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The Quote Of The Day:

What you going to do?
Gonna turn, gonna turn rat fink?
What you wanna do?
Do want to see, do you wanna see what it’s like to sink?
Sink down, sink down, sink down, down, down to the bottom of the river.
Sink down, sink, sink down down.
Down, down, to the bottom of the river, sink, down sink.
Sink down, down. Down, down to bottom of the river.
Sink down, sink, sink down down.
Down, down to the bottom of the river.

-From Never Tell
-Submitted by ktgrady
(“In my opinion the absolute best verse in any
Violent Femmes song, a true representation of
what Femmes music is all about. . .passion.”)

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Oct. 16- Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ (O,P)




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Geek Rock?
Bass Tabs?
RE: TALK Dammit!
RE: TALK Dammit!
RE: TALK Dammit! (First Timer)
RE: TALK Dammit! (Talk,Talk,Talk)

hi!!!! just wondering if anyone is going to the toronto show.


-Pat. Says: That show is not listed anymore, and the entire Inertia
Tour seems to be exactly that. I’ll keep my eye on it.

The Femmes might be playing the Universal Ampitheatre!!?? It must be a
part of some other tour, right??
And what is the name of that soundtrack that Gordon wrote all the music


-Pat. Says: That show is tentative. The Universal Homepage doesn’t have
it listed.

Geek Rock?
would anyone classify the femmes as “geek” rock. I think TMBG would be
classified as such, and for some reason TMBG are classified with the
femmes. (i really like both bands, but i don’t see a strong resemblance
besides the whining vocals) Weezer is definitely a “geek” rock band and
i love weezer, but they are very different from the femmes.
any input?


Bass Tabs?
hey do you have any cool bass tab pages thanks


-Pat. Says: Those of you who have tabs pages, do you include bass? let
me know, and I can make note of it. And let NoFX531 know
if you do.

RE: TALK Dammit!
> Absinthe,
ahhhhh…yum yum

it seems like this list is dead…nothing appears……i don’t write
anymore…i’m badd…i’m not writing for a few reasons….
whenever i do write about something nobody responds
the femmes are doing nothing that excites me!!! i get the primus
newsletter as well as the indigo girls….both bands are doing all
these things…constantly keeping themselves busy with new projects and
maybe the femmes are doing stuff as well but their webpage does a poor
job in keeping us informed….the primus website is updated
daily…telling us what les ate for breakfast…the femmes page eats a
dick….i used to like it when everything on the page was new…now
it’s all old and i’m needy…and if you turn your back on the needy
then they grow bitter……but why should a band be concerned with
these things that are not music…well they have to be because they are
around for fans and money..aghh maybe not my head is dizzy ..and i’m
trying to jump start the deaf and dumb……i used an electric
toothbrush today…it was scary…intensity of vibration…ackk…
hmmmmm jumble….
i’m fucking bored…maybe we can all talk when the new album comes
out….i for one am scared…freak magnet did not impress me….the
guitar sound was produced with such a 90’s fake flavor….it was the
first time in all my years listening to the femmes that i was
disappointed….i wonder if they have any interest in putting out a
live album or an acoustic album…..
i’m leaving….good luck pat


RE: TALK Dammit!
Okay fine, I’m talking. I just want to say one thing, but allow me to
come up with some plausible way to tie it into the Violent Femmes…
okay, got it.

Boy, I love those Femmes. They’re really cool. You know who else is
cool? THE PADRES!!!

Sorry. I know that was a cheap excuse to plug my team. What can I say;
I’m so ashamed. Oh wait, I have a real question. Do the boys play
sports or anything? There. I tied it in after all.


