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September 12-Greening of Mackay, Concordia University,Montreal, QUE (P,O)
September 13-Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountainview, CA (O,P)
September 14-Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, CA (O,P)
September 16-The Palace, Hollywood, CA (T,P,O)
September 17-The Palace, Hollywood, CA (P,O)
September 18-Canes, San Diego, CA (T,O,P)
September 19-The Glass House, Pomona, CA (T,O,P)
September 21-The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA (O,P)
September 22-Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA (O,P)
September 23-The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (O,P)
September 24-The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (O) TENTATIVE
September 26-Carolina Music Fest, The World Mardi Gras,
Charlotte, NC (O,P)
for more info call 704-333-2263
September 27-Smokey Mountain Jamboree,Knoxville,TN (P)
October 9-Benedictine University, Lisle, IL (O)
October 10-East Stroudsburg University, Abeloff Convocation Center,
East Stroudsburg, PA (O,P)
October 15-MontClair State University, Montclair, NJ (O)

**October 29-The Forum, London, ENGLAND (O)**


October 31-Sports Hall at Coimbra University, Coimbra, PORTUGAL (O)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

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Tell you man I’m stuck on this lovely girl
Of course to me you know she mean all the world
But then she like another guy
I fall down dead she never see the tears I cry
Please please please do not go

-From Please Do Not Go
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Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Montreal, Que, Canada

Mountainview, CA

Dana Point

Los Angeles

Pomona, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

San Francisco (Sept. 23)

Charlotte, NC

Knoxville, TN

East Stroudsburg, PA





Mat would like to start up a digest for people interested in
trading info on tabs and chords. All interested parties
should contact Mat at:

In Today’s Issue:

About Lisle and Montclair
Info Needed:Montclair Show
San Diego Sold Out
Comfort for Humdrum
RE: Lots of Stuff
RE: First Album
RE: First Album
RE: Name
RE: Name n Stuff
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
Country Death Song, Black Girls Question
Gordon’s Christianity

1. About the Lisle, IL show:
I received this info from the Office of Student Activities at
Benedictine University in Lisle, IL


If you need more info on this show, call (630)829-6160
If you can’t get to the college to get tickets, you might want to contact
them to see if you can send them a post office money order or cashier’s
check so that they may send you the tickets. I’ve done that before, at
other colleges. The only scary thing was I got the tickets in the mail
THE DAY OF THE CONCERT. I was shittin bricks.
Oyes, here’s the email address of the person who gave me this info, in
case you have any more questions:

2. About the Montclair, NJ show:
I received this info from the webmaster. I have no email contact, and
this page was not very informative.


If there is anyone here for which these numbers are not long distance,
please call so that we may all find out more about this show.


Does anyone have anymore information on the Femmes playinhg in montclair,
nj. i really want to go. i was going to go to the show in east
stroudsburg too, but my parents wont let me go that night 🙁 . if anyone
has any information…especially if there is an age limit please let me
know. Thanks lots.



Ok, I just called Canes in San Diego, and they are officially SOLD OUT of
VF tix, even though their info line lied and said they had a few left.
HOWEVER, tix will be sold at the door starting at 7 pm. I only wish I
could skip school that day and camp outside Canes. If ANYONE knows where I
can get panhandled VF tickets, PLEASE PLEASE email me by Monday. I love
you all, but I’m afraid that there might be a few loonies on here, hence,
i refrain from giving out my pager number. I am willing to pay a hell of a
lot (okay, probably not over 35) for these tickets… I’ve never seen a VF
show and I am too impatient to wait for the world tour in a couple years.
Again, PLEASE email me @ before Monday, September 15 if
you know where I can get tickets without cutting school. I love you all!




>Now, why do the Femmes
>have like 20 tours in California and not a single date booked in
>Cincinnati, a city that plays Femmes songs all the times, and has a
>devoted fan base. It makes me sad.

well, the femmes fans out here are glad that they >finally< are coming
to california. they always seem to be in the midwest and east coast
area, and those of us way over here are very pleased. learn to share.


ok since everyone has choose to comment on my theory of anyone being a fan
here i go… first to the person who want to guess what cd does this guy
own.. im a girl and 2 points for you “add it up” but to comment on another
BITS is not the only song i like its alright but acutally i enjoy the
whole cd now with stacys comment on going to concerts i never said that
there is no such thing as a more dedicated fan of course there is for the
guy who didnt know who gordan was hes wrong cause he said its his favorite
band then hes an idiot if they are and he didnt recognize him but simply
cause a person goes to a concert and dosent know what they look like
doesnt mean they dont belong there! all i was trying to say is that just
cause you havent been a fan for years doesnt mean you dont have a right to
enjoy their music and should not be ridiculed for listening to the fems
music you should want to share! i agree with rebecca she is a fan whether
shes 14 or not! well thats all on that!
for the name thing the vote is over for the people not from america i
understand your objection but everyone else forget about it!



