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RE: Geek Rock?
RE: Soundtrack, The First Time
The First Time
The First Time
The First Time
The First Time
July Atlanta Date? Film Noir?
A Nice Little Story
Waste Time in Milwaukee
A Concert Story

RE: Geek Rock?
what do you mean by geek rock in this case? Theres a local band in the
San Fransisco Bay Area called Little Tin Frog who claim to have started
or joined a new genre of music called “geek rock”. this “geek rock” is
music with a catchy tune and clever lyrics so says bassist and vocalist,
Christine. If this is what you’re calling geek rock, then I’d have to
say that the femmes would be geek rock.


PS- for anyone who cares, the little tin frog webpage is at

-Pat. Says: This is my definition of Geek Rock: music which appeals to
intelligent people. It may reference obscure authors,
people, events, etc which it is assumed the fans would be
savvy enough to recognize or have the desire to learn
about. The music may be ‘strange’ to unexperimental ears.
Thus, bands like VF, TMBG, Primus, and Ween can be labelled
Geek Rock. Kyle called me a geek because I like Brian
Setzer. I don’t know about that; aside from the fact that
I’ve always listened to rockabilly, and now like swing, he’s
my idea of eye candy.

RE: Soundtrack, The First Time
>And what is the name of that soundtrack that Gordon wrote all the music
>for? thanx.

The movie is “Hitting the Ground.” Who knows when or if the soundtrack
will ever be released.

>did you first hear a VF song? What was it?
Ooooh, Pat, thanks for asking this one! I love telling this story.

I was driving home from a class one night in ’89, and I heard
“Nightmares” on the radio. My immediate response was “What is that man
*doing* with his voice??!??” I went out the next day and bought “3.”

At the time I first heard “Nightmares,” I was happily married. A few
years later, I was bitterly divorced, and I started having nightmares(!)
about getting back together with my ex. And frequently, as will happen
in the weird symbology of the subconscious, these dreams occurred at
Violent Femmes concerts.

Life imitates art. I love the irony!


The First Time
Hi all Im writing this from the bottom of the world aka Melbourne,
Australia. I heard the Femmes for the first time when I was a sophomore
in high school living in Gresham, Oregon. The music was so out of my
experience I was hooked and as this was in 1984 it was different from
the classic rock dreck played on the radio at the time. The second
concert I ever went to was the Femmes at the Pine Street Theater in 1984
and was one of the best shows I have ever seen!!!!! I saw them once in
Melbourne and yes, again it was magic. Im now thirty but still love the
Femmes and am hanging out for them to hit Melbourne some time soon I


The First Time
Well, I’m not too original, I guess. The first Femmes song I ever heard
was BITS. It was my freshman year in high school, at some dance. There
was a junior boy named Ben who I was so in love with, and who would not
even acknowldge my existence. Well, at this particular dance there was a
really hideous girl named Theresa chasing him around,trying to get him
to dance with her. So anyway, lucky me was the first girl he saw, and
he dragged me out on the dance floor so he could escape her. It was
probably the high point of my freshman year. We danced to some cheesy
Bon Jovi song, and I was just so enthralled with this boy. Anyway, then
later he was being really nice to me out of gratitude for letting him
use me- (like it was rough….) so he asked me to come fast dance with
his friends and him, and it was BITS. He was such a god awful dancer,
but I still worshipped him. And he was getting into the song so much
that I started to love it, too…
So, fast forward a couple of years. By my junior year, we were actually
really good friends, in fact now it’s been a few years and he’s in
college in Florida and I’m in Michigan at MSU and we’re still very close
(my phone bills are ridiculous) so anyway, it was my junior year and we
were talking about that dance, and I asked him about the song, and by
then my musical tastes had matured enough that I understood how
extraordinary it really was, so he drove me to Tower Records and I bought
Add It Up, and the rest is history.
So, yes, the real reason I’m a Femmes fan is pure, unadulterated
adolescent lust. Ain’t love grand?


The First Time
Well the first Femmes song that I ever heard was BITS on my local
college radio station. I could swear at the time that they wear women
and then the announcer said “Violent Femmes”, i thought that confirmed
my belief. I got interested so i went and bought “Add It Up” then i
knew that they were guys. Now i have all of their CD’s (except
Singles). Well it was nice reminiscing.