RE: TALK Dammit! (First Timer)
Hi, i’ve never posted before. I was just interested in reading what you
guys had to say; it never really occurred to me to post. Anyways, it
was Kathryn’s pitiful pleading that persuaded me to post.
(<==unintended alliteration)
I started listening to the Femmes in eighth grade (four years ago) when
I found my older brother’s Add It Up CD. I’d never heard of the Femmes,
but I thought, “Hell, I’ll give it a try.” I was just starting to get
sick of that “alternative” crap that prevails on the airwaves. I have to
say, when I first listened to that CD all the way through, Blister in
the Sun was my second-to-least favorite song. To this day, I don’t
know why it is so popular. My favorites were Waitng For a Bus and Out
the WIndow.
Now, I have all the Femmes’ albums (not including singles) plus the
Machine single. (By the way, if anyone wants a copy of the Machine
single or anything else I can record on cassette tape or MiniDisc. I
will only charge you for the cost of the tape/disc plus shipping. Also,
you will need to send a signed note promising to buy a legal copy if
you ever find one.) I was disappointed to read about all the people
who hate “Please Do Not Go;” it is one of my favorites, mainly because
of Brian’s solo. Presently, my favorite song is “I Hear the Rain” off
of Hallowed Ground.
I think the reason why I like the Femmes so much is because of their
ability to not sound the same in every album. This is what really
turned me off of “alternative” (the only new bands I like are Beck and
Cake) I also listened to classic rock for a while, but then it also
started to sound the same. When I feel nostalgic, I like to hear some
80’s pop music (the Police, etc.). I also like Jimi Hendrix’s music.
Back to the Femmes, if it wasn’t for Gordon’s distinctive vocals, each
album would sound like they were a different band.
My only regret as a Femmes fan is never having been to a concert. I
suppose I should check more often; CSU is a mere half-hour
from my house, but I didn’t know about that show until it was too late.
Well, I think that’s enough of a post for now, don’t you?


-Pat. Says: I love alliteration. As far as Blister is concerned, your
opinion of it might be different if you had heard it for the
first time way back in 1982, on the UCONN radio station. It
was trailblazing. The VF were one of only a handful of bands
to lift us from the doldrums of the post-punk era. For that
reason I suppose I’ll never really get sick of Blister. Which
leads to a question. Since there are a lot of new subscribers
lately: When did you first hear a VF song? What was it? When
I bought the first album, I knew it was at the same time very
different and yet very familiar as well, but I could never
have forseen that it would have such timelessness. Our
subscribers range in age from the early teens to somewhere
in the 50’s, and my sons (ages 8 and 10) are also big fans.
That is phenomenal.

RE: TALK Dammit! (Talk,Talk,Talk)
OK, somebody wanted people to talk even though we have nothing to say,
well here goes. I recently bumped into an old friend whom I haven’t seen
in a dog’s year and we got together to watch a video compilation of some
VF stuff sent to me by someone on American Music ( you know who you are,
and thanks a ton – it was absolute heaven watching it ). But first we
had to go pick up some dope for her. Annoying kinda cause I wanted to
watch this compilation that was calling out, no, yelling out my name for
the last few days ( I snuck a peek at the first 5 minutes but I wanted
to watch it with a another true Femmes fan ). On our way ther we bumped
into an old dealer friend of mine, but he was in rehab so couldn’t help
us. It was nice seeing him though. Later we walked into a deli I go to
often to say hello to my regular waiter and since he’s nice ( and bored
silly at the time ) gave us free muffins, drinks and a smoked meat
sandwich. Yum! So we keep going on this arduous dope trek and bumped
into a friend of mine from Montreal ( neighbouring city for those who
don’t know ) driving around with my wife. It sounds suspicious doesn’t
it? But that had been the plan that evening. Anyway, they’re really
excited, jump out of the car,open the trunk and show us bags of booze
they picked up off the street – someone had just left these on the
sidewalk – there was about 75$ worth of stuff! We then bump into a bus
driver friend of hers ( my friend not my wife ) and start chatting. And
then everybody splits up again. Onwards to the dealer and then back to
my friend’s place. Nothing fun happened on the way back. So we are
finally watching this tape ( amid hash fumes ) when my friends start to
holler that I look like Gordon Gano. She was really insistent on this.
Her insight came while watching a recording of an early (1984?) gig. I
couldn’t see the resemblance really and ignored her schrieks. Then again
I can’t see myself to often, except in the morning in front of the
mirror when my eyes are half shut. Anyway I get home in the early
morning and take a look at a picture on an old vinyl of Gimme The
Car/Ugly where the band is sitting around this table looking bizarre and
it hits me. The young Gano looks kinda like me! Too much fumes?

Erik”36″ Foisy

“How do you make God laugh?”