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That Down the Aisle Thing
Wanted: Poster
Unknown CD
Sweet Dreams
High as a Kite
Top 5 Faves

That Down the Aisle Thing
Pat wrote: “The show started with the band walking down one
of the aisles, all wearing goofy costumes and playing small instruments.
I haven’t seen them do that since The Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre in

The concert I went to in Cleveland in ’93 had the same intro. It caught
everybody by surprise. They weren’t wearing costumes, but some funny
hats. I think they were playing some instruments that looked like they
were from a high school marching band. They marched down a side aisle
and up onto the stage making all kinds of racket. They marched in place
for a few minutes then dicarded those instruments, picked up their more
familiar pieces and got to work. There wasn’t an opening band so when
these guys came in like that everybody thought at first they were some
unruly fans – until they got on stage. I’m sure some people, after
realizing who just brushed past them, were crushed that they missed an
opportunity few of us have had. I, for one, was one of those people on
the other side of the theater wondering who those goofballs were making
all the noise. At first, anyways.

Wanted: Poster
okay . . . i’ve spent the last seven months looking for rare violent
femmes merchandise. while i have come up with several bootleg cd’s, i
still haven’t found the object of my lust, a poster of the original
femmes. i’m now stranded here in the most culturally barren location on
earth, the University of Oklahoma. Can anyone help me out with reliable
mail order places? thanks- valerie.

Unknown CD
I was mucking about in the TMBG homepage, and found some info on a now
defunct CD of the month club called “Hello”. Members would get 10 cd’s
a year introducing them to new signed and unsigned artists and well, the
point is one of the artists listed under 1996’s cd was Gordon Gano!
Does anyone know what song could possibly be on here? Was anyone a
member of this club? It seems like a neat idea, actually, but the
catalog lists the 1996 cd for $46, kinda pricey without knowing more
about what I’m getting. (I know, I know, no price should be too great
for something by Gordon!) Anyway, if you feel like checking it out, the
address is


Sweet Dreams
Well, glad to hear the ESU show was so incredible! Wish I coulda gone
but since I couldn’t I went to see TMBG in DC Sat night and that was a
lot of fun! My subconscious must still have been locked on the Femmes
though because I got back to Bristol at 7 AM Sunday and crashed into bed
and had a dream about the ESU show. In the dream, the show was held
outside and it started to rain (“I hear the rain, I hear the rain….!”).
Anyway, this sent the majority of the people scurrying away until only
about 15 fans remained. Gordon started just chatting with everybody and
it was great! There was a lot more to this dream, but by now it’s all
gone fuzzy and I only remember the main parts. I shoulda written it down
when I woke up. Amazingly, this is the first time the Femmes have played
a role in any of my dreams that I can remember. Has anyone else ever
dreamed an entire Femmes concert or anything Femmes related? As an
interesting sidenote, I picked up a hitchhiker coming back from DC (it
was 4 AM and the poor guy had been walking since 7 PM the night before!)
and I was listening to a mixed tape that had ROCK!!!!! on one side
(ain’t nothing like singing and bouncing along to “Life is an adventure”
to keep one awake in the wee hours of the morn) and Ani Difranco’s
“Puddle Dive” on the other and this old guy said he enjoyed my music!
He was really nice, even offered to fill up my gas tank but I wouldn’t
let him. I finally relented and let him buy me a cup of coffee at the
7-11 though. It was a great weekend altogether and my car is back to
his exuberantly joyous self! love to all


High as a Kite
I have never written before but have been getting AM for some time now.
So I finally found some time to write. I am a college sophomore,
studying engineering and I love good music. In my cd player right now I
have Phish-Lawnboy, pink floyd-wish you were here, rage against the
machine, blues traveler-four, and the violent femmes-add it up. so I go
from one extreme to another in music. I enjoy the violent femmes
immensely and have seen them twice at the Madison Theatre in Peoria, IL.
A great venue to see anyone live.
A new subject I would like to discuss is it ok to be “high as a kite” at
a violent femmes show or any show. This was discussed alot between my
friends and opinions were divided. Just thought I would throw in my two
Steve Judd

“I am high as a kite, I just might, stop to check you out…”-BITS

-Pat. says: IMHO it depends upon the drug, and how much. A little bit
might enhance the experience (tho I quit drugs in ’80).
What I hate is people showing up rip roaring drunk, causing
fights, and then passing out, or worse, puking all over the
place. Not cool.

I know I requested this before, and I failed to respond to the individual
who had a BOOTLEG VIOLENT FEMME TAPE, before the message was deleted.
So, please contact me at
Where in San Francisco have you found ROCK!

The tribute sounds real cool, can’t wait.
Who knew Gordon was from New York, which part of New York?

Whoever wrote the lyrics to I HOPE YOU GOT FAT………thanks. That
whole tape is killer. Especially that song………turns me on.

Top 5 Faves
Just thought I’d write in and post my top 5 favorite songs…..
I’m sure there are a lot more— but this is what I came up with-

What are yours? — not in any specific order:::

1.Even the Losers …..(Tom Petty)
2.Mother of a Girl …..(The Femmes)
3.Closer to Me …..(The Cure)
4.Sandman …..(America)
5.Push th’ Little Daisies..(Ween)
6.I’m Looking Through You..(The Beatles)

OK that was 6– Sorry, damn nation! That was hard.
Write in and post your top-5, It’ll be great fun.