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The Quote Of The Day:

I know it’s true
but I’m sorry to say.
Yesterday is a day away
-From I know it’s True….
-Submitted by n_greenberg

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Tucson Show – Meeting Brian and Guy
Going To Tucson
RE: Color Me Once
Compilation, Anyone?

Tucson Show – Meeting Brian and Guy
I went to the show here in Tucson tonight. It was good- the guys seemed
to have a lot more energy/fun than the last time they were in Arizona. I
bought a t-shirt and brought my copy of Freak Magnet with me. After the
show I hung around by the back door, and after a while Brian came out,
smoking a cigar. I politely asked him to sign my t-shirt, which he
readily agreed to do. Gordon was still back stage, so he offered to take
my shirt and Freak Magnet CD inside to be signed. Brian was quite
surprised by the fact that I had the album. I told him that I would be
sure to purchase a legitimate copy as soon as it came out. He told me
not to worry about it. I don’t think the band realizes just how many
copies of it are out there (though I do think I have the only copy in
Tucson). He asked me how I liked it, to which I replied that I liked it
quite a bit. He also asked where I had gotten it.
One of the roadies told me that Guy was down by the equipment van, so I
went over there to ask him to sign my stuff. He seemed quite surprised
as well that I had the album. He asked me the same question about how I
liked it. I think I should give them more of a reply tomorrow night in
Phoenix. “quite a bit” just dosen’t cut it.
I chatted with Guy for probably five to ten minutes (quite a surprise)
During which he told me that he and Brian answer all the e-mail for the
band. Anything specific to Gordon does not get answered, unless Guy
knows what the answer is for sure. He also stated that he will sign
e-mail messages with only a “G” to purposely be ambiguous about who is
replying. I mentioned the Message Board to him, and asked if it would be
possible to get a link to it from the official home page. He told me to
send a message requesting that, and the guys that update the board would
have to make any decision regarding that. I thanked both him and Brian
who had by this time wandered down by the truck, and then went home.
Hopefully tomorrow night goes as well.

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Going To Tucson
“OUTBACK” IN TUCSON, AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POSSIBLE TAPES FOR $ALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



RE: Color Me Once
I believe Color Me Once was written during the “Why Do Birds Sing”
sessions, but one of the band members (not Brian Ritchie) was against it
being on that album. Color Me Once is one of my favourite Femmes songs,
and made me question that the femmes don’t play to a set list when they
played it here, because the lighting was prearranged to be dimmed and
purple when it came on, I’m sure… hmm
You can find some of the pretty bass tabbed at the guitar archive. ;^)

I have 2 rare Cure CD boots that I’m willing to trade for a CD copy of
freak magnet, if anyone’s interested.

The Violent Femmes guitar archive:

-Pat. Says: Of course he didn’t mean a burned copy, Right??

