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October 15-MontClair State University, Montclair, NJ (O)
October 29-The Forum, London, ENGLAND (O)
October 31-Sports Hall at Coimbra University, Coimbra, PORTUGAL (O)
November 8-House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL (T,O)
November 9-The Chile Pepper, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (O)
November 10-Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (P)
November 11-Tulane University, New Orleans, LA (O)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers


Brian Ritchie will be playing shakuhachi: solo, with others, and
led by James Nyorako Schlefer, on October 18 and 19 from 1-3 p.m.
at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. Tickets are $3.00.
Be aware that this is NOT the Femmes.

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“Eight, eight, I forget what eight was for”
-From Kiss Off
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In Today’s Issue:

Let’s Hear From UK and PT
The Florida Confusion
Ft. Lauderdale 1, St. Petersburg 0
Lisle Show..New Album News
RE: Call For Topics
RE: Call For Topics
RE: Tribute Album
RE: Tribute Album
RE: Hard To Find Rock
RE: Musical Tastes

Let’s Hear From UK and PT
Hey all you in the UK and Portugal! If you’re going to either of those
shows, please submit your name for the Who/Where. Especially those of you
from PT. There are 5 of you; don’t you think it’d be cool to meet up?
Also, if anyone has more info on the Coimbra show, please email me.

The Florida Confusion
I had called the Chili Pepper and FAU. FAU says no one is coming on NOV
10. and the Chili Pepper’s recording did not have the Violent Femmes
appearing either. ?Are they coming to S. Florida? ?Why does the
“Official Home Page” , at times, seem to be less than accurate?

Mike – Ft. Lauderdale

-Pat. says: The FAU thing is probably some contract negotiation snag.
As far as Chili Pepper’s, the official line is yes, they
will be there. See next post. My advice would be to try
again next week. Sometimes the official page lists things
which are still in the negotiation stage, but seem like
sure things. It is odd that the only time the official
page seems in error is when a FL show is involved…

Ft. Lauderdale 1, St. Petersburg 0
I received this msg from the staff at the Official Homepage:


I also emailed Ticketmonster, and have received no response whatsoever.
Figures. I like TM about as much as I like pelvic exams.


Lisle Show..New Album News
Okay, I know it’s taken me awhile to report back about the Lisle show,
but I’m finally doing it. I totally enjoyed the show, but was a little
disappointed at the “auditorium” where they played. It was like a high
school gym. I’ve only seen the Femmes one other time. It was at the
Marcus Ampitheatre in Milwaukee. They sold out the whole thing. The
concert was huge. It was just hard to compare the two. Anyway, a good
thing that came out of this concert (besides seeing them of course) was
that I got to meet Guy. He was incredibly nice. I got my camera taken
away from a security guard and he told them to give it back to me. They
had already thrown it in the garbage though (it was the throw away kind).
I asked him about the new album and he said it’s coming out on St.
Patrick’s day next year and then they are doing a big American tour to
promote it. He also told me how to get them to come to my college. You
just have to write to their web site saying that you represent whoever
and give them the student activities phone number. Easy enough. I did
record the show, so I’ll listen to it and get a set list to you as soon
as I can.

– Liz

RE: Call For Topics
Well, well. It appears that there are many disgruntled newsletter
recipients looking for a new topic. I suppose that I could start a
new one for you, but first…..I was just thinking how great it is
just to see people expressing their love for a band that has been
around for quite some time and seems to attract listeners from all
generations. As for me, I consider myself lucky that they are still
touring after all these years. Unfortunatly, I don’t have as much
time as I used to have to run off and see a band whenever it was
within a few hundred miles of me, so now I read reports from people
and occasionally receive bootlegs and things from others, and this
keeps me going. I think it is great that people are still out there
that are getting to experience the Femmes for the first time. They
might not know how to spell Gordon (gordan, gorden, gordun,…who
cares?), but at least they have good taste in music. As far as I am
concerned, I’m happy knowing that I met alot of nice people like
beyz, fern, diana, wes, etc. If it weren’t for this newsletter I
wouldn’t have a clue who these people are. I enjoy seeing everyone
expressing their opinions, and I just wanted to give mine. Remember
folks, there is more to life than your computers. You could read a
book (try some Capote, Faulkner, Plath, or one of the other countless
wonderful authors out there), take a walk, or anything. I just can’t
help picturing the world in ten years as a bunch of people strapped
to there computers talking to each other. Get out and live a little.

