me.
Fans from every walk of life, every age group, etc. And that is what
has always amazed me most about the Femmes. After all, not only does
my mother enjoy the Femmes, but so does my daughter (who is only 3 1/2).
In fact, a femmes concert two years ago at the Murat theatre in Indy (or
was it three?) was her very first concert. I have always been proud
that we have shared that experience together, as I am sure that it will
play a major role in shaping her musical tastes in the future. To know
that I was a part of that, and the Femmes were too, will make me a proud
I remember the first concert I went to when I was three, it was Cat
Stevens, and to this very day, if I ever get in a nostalgic mood, I just
pop in his greatest hits, and start cleaning the hell out of my house.
Now, to tie all of this back into the list…..If this is indeed the
“end” of this list, then everyone should at least take the chance to
have their voice heard once more. After all, there is nothing so
depressing as silence. Of the roughly 800 (i believe pat once said)
subscribers to this list, there are over 800 interesting lives that have
a story to tell. I would love to hear it. So, if you don’t want to
bore anyone on the list who seems only interested in the Femmes, the
whole Femmes, and nothing but the Femmes, then feel free to bore
me with your life. To me this list has been a great place for people
to express their opinions, concerns, hatred, etc. etc. It has had its
ups and downs but there are still things left unsaid.
I, of course, am guilty of this too, and to make amends, I have
poured out just a teensy bit of myself for you all. Life has just left
me with a lot less time, with school, my daughter, work, and
everything else, I have neglected the conversation on this list.
Soooo…speak now (as the saying goes), or forever hold your piece
(pun most certainly intended).


P.S. Just a random piece of info. If anyone has nothing to do on
Halloween night, and lives within a reasonable distance from Terre
Haute, Indiana (one hour west of Indianapolis), there will be a
HUGE Halloween party at my house, and the Femmes will most
certainly have their share of time on the ol’ turntable. Write me for
info if at all and interested.

“Song is the licensed medium for bawling in public things too silly
or sacred to be uttered in ordinary speech”
~Oliver Herford

-Pat. Says: This list will not die until I kill it; and I won’t do so
until the VF break up (something which I don’t forsee for
quite a while). We still have hundreds of subscribers (I
haven’t counted recently), which is amazing considering
the fact that there hasn’t been a US release in four years.
So when things get slow, I’ll just think up a bunch of
topics and nag at y’all till you finally start talking
again. Things should be picking up now that it’s concert
season, and I have an assignment for all of you who go to
one: If you get to talk to the band after the show, have a
question ready to ask them, and post their answer here.
Think of something original. Most important: control
yourselves! I know that oftentimes the first meeting leaves
one tongue-tied. You leave feeling as if you’ve been a
complete idiot. Well, then, write down your question so you
don’t forget it or have a brain fart or something.