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RE: Lots of Stuff
RE: A Couple of Things
RE: Pets and Others
Texas Questions


I want to clarify something. On the last issue, I said that Brian is
the most accessible and least moody of the the three. Please remember
that Gordon, as the singer/singwriter, has always been the member most
under the spotlight. I can only imagine that this might have made him
the focus of the most screwed up fans, and reminded him often that fan
is a derivative of fanatic. I could well understand if these past
(almost) 20 years have resulted in a person who is more cautious of
people in general, and fans in particular. So if he does at times seem
distant, please understand and respect that.

You can put me on the list for going to the Milwaukee show. I just wanna
know if I should wear a costume…not to be codependent, but is anyone
else whose going to that show planning on dressing up for the Halloween
Also is there anyone out there who has extra Wausau, Madison or Oshkosh
they could sell to me at face value?


RE: Lots of Stuff
Guten Tag,
Well, I guess I’m up for some banter. Let’s see where to start,
where to start, hhmmm…..I know Halloween.

You can dress them up
Space Balls anyone

Brian – Barf (played by John Candy in the movie)
Gordon – Dark Helmet (played by Rick Moranis)
Guy – Princess Vespa (played by Daphne Zuniga)
I am going to this show. I bought me ticket and I’m saving money for a
plane ticket. I got Row A, seat 6, Orch. Does anyone know if that is

Most outrages statement
If it were not for Brian’s witty remarks I don’t think I would enjoy
Femmes shows as much as I do. (For all of those who take offense to that
statement for some reason that is either too far below or too far above
my intellectual level for me to understand, I would like to say, right
here and right now PISS OFF. I don’t want to hear any crap about “if
you don’t enjoy the music don’t go” that’s not what I’m saying. One
more e-mail like that and someone is going to have a fried hard drive.)
Whoa…. anyway, since Brian is my hero, every word out of his mouth is
like a golden nugget sent down from on high (which is kind of true
because the stage is usually really high), for me to cherish as a
reminder of how witty the human intellect can be. . . Well actually
that’s not true (well it kind of is in the realm of bon bon’s, nicotine
and stay free. Wink wink nudge nudge if you girls no what I mean,)
the coolest thing I have ever heard come out of Brian’s mouth would be
from a Westwood 1 interview it goes as follows:

Brian: Violent Femmes have a unique situation in a, a, that Victor
Delorenzo, the drummer, and myself, Brian Ritchie, bassist, have
played in numerous, numerous bands, before the Violent Femmes.
And Gordon Gano it was his first band. Right?
Gordon: Me over here. Yup, this was, this was my first band.
Brian: So we deffintialy a, had a difference in, in a, experience
there. Gordon had too learn alot about the ups and downs of
being in a band from us. A, where as we a, already knew what it
was like.
Gordon: Victor taught me the ups and Brian taught me the downs.
Brain: Gordon you taught me the ins and outs.
Victor and Gordon: Augh, eww, ahhh….. (Brian starts laughing)
Gordon: Ahhh, yeah, Brian, Brian Ritchie, bass player for the Violent
Femmes, a, let’s continue with what it’s like to be a rock star.
Victor: Brian is the rock star of the group by the way.

Rock on Brian!!!!!!

Let the punishment fit the crime
Ok, I say what punishment would be more fitting then mail from 800
people complaining about how the page is always late being updated
(what’s going on for September probably won’t get posted till mid
October), the quiz is unanswerable, If there are even any right
answers, and there still aren’t any nude pictures up… ummm ignore that
I’m not sure where that came from. I’m not really sure that I would be
able to see any of them nude without having to under go years of therapy
afterwards. It would be kind of like seeing my parents naked…
ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Anyway, and there hasn’t been a letter from the band
posted in who knows how long. So I say, what better way to state you
grievances, then to flood someones e-mail box with them. He he he…
(If you were here you would see a pair of little horns growing out of
my head right now.)

Religion…Meeting the Femmes
I’m not so sure about Gordon being a fundamental christian. He is a
devout christian, but I don’t know about fundamental. Fundamental
christians believe in word for word literal interpretation of the bible
(ex. the world was created in six days and it’s only 10,000 years old,
Noah’s Ark really happened, Adam was 930 years old when he died, etc.
etc.) Which a large part of christainity has left behind and started
including the concept of reason into the way the view their god,
religious stories and myths. They have come to view the some of the
books in the bible as a metaphors or mystries or allegory, Genesis in
paticular. I don’t see how Gordon could be a student of philosophical
writings and still cling on to those ancient ideas. And believe me the
contact that I’ve had with fundamental christainity (I was raised a
Jehovah’s Witness, ~shudder~), they are not the most open minded of
people when it comes to science and philosophy. In fact I’ve been
called a communist, whore, slut, heathen, hell spawn, anti-christ, and
many other names that are unsuitable for this mailing list that may
reach the eyes of small children, when it came to discussing the
discrepancies in the bible, with fundamental christians. I’ve never had
the same problem with Catholics, Episcopalians, and Methodists.
As far as meeting the Femmes, do what Pat says, that’s how I met them,
of course I didn’t really stick around that long because at the time I
was more interested in Josh, who opened for them, who was begining to
look like he was ready to take off. What can I say he was hot, we went
out to breakfast after we left the show and and got his number
: ) Go Me!!

Well that’s it for my babbling,

I almost forgot. I have another torture method for whoever started that
quiz. We will all gather outside their house and sing completely
different christmas carols, out of key, mumbling the verses, screaming
the choruses, and then force are way into their house claiming that we
are looking for egg nog. I know christmas isn’t for another however
many months (I forget), but hey why not spread the joy a little early
this year.

As for another topic I suggest we talk about videos. If you could write
the script for a femmes video, what song would it be and what would the
video be like? That’s lame isn’t it? Or if you could change any video
what would it be? I would change breaking up that was a stupid video.
In fact I don’t think I would made a video for that song period. Key of
2 was a much better song. Any song about prison sex is ok in my book.
: o )


RE: A Couple of Things
<< They could get Claire Danes & Leonardo to do the video!!! >>

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not mention such
blasphemous hacks as Leonardo DiCaprio in the same breath, sentence, or
EON as the Violent Femmes! You shall be whipped with a wet noodle for
your offense!

Okay, anyway. Halloween costumes? I’ve always wanted to see the boys
in drag, so how about some kinky little dominatrix outfits a la “Exit
to Eden”? Just an idea, pilfered from my halloween costume plan.

Mistress Claire

RE: Pets and Others
HI, my turtle is named gordon horatio. My car licence plate reads
FEMMES. My ebay username is gordgano. My yahoo email address is
violenttffemes@ . My wallstreet sports username is gano. And i
signed up for columbia house movie club under the name gordon boa.


Texas Questions
I am soon to relocate to Dallas, TX. I’m wondering how many people on
this list are out there or in Austin. My whole band – The Sean Michael
Dargan Band – will be playing both cities frequently. I have never been
to TX so I am curious to know anything anyone can tell me. Do the
Femmes play there at all????