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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)
9/28/02 BAYFEST Corpus Christi, TX
10/1/02 IRVING PLAZA New York, NY (Rolling Blackout & POTR)
10/2/02 IRVING PLAZA New York, NY (Spiraling & Paddy on the Railway)
10/4/02 ELECTRIC FACTORY Philadelphia, PA (Spiraling)
10/5/02 LONGWOOD UNIVERSITY Lynchburg, VA (Spiraling)
10/6/02 9:30 CLUB Washington, DC (Spiraling)
10/11/02 ROSELAND BALLROOM Portland, OR (John Bisagna)
10/12/02 MOORE THEATRE Seattle, WA (John Bisagna)
10/13/02 COMMODORE BALLROOM Vancouver, BC (John Bisagna)
10/16/02 OGDEN THEATER Denver, CO
10/17/02 FIRST AVENUE Minneapolis, MN
10/19/02 THE PAGENT St Louis, MO
10/20/02 ORIENTAL THEATRE Milwaukee, WI
10/21/02 CANOPY CLUB Urbana, IL
10/22/02 AGORA THEATER Cleveland, OH
10/25/02 THE AVALAON Boston, MA (Rolling Blackout)
10/26/02 LUPOS Providence, RI (Rolling Blackout)
10/27/02 TOAD’S PLACE New Haven, CT (Rolling Blackout)

11/9/02 Vienna, Austria Spark 7 Hall
11/10/02 Munich, Germany Elserhalle
11/11/02 Berlin, Germany Colombiahalle
11/14/02 Trodheim, Norway Stud Samf
11/15/02 Bergen, Norway Per Gynt Salen
11/16/02 Oslo, Norway Rockafeller
11/17/02 Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
11/18/02 Aarhus, Denmark Train
11/19/02 Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
11/21/02 Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle Durlach
11/22/02 Wiesbaden, Germany Schlachthof
11/24/02 Brugge, Belgium Magdalenzaal
11/25/02 London, UK AstoriaLondon, UK
11/26/02 Dublin, Ireland Vicar Street

Gordon Solo – Hitting the Ground
9/26/02 BOWERY BALLROOM New York, NY 866-468-7619
10/8/02 SLIM’S San Francisco, CA (415) 522-0333
10/9/02 TROUBADOR West Hollywood,CA (310) 276-6168
Tour Dates! Tour Dates! Everywhere there are tour dates!
Rolling Blackouts with Ron Dumont
No Femmes show on TV
UW Stout
New Ink, New CD & More
Bayfest with Michael
Bayfest – Corpus Christi Info
CDR Tree
CDR Tree & Questions

Help! There are too many tour dates for me to look up all the info! If the
Femmes are coming to your town please email us the details – tix, times etc.
Here are the basics on a few of the shows: (TM=Ticketmaster)
9/28/02 Bayfest**
10/1/02 8pm $25 Gen Adm or TM**
10/2/02 8pm $25 Gen Adm or TM**
10/4/02 8:30pm $17.50 Gen Adm or TM
10/5/02 7pm Lankford Mall $FREE & open to public
10/6/02 7:30 pm $25 Gen Adm or
10/11/02 8pm $20 All Ages or http://www.fastixx.xom
10/12/02 8pm $22 Gen Adm or TM
10/17/02 7pm $13 Gen Adm (21+) or TM
10/19/02 8pm $20 Gen/Res or TM
10/21/02 9pm $20 Gen Adm or TM
10/22/02 8pm $16.50 Gen Adm or TM**
10/26/02 8pm $17.50 Gen Adm or TM**
10/27/02 8:30pm $18.50 All Ages or TM**

**HOT Openers – Don’t be fashionably late!**
Rolling Blackouts – see note from Ron below
Foursidecircle – see note from Michael below
Paddy on the Railway is Kirk Kelley,Brian Ritchie & Malachi Delorenzo
The Rolling Blackouts w/ our very own Ron, “The Add it Up Tattoo Guy”
remember that crazy tattoo guy, ron, that played several vf
shows? he’s in a band called rolling blackouts. they’re
opening for the femmes october 1 in nyc, october 25 in boston,
october 26 in providence, and october 27 in new haven.

further info (as it comes) will be found on

love n’ stuff.


No Femmes show on TV
I am truly disappointed in my local NBC affiliate. They did not run the show
with the Femmes. Instead, they opted to show a local golfing show, and
then a repeat of the Tonight Show. So here’s a question and a plea. Did
anyone record the show? If so, can we discuss the possibility of a copy?
I’m thinking of writing a strongly worded letter to this station, letting them
know exactly how I feel.


UW Stout
hey you should play at UW Stout
thats all i got
Brian’s New Ink, New CD and Updated Page
Hey guys!
No, it was not a Mikhail Gorbachev-like birthmark that some of you
noticed on Brian’s right arm during the Conan performance. Mr. Ritchie
is indeed sporting some new ink these days. He picked up the tattoo
earlier in the summer while in San Francisco. The image is of a Japanese
wood-block print of a monk in a green robe playing Shakuhachi.

