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The Quote Of The Day:

get away from me
i’m gonna hurt somebody
get away from me
i’m gonna hurt someboday
no i don’t really want to hurt nobody
but sometimes i just gotta hurt somebody

-Submitted by asliney

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October 2- Case Western University, Cleveland, OH (O,P)
October 3- St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI (O,P)
Oct. 6- Youngstown State Univ, Niles, OH (O)
Note: Pollstar lists this date as Oct. 4. Can anybody verify the date?


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Cleveland, OH
dkubiak (Daniel)




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Exclusive to AM: Brian Ritchie Interview
RE: Inertia
RE: Inertia
RE: Compilation

Exclusive to AM: Brian Ritchie Interview

> 1. There have been some rumors about Victor becoming re-involved with
> the band. What do you have to say about that?

There is not a lot going on in Milwaukee. Consequently, idle speculation
and gossip is rampant. This rumor was started by someone who stands to
benefit from such an occurance, but it is not on our agenda to get
Victor re-involved in any way. If we are inducted into the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame, we will invite him to come along. He has attended several
of our recent shows, and relations are friendly again, but the musical
relationship is in the past. We wish him the best of luck.

> 2. What is your opinion of the Great Victor VS. Guy Debate?

Victor was an interesting stylist as a drummer,and played a significant
role in developing the Femmes sound. Unfortunately he was not always
enthusiastic. Guy is technically far superior vocally and instrumentally
and he is more dedicated to the drums. He is more consistent and
versatile. Some people think that since they like the early albums
better that Victor is a better drummer, but what that means is that they
like the early songs better. Anyone who hasn’t seen them both live
should refrain from forming opinions. This means most of our current
fans, who were wearing diapers when Vic was with us. They were both in
the right place at the right time. Of course even if the Femmes got
Ringo Starr we would still be delightful.

> 3. Are you going to dress in costumes for the Halloween show in
> Milwaukee?

I don’t know.

> 4. How do you feel about recording covers? What song/artist would you
> cover if forced?

We’ve recorded a lot of covers and usually we enjoy that. We have many
covers in the can. Maybe we’ll release a collection of them some day.
When we do a cover it’s because we think it would be amusing to do the
song, not as a tribute to the artist who did it originally.

> 5. Have you ever heard another band cover one of your songs? What was
> your opinion of it?

We have heard many covers of Blister, someone did a nice version of Hey
Nonny lately and we always love to hear people doing our tunes. They
never figure out the bass lines properly however.

> 6. Many subscribers would like to see a Violent Femmes/They Might Be
> Giants collaboration. Do you see that happening? If not, why not?

We have done many gigs with them. They sing on Gordon’s soundtrack album
which might come out next year. We invited the skinny guy to play sax
with us, but he declined. We enjoy doing concerts together and both
bands have discussed touring together, so I wouldn’t be suprised if that
happened. It would have to be better than Lilith Fair.

> 7. If the VF were to release albums on their own label, how would you
> anticipate those self-released albums to differ from what you have
> released in the past?

They will be more frequent. Otherwise we do what we want anyways.

> 8. You often have long jam sessions in concert. Why have you not
> recorded any instrumental pieces, other than Reckless Stones? Would
> this be something we can anticipate for the future?

Vancouver and Peter Jest are other instumentals we have done. There is
also an instrumental version of Didgeriblues out in Germany. We will be
doing more instrumentals in the future. There are numerous instrumental
tracks featuring the Femmes on Pierre Henry’s new album
Interieur/Exterieur, out in France.

> 9. What would you recommend as the farthest distance one should drive
> to see a VF concert?

We always try to do great shows every night regardless of circumstances.
We do not go through the motions. If it’s a club or theater it’s worth
driving 1126 miles, but if it’s a gymnasium I wouldn’t drive as far,
because the sound is usually poor. We are pleased to see some of the
same faces in various locales.

> 10. What musician have you most enjoyed collaborating with on an album
> (any album)? Live?

In the studio, Pierre Henry was the greatest person we’ve worked with,
but live maybe Dennis Rodman. He’s not a musician though. The Horns of
Dilemma have been blessed with the presence of many greats.

> 11. Do you feel in general that the fans are becoming more violent at
> concerts? Have you noticed more problems in certain geographical
> areas, and if so, has this caused the band to avoid those places?

If it’s a Violent Femmes concert they are usually alright. If it’s an
“event” like Spring Break party they are usually stupid. We cannot
control the younger generation, nor do we attempt to understand them.

> but today I checked the mailing list and saw that they were
> coming here to my school, (UCF) and now i am so happy!

Oh! If only you knew my utter devistation at this! I wanted SOOOOO bad
for the Femmes to come to UCF when I still lived in Florida. Now that I
am 600 miles away, they come! And I’m going to miss them by a month..
why couldn’t my brother have gotten married November 10 instead of
October 10? Sheesh! The inconsideration of some people (grin..sure
whatever). I’d imagine it’s at the Arena if it’s at UCF..isn’t it
nicked the Cellar Door or something? It’s where I saw Counting Crows
play. Lucky you though….have fun!


RE: Inertia
is the toronto show going to actually happen? cuz that’s kinda soon and
i don’t wanna drive 3 hours for nothing


-Pat. Says: The whole thing appears to be VERY tentative at this point.
Hope it gets off the ground, because this sounds like a
great idea. Read on…

RE: Inertia
Don’t know if you want to post this or not. I was intrigued by the
Inertia tour “why” part of the webpage and was determined to find out
more. So I fired off a few emails to the .com address (unsuccesfully)
then tried ye old *.* number. It worked and here’s what the guy said:


I’m thinking that means those dates in Canada may be extremely iffy.
I hope he gets it going though – very nice idea don’t you think?


RE: Compilation
I can help convert VF videos from NTSC VHS to PAL VHS!
I just need a master copy and some blank tapes for slave copies.

I’m in Australia, you can trust me!

I sent Mike M. an Autographed ROCK CD and Autographed Poster, Plus some
radio interviews and close up photo’s all for a few audio tapes with the
sound from let’s start over he sent me. I thought he was the only other
fan in the world, that’s why I was so generous!..

I have a tonight single, and a breakin’ up single, I noticed that in the
http://www.angle-fire url, v-f guitar tabs archive, they didn’t have a picture
for the cd cover for this one. If you are connected in anyway with
this archive, I can send you these cd’s also for free. I don’t listen
to them that much anyway, I’d be happy to help out..

I also typed out some articles from some local newspapers re: v-f and
wrote a story of when I met them at a radio station and talked about my
band and sent it to Mike M. If any other fans out there would like to
hear some of my band tapes I’d be happy to copy some, perhaps even .WAV
or MP3, I like to think there’s a definate v-f influence, more guitar
distortion though.!


-Pat. Says: That’s another hurdle overcome! Nobody using PAL has yet
volunteered any videos, but when they do, Deana and I will
coordinate with Chris to make sure they are incorporated
into the final compilation. When we are ready to make
copies, we will send Chris a master copy and all you PAL
people will get copies from him. Thanks for volunteering!

Does anybody besides me like the Dogpile Remix version of Machine much
better than the LP version?