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September 22-Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA (O,P)
September 23-The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (O,P)
September 25-Marzz, Raleigh, NC (O)
September 26-Carolina Music Fest, The World Mardi Gras,
Charlotte, NC (O,P)
September 27-Smokey Mountain Jamboree,Knoxville,TN (P)
October 9-Benedictine University, Lisle, IL (O)
October 10-East Stroudsburg University, Abeloff Convocation Center,
East Stroudsburg, PA (O,P)
October 15-MontClair State University, Montclair, NJ (O)
October 29-The Forum, London, ENGLAND (O)
October 31-Sports Hall at Coimbra University, Coimbra, PORTUGAL (O)

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Santa Rosa, CA

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Charlotte, NC

Knoxville, TN

Lisle, IN

East Stroudsburg, PA

Montclair, NJ




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If anyone knows Mark P. McClean from Australia, please email me. He wrote
me to say he was going away and asked to be temporarily unsubbed so that
his mailbox would not be filled up when he got back. The only problem is,
the address he used is not in my list of subscribers. He must be using a
different one for this newsletter. I have tried to contact him, but he
has not responded, so he must already be gone. Please, if any of you can
help, please do so.


Hello! i’m just wondering if anyone knows where i can get tickets to the
montclair show on oct. 15th?? i’ve never been to a femmes concert and
i’m dying to go….also if anyone knows any possible transportation
(bus, train) that stops there, please let me know, being that i’m a
minor without a license or a ride….thanks!!


-Pat. Says: Ticket info is not yet available, but it should be all ages.
Check out the Montclair University homepage for
transportation information. It is very detailed. The URL for
that is:


I saw that on the “whos going list someone is from marist, Is that concert
near poughkeespie or are you traveling? thanks Jill

P.S. my brother has a big influence over my music


Any news on when tickets go on sale for Lisle?


sorry for offending anyone on that last message. looks like it got a
little, uh….. feedback. apparently i once again incorrectly conveyed my
thoughts, as a few people were upset by my contribution to american music.
but to clear it up, all of the things you thought i was saying weren’t
what i thought i was saying. (being afflicted with a significant case of
attention deficit disorder i sometimes ramble and have trouble getting to
the point without the help of these little parentheses sidetracks)
but in any case….i didn’t say i was the original femmes fan. not by
far! i guess i was trying to say that i was getting sick of people who
were sick of people like me and you, and to let them know that not all
of us are totally ignorant. looks like i did it in vain. for this, i
apologize. -beth


>I’ve been to the femmes for a long time but never got around to getting
>their CD’s but i saw them live on SAT and i want to get all the CD’s but
>what one should i get 1st thanks
>why can’t I get just one screw believe me I know what to do but
>something won’t let me make love to you why can’t I get just one fuck….

I think the best one personally is the first one, “Violent Femmes.”
Every song on it is really good. I just went to their show on Tuesday
at the Palace in Hollywood (best show I’ve ever seen thank you) and they
played 8 of the 10 songs on that album. However, Add It Up, their
greatest hits album is also really good, except Kiss Off and Add It Up
are live versions, but it’s also got stuff like American Music, the
Country Death Song, and Out the Window. You know what, FUCK IT, get all
of them.



Hey all,
Yes it is true, a lot of music tastes when you just start
out come from siblings. i know my brother and sister shaped me
(musically) to what i am today. My sister, although she only really
introduced me onto 1 band, i am forever grateful. I am talking about the
violent femmes. Although my brother started me at an early age with his
music, and till today (it’s been 8 years now) i’ve still lead down that
path. He got me into my favorites. . . The Grateful Dead, Rusted Root,
Dave Matthews Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival. And i just combined
the influence of friends, and family, to lead me where i am today.
i have nothing more to say, so bye bye.



My older sister influenced me! I was hooked in the mid 80’s because of
her. She also loves them. I really want to thank her for hooking me to
such a great band. But Toni is right, older siblings DO have an influence
on what you listen to!



in response to what someone said about having older siblings influencing
what you listen to I totally agree! my bro got me into too much joy,
tmbg, nubile thangs, and others. i mean i have my own taste as well but
he was a big part of it. it’s hard not to like something when you hear
it being played alot in your house! this is also my first post and i
think this list is pretty cool. i love being a part of something in
which everyone has a common interest. hardly no one i know likes the
violent femmes! i kind of like it that way to. sometimes if i like
something alot i don’t want to share it. you guys may not understand
that but it’s true. so i’d just like to say my favorite VF song is I
Held Her In My Arms. and catch you guys on the flipside!
“I want to get hurt”
John Cusack in Say Anything