<< which femmes album does this guy have? I say either the first one or
“Add it up” If it’s anything else I’ll be surprised, anyone else have
an opinion? >>

I agree that it’s a good chance he has one of the more well known albums,
but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t. I got my first Femmes album in
late ’95 (I’m 15), and it was “Why Do Birds Sing?” It was the album that
got me hooked, and I still love that (mostly) all-acoustic sound.




>now I agree that it is great for anyone to start listening to the femmes
>at anytime, but I think here is a great oppertunity for a vote.
>which femmes album does this guy have? I say either the first one or
>”Add it up” If it’s anything else I’ll be surprised, anyone else have
>an opinion?

Oh Mikey, you always have to be so postive, eh 🙂 I think you’re right
though. But remember, the first Femmes CD you got was the first one. And
Anyone who started listenting in 83 probally started with the first one.
See I got lucky, Adam (or Adem 🙂 gave me a copy of “VF” AND “HG” he cut
off of his best drummer friend 🙂

But I’m just playing devils advocate. The Femmes (not sure if anyone
remembers this) got a huge pick me up in 93 when “Add it UP” came out
because they released the new version of “I held HEr in my Arms”. Then
in D.C., WHFS rembered that, “HEY! These guys played a hell of a concert
for us!”, so “American Music” got revived, and all of the sudden, “Add it
UP”, “Kiss off” and “BITS” start receving more airplay. Then right before
the relase of “New Times” it all died down. I do remember hearing
“Breaking Up” on the radio.

Oh well, I’ve talked to much. Just to let anyone know, if you ever want
to see a Femme show here in the BaltimoreD.C. area, come with OlleaBlue
(Mike) and myself. I know Dale (The main roadiehorn of DelimaBassist
for live “Gone Daddy…..”) Kamenski, and Mike and I hung with Brian.
We gave him cigars.

Take care.

Egocentric Productions


Beky here again, just wanted to clear a few things up. Number one, I like
the name of the newsletter, I liked the old name of the newsletter, what
I don’t like is how all these people find it necessary to argue time and
time again about the name change. Whoever said this before I’m totally
with you “it doesn’t matter what the newsletter is called, you don’t read
the newsletter for what it is called”. Number two, the word “like” what
can I say I LIKE the word, it just works. I can use it a whole lot more
than i did in my last entry there’s a guy in this mailing list who can
back me up on this, his name is rob. umm, yea that about sums it up for
this one.
’til then,


Two things to begin: A name is a name is a name (it’s the content
that matters) and age is only in one’s mind. With that out of the way,
I’d like to respond to a few posts from Sept 10. I, like Laurel, have
been listening to the Femmes for over a decade. I found my sister’s copy
of Violent Femmes and stole it from her. Even to an eight year old the
Femmes kicked some booty! Now I own all their LP’s except for Hallowed
Ground, and FINALLY got to go to a concert of theirs.
Victor was there, which surprised me. But then I found out that his
son was the lead guitarist and vocalist of the opening band, The Moon
Crickets. Kid Lorenzo was maybe fifteen. And as for the whole ‘cover a
song’ vote: Something by TMBG, I Palindrome I or See the Constellation
And, hey, why can’t I get just one kiss? C’mon!

(eric trybek, uw-madison, wi)

“There’s room for just one more, choose who dies.”




hey fools. my age is 19 and i have been rockin out to the femmes for
approx. 5 years now. i have successfully met Gordan and had a
conversation with’s not that hard when they play a county fair.
i also hugged him. jealous, little girls? i enjoy many things. i own
everysingleviolentfemmmes album which is still commercially in production.
i too am in search for the singles which are listed on the official
homepage. goodbye.