As for a new topic, here is a list of possible topics:
1. Best opening act for the Femmes (mine is 16 horsepower)
2. A little history on the boys (for all the VF buffs out there
that know the biography of the members) before life with the
femmes. I know someone out there knows…share the wealth.
3. or if you are REALLY bored and you need to vent, go ahead
and write me some hate mail….I can take it.

4. We could change it to a free relationship advice format.
I don’t know just use your imagination.


“I’m going out to the barn, to hang myself in shame.”

RE: Call For Topics
I’m really into Phish, and for a good long time I subscribed to the
Rosemary, which took the best articles off of their newsgroup and put
them onto the digest. Here, it’s almost totally unregulated- you send
something in, and it’ll get put on. Now- I don’t mind some setlists, and
some concert reviews, but mostly the discussion on the Rosemary was
about what the albums were and were not, and how (not necessarily what)
they were playing recently, and not about where to get the albums, etc.
There was a period this summer where Phish weren’t playing what are
considered two of their best songs- Tweezer and You Enjoy Myself, and
there was a big discussion about hwo if they left, that would really
suck. And that was okay- THEY HAD SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT IT. Some people
thought they were tired songs, while others thought they should keep on
playing them. Here, it seems, it’s just like “Yeah, they I wish they had
played that.”, end of discussion. We need a policy of content over
trivia- not every subscriber needs to know about how you can’t find
Rock, or you thought the Peoria show was the greatest ever (it was,
BTW). Speak your mind, say something important. I’m not saying we should
start an argument just so there’s an argument going but I’d rather
listen to that than here if they’ve been playing American Music recently
or whatever.
You don’t have to agree with me, but at least hear me out. That’s what
I’m doing with all the junk on the list, right?


“The stars in the sky are very bright.
The stars in the sky are very bright.
The stars, they really suck tonight.
The stars in the sky are very bright.”

-Phish (Dude of Life), “Sanity”

-Pat. Says: Ok now first off the sad fact is there IS no Violent
Femmes Newsgroup, at least last time I checked (last year),
so there is nothing from which to cull a ‘best of’ selection. This is
it folks.
Secondly, who am I do decide what is a worthy post? I told you all
months ago I would edit only the hate mail, the flame war stuff; and
that was a relief to all who were afraid I would become a print nazi or
something. Whatever the majority considers worthy will be discussed;
whatever bores you will die. I suppose I could try to comment on those
topics I personally find of interest, and ask for opinions. But remember
I am in the end just another subscriber.
Thirdly, I fail to see how a discussion about the content of a particular
album is more relevent than the accessibility of an album. It’s all very
well to say the Phish digest doesn’t talk about how to find albums; they
obviously have a cooperative label; their albums are all easy to find. I
go to a record store and see Phish galore, and yet at the same store
there’s MAYBE the first and Add it Up as far as VF stuff is concerned.
It is disgusting that ROCK! has not received worldwide distribution.
Everyone here should write to Interscope Records.
Fourthly, you mention that the Phish group was discussing the omission
of two songs on their setlist, and then you say you’d rather read that
than whether American Music has been played recently. Excuse Me? I fail
to see a difference. Besides, we recently had a rather long discussion
very similar to that concerning BITS.
Lastly, (and I’ll bet you’re all glad to hear that) OK you don’t like
set lists posted. Fine. That’s a valid criticism. I admit they take up a
lot of space. If I receive a lot of anti-setlist mail, then I’ll stop
printing them, just say something like ‘for a set list, write to
[email protected]‘ But that’s up to all of you to decide, not me. I told you
this would be a democracy, remember? Sigh. I guess that about covers it.
I’m worn out now. If you think that was long you should have read it two
days ago before editing.
Thanks Paul for writing. I mean that.

