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*Thursday 10/30/03 Spokane WA Spokane Center *Friday 10/31/03 Boise ID
Big Easy Concert House *Saturday 11/01/03 Missoula MT Wilma Theater
*Friday 11/07/03 Indiana PA Indiana University of Pennsylvania

New Tour Dates
Oracle Event
Hello from a fan


I once submitted an email asking you if you would like to get together
and possibly get this website updated. I have a violent femmes site I
did for a school project and was wondering if there were some way we
can use both of our existing sites to create something more up to
date. I am a big fan of the band and have been for some time. I just
want to help.
Chris Partida
to get an idea of my version of your site, click the link below:
Oracle Event
Hey There! I was happy to get to see you guys altogether again at the
Oracle event. I don’t work for Oracle…a friend of mine told me you
guys were playing & I had to go. His Dad is a Oracle partner. Anyhow,
I was the redhead chick in front row. The one next to the drunk guy
– venue owner) that got you to sign the pic. That is a famous picture…
That photo was taken in Dallas by the guy that stole our van. The 3
girls in the pic (including myself) were huge fans then. Me, I am
still a BIG fan. I don’t know if you remember but for me it was quite
unforgetable. I laugh about it now. I was a young teenage girl and my
Mother told me I couldn’t go to Dallas to see you guys (from Oklahoma
City). Anyhow, I figured I’d take my car and just come home early in
the AM and pretend like I was just out and I was just mad at my folks.
Well, we would have been back by early AM. It didn’t work out that way though.
I had to call my Mother at 3AM to get us airline tickets to get back
home. The story just goes on. Anyhow, we do have a pic with the guy
that stole the van with Victor before the show started. What a whacky
night that was. Then a few years later you all came out to OKC to do a
show. I was there again with a friend from Memphis. Anyhow, it was
great fun seeing you all last night. I can’t beleive channel 7 had the
camera on that pic you all signed. Pretty nuts! I work & live in SF
for myself. I do a lot of music related things. I am currently writing
about the music scene in SF for the IM Magazine –
< & I book shows around town as well. I do band
consulting and have started a music organization in SF called AMP3
(Assoc. of Music Professionals). My love for music carries on thanks
to my inspirations, as the Violent Femmes have been a huge inspiration
for me. Take Care & thanks for the great music & inspiration… Anje
Vela Entertainment – President AMP3 – co – founder
Hello from a fan
Hello…I’m assuming that this e-mail address is where I can request
to be added to the Violent Femmes mailing list (current news, updated tour dates, etc.)???
HopefullyI guessed right! I would also like to be able to e-mail the members with some thoughts (and
mostly gratitude) on their music, recently attended concert, and on and on and on and on…..if I
e-mail them here, will they see it? Any info, help, or whatever you can provide me will be greatly
appreciated…later skater

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