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I wanna see you again, it doesn’t matter where or when


Sept 10- Gas Lamp Quarter, San Diego, CA (P)
Sept 11- 8 p.m., Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, CA, $5-$14 (P,T)
Sept 14- 7:30 p.m., Ramapo College Gymnasium, Mahwah, NJ (P,T)
Sept 17- Rialto Theatre, Tucson, AZ $21 in advance (P)
Tickets available at Dillard’s 1-800-638-4253
Sept 18- 12 p.m., That Damn Show, Peoria Stadium, Peoria, AZ, $30,
Dec 31- Falls Festival, Lorne, AUS (P)

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To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
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If I can make it there … I can make it anywhere …
RE: Generations
RE: Generations
RE: Generations
Top 500 ???
RE: Guy the Actor


HEY!!! Where’re all the concert reviews???

If I can make it there … I can make it anywhere …
What to say? What to say? I know Marylee already reported on our
incredible NY experience but I just feel compelled to share a few
thoughts. I kept a journal of my whirlwind trip to the city and it is
just packed full of adjectives! Here, I’ll share a few with you: big,
bright and bold – the city; hippie-y,trendy,comfy – South Street;
sweet, sour, strong -my Hawaii 5-O martini! What an experience. I
literally stepped off the plane and began hearing, playing, and
watching music and didn’t stop until an hour and a half before I got
back on the plane 4 days later! Friday was Shakuhachi day, Saturday
Femmes day, Sunday early am was Elbow Room & CBGB’s (then I took a wee
nap :o) and Monday? Truly one of the most incredible musical
performances I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. The Shakuhachi evening
at Tonic was certainly the most beautiful and narrowly edged out the
Knitting Factory performance as my favorite event of the weekend.
Brian, his teacher – James Nyoraku Schlefer, and Sholom Gould, each
performed a series of solo pieces. My favorite part of the evening was
at the beginning of the second set. Brian, Jim and another of Jim’s
students – Michael, performed the same piece together – each in a
different octave, which was accomplished by playing flutes of different
lengths. It was quite moving and, for me, very interesting to note the
subtle differences in playing styles and the effect on the tone. Jim
finished the evening off with his variation on Amazing Grace – wow!
The Femmes show at Jones Beach was fun. Marylee’s son Dan played with
HOD and – I must say – kicked some butt! It definitely added a lot to
the show to actually know one of the HOD! After the Femmes set I guess
we were just hungry for more music (and Mexican food) and we headed
down to Bleeker street to soak up the NY vibe. For those of you who
don’t know me – I had one dream to realize whilst in the Big Apple. I
honestly could care less about the Empire State Bldg, and was only
faintly interested in visiting the Statue of Liberty. The one thing I
simply HAD to do … was visit the MTV building! HAh! Just kidding!
heh heh … No the one thing I had to do was have my picture taken in
front of CBGB’s!! Yes… Oh yes… I know Tom Verlaine wasn’t inside
but a girl can dream! I think it was the realization of that nearly
life-long dream that sent me into my state of slumber Marylee – I
really do! And let me tell you all about that Marylee – what a woman!
She can out drive any NY cabby, out cook the best dumpling house in
China Town, and out concert-go even me! There is absolutely NO way to
have more fun in NY/Philly/Long Island than to spend the time with
Marylee Nosheny and her family! If a double decker bus…
Ok- last but certainly not least – the Straylight Dialogues show at the
Knitting factory. Blown away! I’m STILL blown away! Brian & the
Straylights were extremely well matched – musically and creatively
speaking. The flyer said “world music” but I would call it primal
music. Jason Finkleman’s percussion was as primal as your own
heartbeat – and as erratic. Imagine those rhythms combined with
Brian’s acoustic bass wanderings, Shakuhachi strains, didgeridoo, nose
flute and a myriad of other wind instruments. I would guess they
played 20-30 different instruments between them. The pieces really had
no beginning and no end – it wasn’t the type of performance you applaud
– it was incredibly gifted musicians pushing each other’s creative
genius & enjoying freedom of expression. It wasn’t all somber & serious
either! Brian injected the set with his own wild imagination – at one
point he exploded with some screeching sounds from what sounded like a
duck-call and reduced the room to quiet laughter!
The consummate performer!
Well folks that’s it! Hope you all find your way to a show soon. If
you do why not try and meet someone from the list? You might just make
a friend for life!


RE: Generations
this is in regards to the post “generations”…..

my first boss at my current job was named susan. she was the coolest
boss i had ever had and i loved working with her. during one of our
many conversations about music, movies and such the violent femmes came
up and she revealed that her oldest son (now about 12 years old) was
named Gordon after none other than mr. gano himself!! needless to say,
she scored an immediate extra 100 points in my book. It has been a
little over a year since i talked to her, but i’m sure that she is
still as fabulous as ever…. when you realize that the femmes have
been together for 19 years (which brian ritchie noted at the recent
summerfest concert in milwaukee) and released their first commercial
recording 17 years ago, it isn’t hard to believe that second
generation femmes fans could already be in their 20’s….. i fully
intend to share the femmes music with my goddaughter (who will be one
year old next month) when she is old enough to understand music and
words…. i can’t wait to hear that little voice of hers gleefully
squeaking the words to “out the window”…..


