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The Quote Of The Day:

I tell you something right now Johnny
we could be sailing along on a ship
-From Johnny
-Submitted by Fraggle3

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**November 3- Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL (P,O)**
**November 11- University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (O)**
**November 13- Haverford College, Haverford, PA (O)**


October 14-15- The Melody, Montreal, QUE, Canada (O)*
October 16-17- Music Hall, Toronto, ONT, Canada (O)*
October 18- The State, Detroit, MI (O)*
November 4-5- Plaza of Nations, Vancouver, BC, Canada (O)*
November 6-7- Pier 48, Seattle, WA (O)*
November 8- Museum, Portland, OR (O)*
November 10- Irving Plaza, New York, NY (O)*


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Madison, WI

Milwaukee, WI
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In Today’s Issue:

Tempe and Phoenix
The Tempe, AZ Show!!
Kudos to Deanna and Pat and others…


Well, I have company here for the next few days, and so unless I get up
at 4 AM like I did this morning, there will be no Monday issue. Keep
writing, though.
It is possible that we may be able to get ahold of a video of “Flamingo”
live on an Australian kids TV show, played with only kitchen implements.
More on that later.

Tempe and Phoenix
I am almost 100% positive that No, Let’s Start Over is out of print.
When I asked Brian if it was rather rare is when he said that If I found
one over here it was probably a bootleg. I think it came out in the mid

The concert at the Outback on monday was video taped I know, because
after the show, they were playing the video of it on the monitors around
the club. I’m going to see if it would be at all possible to get a copy
of that tape. I’m pretty sure it was the club that taped it, not the
femmes themselves.

Tuesday night there were a couple highlights, the first was that Brian
sang a new song, “Leave our Music Alone” which he explained after he
sang it had been written by their bus driver. It was rather scathing,
but unforunately I don’t remember how the lyrics went.
The other thing is that Gordan sang “Dance MF, Dance”! There were a
couple people in the audience that were yelling out for it between
songs, and after one of the songs, brian walked over to Gordon and
whispered something to him. Gordon then walked up to the mike,
strumming his guitar softly, and started to sing Dance slowly in a soft
voice. This went on for a minute or two, him singing with this huge
grin plastered on his face. It was classic.

Chris Staley
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-Pat. Says: I need to be extra-sure that No, Let’s Start Over is out of
print. A couple of people have said that they think it is.
If so, we can include it in the compilation video, but if
it is still in print, we can’t, since it is an official
release. Would somebody in England please check this so that
we can be sure? Even if there are copies floating around,
it still may be out of print.

The Tempe, AZ Show!!
The Tempe Show on Tuesday night was my favorite show out of the five
that I have seen (in two years). These shows have included Milwaukee,
Washington, D.C.(3 times) and now Tempe. You would think that Milwaukee
would have been the best, being their home town, but I beg to differ.
Last night, the Femmes and the crowd were awesome! It seemed like a lot
of people knew most of the lyrics. This was very unusual since most of
the time the audience sings only “Blister in the Sun,” “Add It Up,” and
“Kiss Off.” Guy and Brian were telling jokes. I have never seen Guy be
so talkative and “goofy” at a show before. Guy told two jokes. One was
something like….”How do you know when drummer is ringing your door
bell?….”There is a pizza delivery car outside.” I didn’t clearly hear
the other one. He also was in the spot light for a little bit more than
usual and showed a variety of crazy and playful facial expressions.
Gordon’s said that he wanted to share his political view (or something
to that extent) so he wanted to “dedicate this next song to Bill Clinton”
which was Add It up. He also did this at the Newport Folk Fest a month
I didn’t get a chance to see meet them. I looked for their van but
couldn’t find it. I will hopefully meet them next time.

Emily M. @ Arizona State University

>Now, here’s a problem: I am aware that many of you on this list do not
>use VHS format, but PAL (and I don’t know how many versions of PAL we
>will have to deal with). Several of you may

You may be surprised to know that the rest of the world does, in fact,
use VHS. What we don’t use is NTSC, the American television standard,
largely because it’s a poor system that is often referred to as “Never
Twice the Same Colour” for good reason.

We do use PAL (Phase alternating lines), but it is usually used on a
VHS cassette. Most medium to high quality domestic video players will
play back both PAL and NTSC here in the UK. I wouldn’t be surprised if
the situation is similar in the US.

Of course, having a “proper” conversion done would give better quality,
and I would say that this should certainly be considered for the
“european masters”.

As for the rest of the world: France, I believe, uses SECAM – but I’m
not sure how many French sources there’ll be. Australia, I think, uses
PAL, but a different version to Europe. Other areas I know little to
nothing about.

I hope this information helps, as I’d really like to see this project
get off the ground.


“It hath whirred into life”

-Pat. Says: Thanks, Xav. That really cleared things up. I will want
to convert, and so I need a European distributer, and an
Australian one. I don’t believe we have any French
subscribers at this point, but I need to know from Arjan
what system is used in Russia, that is assuming you want a
copy. Haven’t heard from you in awhile; hope you are
enjoying all your new CD’s!

Kudos to Deanna and Pat and others…
FINALLY, a VF Video compilation! I am so excited I can hardly type. My
tape of No, Let’s Start Over is definitely wearing out, and I need
something else. . .It’s time more VF fans start taking action to help
out everyone else who wants SOMETHING new. If the band’s not gonna do
it, we might as well. :> I think it’s truly honorable that you ask for
no money, either. Good luck to all of you, I wish I could provide help,
but I’m not sure if I can do anything. Please email me if you need any
distributors in the Chicago area (it might give me an excuse to get a
new VCR). . .

john #3

-Pat. Says: Honor has nothing to do with it in this case. This whole
compilation thing may be in a legal grey area, but I think
that accepting money would be definitely illegal. But as I
said Wednesday, we will accept boots as gratuity! If you
have no boots, you’ll get the tapes anyway. If you have no
videos to contribute, you’ll STILL get the tapes.

i just wanted to know what other people’s opinions were of THE BLIND
LEADING THE NAKED. it’s always been one of my favorites and all my
friends think it’s not one of their finest. so do you think you could
give me some feedback??


-Pat. Says: When it first came out, I was very disappointed, and thought
it too commercial. I even put it away and didn’t listen to
it for years. In fact, I lost track of the band completely
until Why Do Birds Sing? came out. That brought me right
back, and made me take TBLTN out again. I now love it,
although I will never list it as my favorite.