Hey folks. First off, let me tell you that hearing all about the Greening
of the Mackay concert is getting me sooooo excited. I get to see Femmes
for the first time next Friday. I was reading like 4 issues of American
Music (school and things are keeping me a little busy) and I just got that
super bubbly feeling and I just KNOW that I’m going to be in more ecstasy
seeing Femmes than I was at Goldfinger last weekend. You’ve done a
sufficient job of pumping me up!! I’m just worried because I’ve been
deathly ill (and was at the concert I went to last weekend) and I have
this awful hack that is going to get me at the show. I ALMOST was not
going to be able to get to go because my brother said he’s seen Femmes so
he wasn’t going to take me. He gave in when I almost started crying.
Yes, that is how bad I want to see Femmes. I would’ve cried for 2 weeks
straight if I don’t get to go. I”M SO EXCITED!!!!!!
In reply to TONI: Yes, my brother influences my music more than I can
believe. One of my first times of hearing of the Femmes, my brother was
sporting a concert shirt he had bought at a show in Chapel Hill. It’s
his fault I love They Might Be Giants (he got me on them YEARS ago) and
Dead Milkmen and Shonen Knife and TOOL and the likes. It’s my step
sister’s fault that I love musicals so much. It’s my 2nd older brother’s
fault that I love punk music so much. It’s my fault that 4 younger sibs
and 2 of my cousins love Violent Femmes (and I mean they go crazy over
them) and that they like The Queers and Less Than Jake and Goldfinger and
Melissa Etheridge and Smashing Pumpkins amongst others (my little 7 year
old sister stole 2 of my cds while my 10 year older brother stole 4 of
them). Your siblings have the most influence I’d say of anyone on who you
like. My parents got me into Cat Stevens though. I LOVE FEMMES AND AM
first!!!!!! I’m so happy I just thought all of you should know!!!!!!


Hi all,
I’m NOT going to say how long I’ve been listening to the VF, how many
concerts I’ve been to, who the better drummer is (by any criteria), who’s
cuter, who’s fatter, what a true fan is, my favorite song, my first album,
how many albums I have, or how old I am.

What I will say is about the first concert I went to. I went with two
friends, Mary and Tom, that I worked with and we had a blast. At the
time, I had been trying to fix up Mary and Tom and the concert seemed like
a way to get things started.

Tom and I asked Mary if she would like to go to the concert with us. It
went something like this: She said, “Sure! Who is it?” Me: “The Violent
Femmes.” Mary: “The Violent what?” She said she’d go, and put it on her
calendar as “The Violent Fins” (She didn’t admit to this until months

Alas, nothing materialized between them and we continued to go out and
have fun as a group for about a month. I urged Tom to ask out Mary but he
was too shy or something. One night we were planning on going out, Tom
had to cancel so just Mary and I went. We had a great time together and
were soon dating. Four years later Mary and I are now married, and Tom
was our Best Man! Every time we hear any Femmes song we can’t help but
think back to that fateful night when our friendship began at that awesome
concert. We’ve seen them in concert since then and although they’ve all
been fantastic shows, there won’t ever be one like the first.

That’s my two bits.


As for discussion of real or unreal or surreal, or multireal femmes fans I
have no problem with it. Hell thats what the newsletter is about. I do get
annoyed sometimes, but I don’t always have to read that letter and as for
you Pat if you don’t want to put it on don’t or if you want just post it
without corrections. Another point to kermit, if she would read the last
AM (15) she’d see I have neatly and concisely outlined how a new femmes
fan should buy their albums, if she wants she can read it, or E-mail me
for a copy or just never read it and hurt my ego, it doesn’t matter.
Third, did I hear someone mention the horns of dilemma? John Zorn was just
at coney island high but I missed it and my brother who went just missed
him. (He was really there to see his HS band Hallucination station) But
Zorn will be at the knitting factory with a few others soon and again just
by himself. I think he’ll do mostly jazz stuff by himself and bug out
with others. Anything else? Oh and practically all the music I listen to
because of my big brother. That is all except the femmes. And some other
stuff. he has changed my life in so many ways through music that I’ll
write about it some other time, cheerio (or something)
Oh and pat I’m sorry for spelling stuff what can i say you spoil me by
saying you’ll correct it. Then i don’t worry about having to to try to
impress people with my spelling. Thanks again if you do it. If you’re too
tired, just forget it and print as is.
That is all.

-Pat. Says: I can’t help it, I am driven to edit. But OY(oi) Jack you do
push it 🙂