Brian also has something else new recently too. He very quietly released
a limited pressing of his new solo effort “Purple Field – Japanese Bamboo
Flute: Shakuhachi” at a performance in Milwaukee last month. Brian
performed his “Journey into Emptiness” program at a benefit concert
sponsored by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. The “Journey” consisted
of ancient Shakuhachi pieces from the “Honkyoku” – or original music –
as well as Brian’s own adaptation of John Coltrane’s “Living Space.” The
audience was also treated to a wonderful improvisation at the end of the
performance including Abdulhameed Alwan on tabla and Mike
Kashou on an unusual arabic guitar.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel spotlighted the program:
Brian Ritchie, bass player of The Violent Femmes, will appear in a very
different musical context Friday. Ritchie will play a solo concert on the
shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese flute long associated with Zen.
“I always experimented with lots of instruments,” he said, in a phone
interview. “I just randomly encountered this one at a flute convention six
years ago.” He felt an immediate affinity for the instrument, which fit his
Buddhist religion, and took up serious study of it at the Kyo-Shin-An
Shakuhachi Dojo in New York. “It’s traditional training, with a set
repertoire of 40 ensemble pieces and 40 solo Zen pieces,” he said.
“After I’ve mastered them all, I’ll get a master’s license. It’s very

He will play Zen solos. 7:30 p.m. Friday in a benefit for
the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. The concert will take place at the
Off-Broadway Theatre, 342 N. Water St. Proceeds will support the
fellowship’s meditation program for state prison inmates.

“This is a good way to combine my belief with my life as a musician,”
Ritchie said. Tom Strini MJS 8/19/02

Brian’s Shakuhachi efforts reveal a very different side of the “rock”
musician we are generally familar with. The program was a sellout and
a complete success in Zen terms. It also generated a lot of interest
in Shakuhachi throughout the community – and not just among zen
practitioners. Although it appears he will be busy in the coming months
with VF I think we will see more of this type of effort in the future.

I will be posting some performance photos and additional info about
the CD on my site soon. So keep checking.

I have also just updated the index and added some NEW/ never before
seen photos from the “Vic’s Back” show in St Paul in May.

Hope y’all enjoy!

Bayfest – Corpus Christi w/ our own drumgalante

The schedule at Bayfest has changed up a few times. Contrary to the
Femmes’ website they are scheduled to play at 10pm Saturday, Sept
28th on the Miller Lite stage. My band, Foursidecircle, will be on the
Michelob stage at 7:30pm that same night,stop by to see us, say Hey!
Bayfest – Corpus Christi Info
Looking forward to the Corpus Christi date! This is part of Bayfest 2002
Also to be on this show are the likes of LL Cool J, Splender, Vince Neil,
and many more of many types of music. Hope to see you all out there!
Try to catch my band as well.
Michael drumgalante
CDR Tree Info
Sorry for the delay with the tree. It’s my fault. Part of it is my
wife and I having a baby. I have a show from Summerfest 2000 that I’d
like to start with. Unless someone has something else we could use.
With all the excitement over Victor returning.(I should say that the
version of the band was kinda like Femmes lite. I saw ’em quite a few
time before Victor left and it wasn’t the same.) That said, it would be
great to have a recent show, but I don’t have one. Here are the people
who have expressed interest, if anyone else would like to be part of
tree let me know. itskayley
jkitchens; lydon69; mlarson;
lounge_act1079m. I’d almost rather just send whatever I
have to whoever wants it, but that’s not cost effective. I don’t get a
feeling that anyone’s excited about the Summerfest 2000 show. As great
as it is. What do you guys want to see being distributed?

CDR Tree & Questions
I?ve been trying to get a hold of the Canadian in charge of
the Violent Femmes CD Tree thingy (Michael mikeyj
and I keep getting a mailbox full response. Is there another
address I can send my message to? Help! I?ve noticed a few
items on eBay lately and I?m curious if anyone out there can
fill me in on some of them : Nautical Nonsense
SPONGEBOB DVD *********NEW Item # 1555834073 Apparently the
Violent Femmes sing Spongebob as a special feature on the
DVD. Any good? Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me(Max Parrish)New
OOP Item # 1557316659 The Violent Femmes are on the soundtrack.
What song? Is it an alternate version of one of their known
songs or a song specifically for this movie? I WAS A TEENAGE
ZOMBIE orig soundtrack Lp1987 Item # 901337975 Same questions
as above. End Sessions Live CD Tori Amos Everclear OOP Item
# 905080690 The Violent Femmes have the song Fat on this CD.
Original, alternate or live? If one of two later, is it any
good? Levi’s Radio 501 Promo CD w/ Rare Trax Item # 899631369
This one is scary. It went for 81.00$ before shipping!!! The
Violent Femmes have a song entitled Aces And Jacks on this CD.
Any info on this? I?ve never heard of it. Thanks for any info.