I would like to introduce myself since this seems like such a friendly
place. I am Marjorie, nearly 16. I have 2 Femmes albums and if I ever get
around to getting a job I will buy the rest. I haven’t seen them in
concert yet (my parents wouldnt let me go to the DC New Years show last
year) but I will if they ever come near here again, which does not appear
to be happening anytime soon. When I graduate high school I want to folow
the tour and see every single concet for a year and then go on to Harvard
or Yale or Essex Community College, wherever I wind up. Just wanted to
say hi. Oh- for the record- I like Nirvana, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake,
Goldfinger, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, and some other random trendy stuff.

Marjorie 😛


Happy Belated Birthday Pat. I had a little chuckle when I read about the
butter-on-the-nose event, a tradition in my family too. I am part French
Canadian and also grew up in Connecticut (Ledyard) so it must be
attributed to that crowd-a strange thing, I say, that I have been
sheltered from since moving to California 7 years ago 🙂
I have been receiving the newsletter for some time yet this is the first
reply I have conjured up. I am 35 and have been listening to the femmes
since the late 80″s. My boyfriend’s band covered them & introduced me to
the rest. I’ve been to several shows, including ones in Boston, Washington
D.C., Vancouver, The Warfield and Shoreline in Northern CA, House of Blues
in Hollywood and others I may be forgetting. I hope to be at the Palace,
Hollywood and the Glass House, Pomona shows-it’s been way too long!
One quick thing about the name change-although I didn’t vote for that
name, (because It’s not one of my favorite femmes songs and I think it’s
way too pop sounding for them) they do produce American Music and this
whole thing is about them, not about where their fans happen to be from.
If I liked a French band, I would think it was cool to be a part of
something called French Music, so I think it fitting for that reason, if
none other.
Anyway, that’s my 5th sense for now.



Hello, my dears! The posting about “nerd rock” reminded me of something my
friend’s sister pulled on her once. The older sister comes up to my friend
and says “Guess what! There’s going to be a concert with all our favorite
bands, like TMBG and the Femmes! Do you know what it’s called?
Lottapoorlosers!” My friend was not amused. I was. I have to comment on
all this “real fan” bullshit: I think all of you who talk about minimum
numbers of albums a “real fan” must own, and having to go to all these
concerts, are a bunch of snobs. Just because y’all have a head start does
not make you inherently better fans (however one would measure the merit
of a fan). The point about freaking out about Gordon, however, is taken.
I think that it’s understandable to faint or swoon or something similar
when seeing Gordon for the first time (it is, after all, GORDON), but I
should hope that any mature person would be able to restrain themselves.
Melaina, I haven’t heard about any Cincy dates, but I know they went to
Columbus a few months ago…sorry if you missed that one, all my Ohio
friends went to see it and they loved it! I
have just one more thing to say: “VIVA EL NERD ROCK!!”



I just have two questions which i hope the good folk on this mailing list
can help me out with,

1) Does anyone know where gordan got the inspiration or idea from
to write the country death song. Its got some wicked lyrics and i’d like
to know where it came from.
2) Anyone who has been to a show lately, are the femmes playing
“black girls”. Just curious because i like the song and i think it would
go off live.

Thanks for your time and i hope someone can help me out.



Pat I have never heard any discoussion about Gordon Gano’s
Christianity. I have met Gordon in person twice and have spoke with
him extensivly about the subject. When I ascked Gordon directly if
he was a Christian he replied “I belive in the ressurection of Jesus
Christ.” I would be very interested in hearing some debate about
this. Also I would like to know how many people have heard the
Mercry Seat, Gordon Gano’s solo Christian album. I hope I will see
more about this in the news letter


-Pat. says: If this subject becomes a matter of discussion, I would like
to set one ground rule: Among this group, there are Christians
and non-Christians alike, so I don’t want any flames erupting
over anyone’s choice of religion. Religion is an intensely
personal thing, and it is a very rare occasion when one person
successfully changes a person’s mind about it, so please do
not try here. Gordon himself does not condemn people for
believing differently, and I will expect the same from all of
To answer Travis’ second question, It’s funny, but just
yesterday I was going through the vinyl bins at my favorite
music store, and found a used copy of the Mercy Seat. I
snagged it up immediately, and put a spin on it as soon as
I got home. I think it is wonderful, and hope to have Gordon
sign it at the ESU show. I’ll also have Guy sign the BoDeans
album I have.