RE: Tribute Album
> Mercury Records is putting together a tribute album to Gordon Gano
> and his work as lead singer of the Violent Femmes.
> The album, which is being put together by Gano himself, is slated for
> release sometime in1998.

I second that, Pat-it’s about time! I think too that Gordon doesn’t get
enough credit for being a great guitarist as well as singer/songwriter.
Even though many times the bass is in the limelight, it’s being
complimented very skillfully by some great guitar. I think that this is
what makes the Femmes so unique, in that they know how to separate and
highlight the strengths of each instrument and then bring them together
again in the same song. Not to bring up an old heated topic, but I think
that Victor executed this phenomenon with more style and precision than
Guy does, which is why I tend to like old Femmes material better than the
most recent. Anyway, don’t forget to send in your petition to Interscope
Records, so maybe we can have a 1998 VF release too!


Interscope Records Phone: 310-208-6547
10900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1230 Fax: 310-208-7343
Los Angeles, CA 90024 Tom Whalley, CEO

email: [email protected]
Dear Mr. Whalley & Interscope Records:

I am writing to petition a new release of VIOLENT FEMMES music. As an
avid fan of this band and its members, I feel that their body of work is
worth continuing development and growth. It appeals to their original
fans as well as a large number of new fans alike. I would purchase new
music by the Violent Femmes and would buy tickets to attend more shows,
if they were available in my area. As well, I would like to have “ROCK”,
the import CD available to me in U.S. stores.

Please release more of this great band to the fans. Thank you for your

-Friends of the Femmes

RE: Tribute Album
You know, I think it is truly wonderful that people as influential as
Lou Reed and John Cale will (cross fingers) be contributing to a VF
tribute. If I had to chose the roster myself I don’t think I could
come up with two more perfect choices. So many times when a tribute
album is made I wonder why the hell some of those bands are on it. They
just don’t seem to fit. These guys fit. They fit so well it’s scary.
Maybe the Clash should return the compliment and do one for this.
What do you all say? What would your dream lineup be for a VF tribute
album AND WHY?
Here’s some of my ideas:
You already have Lou Reed, John Cale, PJ Harvey. Who’s missing? Nick
Cave of course! Oh and it would be nice if Laurie Anderson would duet
with Lou. They’re so good together.
OK for that kooky instrumental stuff like Black Girls and such, Adrian
Maria McKee for those more traditional songs. Willy Nelson, too.
Little Richard might put a wild spin on the gospels. It’d be heartfelt
fer sure.
Throw in Tom Verlaine and Joe Strummer. Their solo stuff is vastly
underrated. As a matter of fact, delete that Clash comment before and
just keep Joe.
For the Punker moments:Bad Religion.
Beck, I don’t know what for but I think he’d treat any Femmes song
with respect and do it justice.
Lastly, let’s hear Shane MacGowan (ex-Pogues) do Don’t Start Me on the
Another thought: Maybe the VF should switch over to Mercury (Of course
if Interscope or Slash is a subsidiary of Mercury I’ve just put my foot
in it, haven’t I?)

RE: Hard To Find Rock
Pat says:

Pat I’m shocked :o) HA! I personalized Cheryl’s petition a bit and sent
it on but now that I think about it … Maybe if all 900 of us send
Pat’s petition we really will get their attention!!

To: Interscope Records – Mr. Whalley
Hey Interscope what the fuck is your problem? Release NEW Violent Femmes
music NOW!! (you can even add a personal threat here) :o)

Friends of the Femmes

-Pat. says: just don’t sign my name to it :=/

RE: Musical Tastes
I was just curious what other music that you Violent Femmes fans are
into? I have probably the most different taste for a Femmes fan. My
favorite bands are the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Nirvana, the Germs,
D.I., Fear, X, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Hole, Rage Against the
Machine, the Vandals, Social Distortion, Descendants, Rancid,
Operation Ivy, Stooges, Jimi Hendrix, and a bunch more. Well what
bands are the rest of you into?