The First Time
Hello to all,

This is my first time posting. To answer Pat’s question: The first
time I heard the Violent Femmes I was like 12 or 13 and my cousin was
listening to these guys. I said who are these punks? I never
listened to them. I thought my cousin was crazy for listening to a
band named the Violent Femmes. Being a kid I never even gave the
band a chance. Five years later after my music taste had changed I
heard Blister in the Sun. Loved it to death. I went out and bought
Add it Up and man I loved every single song on the album. I then
needed more of the Femmes. I went out and bought every tape my
record store had by the Femmes. I then found that some of my most
favorite songs were not on the Add it Up CD. Nightmares, Fat,
Telephone Book (man that one is great), Please Don’t Go, I Hear the
Rain, and Prove my Love are my most favorite Femmes tunes.

Now I travel anywhere that is 100 miles from my home to see the band.
I just saw them on October 2 at Case Western and October 4 at
Youngstown State. Man they are so great live. I was pleased that
the sets varied from the two shows. I figured they would be the same
but they were not. I also was able to get Brian’s autograph at the
Case Western show. I picked up some flyers when I went into the
show. I happened to have a pen in my back pocket so I decided to
write down the set list. When the show was over I went to where the
Femmes room was and I was able to get Brian to sign the set list.
Man was I excited!

Oh well I have babbled quite enough. Thanks for listening.

John POP.
July Atlanta Date? Film Noir?
Hey everybody. Please help me out. Back in July (the 31st to be
exact) the Femmes were supposed to play at the Newport Folkfest in
Atlanta, GA.. However the Femmes cancelled, correct? The show went on,
however the Femmes were not part of this. Is all of this correct? The
reason I ask is that I had bought tickets for the show, but when I heard
that the femmes had cancelled, I no longer wanted to go. So I just need
to find out if the rest of the concert went on as scheduled.
Also, in a related matter, the femmes DON’T COME TO ATLANTA ENOUGH. In
fact the majority of the times I have seen them play, it was in another
state. I know none of you can help with that part, but I had vent my
anger to someone.
In yet another related story, does anyone know of any places on the
internet where I can order Film Noir. I found it somewhere however my
computer crashed not to long after that, so my bookmarks and my hopes
of getting Film Noir crashed with it.

Alright that about wraps it up for tonight.

A Nice Little Story
i have a nice little story to share with the list:
so i go to this place to see how much the tickets are for the irving
plaza show through ticket master (i didnt end up getting them i’ll have
to go to NY, but anyway…). so i say to the girl:hello, id like to
know a few ticket prices” she said:”sure”. so i say:”ok, for Morphine
on Nov. 5th and the Violent Femmes on Nov. 10″ the girl flips out, i
mean she went spastic! nuts. so she shreaks in glee:”THE VIOLENT FEMMES
ARE PLAYING!!?” and i say : “yeah there playing like 3 times around
here” so the girl gives me my tickets for morphine and at the same time
she’s asking all the girls working there if they want to go and they
all get so happy and start skipping and jumping around. after she does
all the ticket stuff she ran to the back of the store (for anyone in
jersey it’s that compact disk world in menlo park)and gets the self
entitled album and opened it up and puts it on the store system, on of
course, Blister In the Sun. Now i love bliser in the sun, and it’s all
great and i know it’s the most well-known song and everything, but why is
that the only song people know? oh well, to each his own. but these
girls were really nice but i couldn’t beleive what was happening before
my eyes. my friend looked at me and said: “look what youve started”.
all i said was: “i know” . oh well. it was just funny.
thats by piece for now 🙂


Waste Time in Milwaukee
Oh so coooooollll people talked. I wish I could get some male type
person from Pittsburgh to talk more when I see him……
aaahhhhhhmmmmmmmm. You know who you are. ::evil I:: Anywhooo, I have
run into a major problem as far as the Milwaukee show goes. The love of
my next life isn’t going anymore. : ( And while she has been to
Milwaukee I haven’t and have no idea what the hell I’m supposed to do
once I step of my train. Any ideas people? I’ll be getting there way
before 3 pm which is check in time for my hotel. So what in the
heckadoodle am I supposed to do till then?
I also want to thank everyone who responded to whiney post. Thank YOU!


A Concert Story
Well since everybody wants people to talk, i’ll talk about the concert i
went to on August 29, 1998. It was great; after all it was the first
concert i’ve ever been to let alone a femmes concert. Well only one
thing unusual happened ( well i don’t now if it was unusaul since it was
my first concert but anyway) Me and my four friends who i went with
were standing there front row center when all of a sudden this guy came
from up behind us and said “excuse me gentlemen… I am going over the
fence and onto the stage” you can even hear it on the tape we recorded
of the show. it was pretty cool. he tried it too (needless to say he
didn’t make it)
Well thats it for my amazing story


-Pat. Says: Wes Torres (who has unsubbed AGAIN) did this in Bloomsburg
PA back in 1986. He made it to the stage and talked to
Gordon. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. It freaks out the band.
After all, how do they know your intentions are friendly?