RE: Generations

As an add on to Rudykitten’s commentary, I too am a Femmes fanatic
with children, I have a 5 1/2 year old son, and a 2 1/2 year old
daughter, we often spend special times together listening to Femmes
music. With the five CD changer filled to the gills with a compilation
of Femmes CD’s, we will hit the shuffle button, and dance the night
away. Obviously when Dance MF Dance comes on, I quickly advance to the
next track with the remote. One other note, the very first concert I
went to in my life, was a 1984 Jethro Tull concert here in Rochester,
New York when I was in third grade, I thought my Dad was the coolest
for taking me. In the summer of 1998 my brother and I took in the
Friday night Femmes concert in Toronto, and then the next day, we took
our FAMILIES to the free outdoor Harbor Fest in Buffalo, with the
Femmes headlining. That means that my daughter and my niece, both
1 1/2 years at the time, as well as my son, then 4 1/2 years old, took
in their first concert………..and it was the Violent Femmes! I will
never forget the feeling of the concert site, both of our families,
holding hands, singing, and dancing our asses off. Two families
interlocked, loving one another, and loving the Femmes. The Femmes
music is all about diversity….diversity in style, diversity in
listeners, and I am happy to say that my children will benefit from
that diversity. Thank You.


“Daddy, put that ‘Blister’ song back on!”

Quote from my 5 1/2 year son, Forrest, after an exhilarating modern
dance session in the living room!

RE: Generations
how do you receive the videos from the distributor
bye the way alex (my son i talked of in my last email wrote on his
favorite things for school information sheet that american music was
his favorite song.


-Pat. Says: Once we get videos out to them all, we’ll announce their
names and instructions.

How did VF faire in the countdown? I would listen to KROQ but cannot
put up with some of the songs …and the repetition. If any of you
LA-ites would like to try a very cool station, tune to Channel 103.1.
It’s all the same people from the old KSCA which tragically went off
the air a few years ago. They play lots of great NEW music and artists,
as well as great classic alternative. Sadly no VF though–maybe we can
change that. Check them out at I won tix
to Lyle Lovett a couple weeks ago-great show.


Top 500 ???
I couldn’t believe that I was reading that someone suggested that
American Music was nowhere near the top 500 songs of the 90’s. To me,
the femmes have many songs that ought to be in the top 500 (if not in
the top 10).

It was also interesting to hear someone mention that their 3 year old
son knows the femmes music. Obviously I also expose my kids to too much
of the femmes music because my youngest son also started singing their
music at the age of 3. He was outside playing around with a guitar when
out of nowhere he started to sing ‘Jesus Walking on the Water’. It
drives my wife crazy when the kids ask her to turn her country music
off and play my music (the femmes). And turn it louder. It seems
apparent to me that the Violent Femmes appeal to every generation. I
hope that they are still together when my kids are old enough to take
to a show.


Regarding KROQ,

As a steady listener over the past 20 years I can assure you that the
Violent Femmes are in the top 10 of most regularly played bands over
that length of time. American Music is rarely played. Kiss Off,
Blister in the Sun, and Add it Up you will hear at least once per day.

God bless

>Nick, don’t underestimate the power or the appeal of the Femmes.

>I encourage everyone to vote, yes, but don’t sell our band short. 🙂

I wasn’t selling our band short. I was merely saying that the song
American Music is not one of the 500 most popular KROQ songs of the
90’s. I have only heard it on KROQ one time and that was only during
a BLOCK PARTY WEEKEND (where they play a bunch of songs in a row by a
certain band).

I am TOTALLY aware that KROQ is Femmes friendly (I remember this
interview that the morning DJ’s did with Scott Weiland of STP and they
talked about the Femmes for about 5 minutes). If it was a list of the
most popular KROQ songs of ALL TIME, I’m totally aware that Blister,
Kiss Off, Add it Up would all be on it, and probably high on it.
However, American Music just wasn’t that big of a hit… I just want
to clarify that. Now everybody go and vote, and use every single
e-mail account you have:

I like American Music,

P.S. Hi Claire, I’ll see you at the Tori/Alanis show (well, I probably
won’t, but you know what I mean…)

RE: Guy the Actor
Hi Pat,

I just want to drop a little piece of infromation about the carreer of
Guy as actor. I think that the Guy Hoffman that plays the Judge in
Agnes of God is another Guy. I live in Montreal, and I know in fact a
quebecer actor which is name Guy Hoffman, and I also know that this
movie was filmed in Quebec, so you don’t have to search for our good
drummer in this flick…And I checked the IMDB and I was surprised to
see that Red Eyes, the movie you mentionned concerning Brian is another
quebecers movie.


-Pat. Says: Go to and do a search for Guy Hoffman.
You will see the movies in which he has appeared. You are
also instructed to see also the allmusic entry, where you
will see Guy’s discography. allmovie/allmusic say he is
one and the same. I shall be receiving in the mail the
movie Agnes of God sometime next week, and anyone who
gets Arts and Entertainment can see this movie on Thurs,
Sept 16 at 4 AM eastern, 3AM central.
Speaking of movies, I watched Red Eyes last week. Well, it
is VERY low-budget, but the little vignettes were in my
opinion entertaining enough. Brian had a non-speaking part,
a very small part. Nice bowling form, Brian.
Well, it’s better than Sabrina, sort of like a low cost
Creep Show, and the writer has talent, even if not all the
actors do. So if you happen to see a copy of this and
you’re into that sort of thing, by all means pick it up.
Just don’t spend $50 on it, Glenn and Nick!