Compilation, Anyone?
OK, folks. If this does not inject an air of excitement and antici—-
pation into this list, I don’t know what will…
I have been talking to some people on the list, and we have decided to
put together (and make available only to subscribers of American Music)
a video compilation! This compilation will include mostly things
recorded off the TV: singles, interviews, live performances, Sabrina,
that sort of thing. We do not intend to include anything SOLD by
Violent Femmes, Inc. which is still in print (if such a thing exists)
This sort of thing has been done on another list to which I subscribe-
the Therapy? list, and they managed to put together a 2 tape set.
Here’s a rough idea of how this will work:
Anyone who has video copies of VF stuff should write me and let me know
what you have, so that I can keep a running tab on this list. Deana
has volunteered to compile this video, since she already has an
extensive collection put together already.
Send a copy of your video; we don’t want to risk your losing your only
Now, here’s a problem: I am aware that many of you on this list do not
use VHS format, but PAL (and I don’t know how many versions of PAL we
will have to deal with). Several of you may have video clips not
available to us in the US. What I need is a volunteer European
Distributer; someone who can be trusted to compile these videos.
Alternately, I have a video camera which uses 8MM tapes; those things
that look like cassette tapes. If those of you not in the US use this
format, maybe you could convert your PAL to 8MM, and then send it on
to me (an added bonus: postage would be less), and I would send a
completed compilation to you in 8MM form so that you can convert back
to PAL.
We are also going to need someone who is capable of converting PAL to
VHS and back again. I don’t have access to such a machine, but I know
that to pay for such a thing would be in the area of 30-50 $US, and
I want to avoid that if possible; finding a way to cover that cost would
add an unwanted complication.
When the compilation is completed, I will let everybody know, and you
will email me (or the European Distributer) that you want a copy.
How many VHS distributers we have will depend upon how many requests we
receive for VHS copies. Deana and I will work together to distribute the
VHS side of it, but if we receive hundreds and hundreds of requests we
will need more distributers, and possibly set up something so that each
geographic area has its own distributer. More on that later.
As far as the cost to you, we will be asking only that you send the
proper number of blank tapes plus the cost of shipping, or the cost of
tapes plus shipping (your choice). WE DO NOT INTEND TO MAKE MONEY OFF
THIS, although we will not refuse boots as gratuity 🙂 If I succeed in
recruiting a European Distributer (and I may also need an Australian
one? I don’t know much about video formats and what’s out there), I will
send a completed tape to him/her, and that person(s) will distribute
copies to those of you overseas.
I want you all to know right off the bat that this could take several
months, what with getting all the tapes in one place, arranging and
editing, converting as necessary, etc. etc. I would like to say that
this would be ready by the December holiday, but that can not be
guaranteed. It all depends upon how quickly you all act and how smoothly
the whole thing runs. This venture was attempted once over a year ago
but fell through due to lack of response. But this time I intend to
make sure to follow through to completion. Oh, and another thing. This
will be a once-only offering. I don’t want to make copies till the end
of time. We will accept videos for a set period of time, and then when
the tapes are done we will accept orders for a set period of time. Only
those who are subscribers now, and/or are so when the tapes are complete
will be able to get them. Any future subscribers can scramble to find
copies on their own. And if you unsub before this is ready you’ll never
know who or when to write to get copies, Non?
Now, to whet your appetites, let me tell you that we already have about
one and a half tapes’ worth of stuff, so if there is a lot of response
to this it is not out of line to expect a two, or even three video set.
I’ll bet you’re wondering what we already have. So here’s a list of
definite and possible clips:

From Deana:
Folk City- 1988 (?) brief interview and live performance of Old Mother
Reagan and Country Death Song
Machine Video- From 120 Minutes Live, includes brief interview
Breakin’ Up
Woodstock- Dance MF Dance/ Add it Up medly
No, Let’s Start Over- Pro Shot Video, same as Kiss Off Bootleg CD
’91 Press Kit
American Music
I Held Her in My Arms
Children of the Revolution
Used to Be
Gone Daddy Gone
Australia May 1991(?) interview-With Guy, not Victor
Several brief interviews from their Canadian tour in 1991 and short
busking segment in an Ontario mall.
In-studio performance and interview, Canada (?) 1993
Brief interview with Victor and Gordon, afternoon taping (possibly at
the Milwaukee Open; golf course in the background)
4 songs from Unknown evening performance, Victor on drums

From Me:
Sabrina episode, in its disgustingly horrible entirety

Possibles from the collection Mike Merryman auctioned off:
Dennis Miller show: American Music and Blister in the Sun
Blister, Kiss Off, Add it Up performed on MTV
Color Me Once, performed on MTV
Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah
(I say these are possible because I’m going off of a copy of the
auction announcement; the person who was high bidder has to verify
that all these are actually in the collection)

Possible from Cheryl:
Avi’s Much Music interview, Machine performance
(I say possible because I don’t know if this is the same as Deana’s
Canadian stuff)

So, c’mon, people! If you have something on video that is not on this
list, email me toute de suite! If you are interested in becoming the
European distributer, let me know. If you know what format the various
other countries use, fill me in. If you have a VHS-PALS converter, we
need you desperately; we want EVERYBODY who wants a copy to be able to
get it.
Do not write to tell me yet that you want this video. It’s going to be
confusing enough. When I announce that the tapes are ready, THEN you
can write.
And remember, while I don’t believe there has been an OFFICIAL VF video
released and still in print, if you know differently and have it, I don’t
want it. I do not want to screw the VF out of any profit. If there is
one which is out of print, I think that’d be a different story.
On a related note, the Official Homepage mentions that Brian had a bit
part in a straight to video sci-fi thriller called Red Eyes. I have not
been able to locate any video by this name, except for the Anime one,
and I really don’t think that’s it. I could be wrong. So if anyone knows
more about this, please write. If you actually HAVE a copy, we will
probably want clips which include Brian.

That is all. Now let’s get going.