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Hello American Music friends-
I apologize that you have received 3 emails in one day! I assure you this is the last
issue for the day. I am also terribly sorry that the issue dated 8/31 just came out today.
I had to switch my ISP about 2 weeks ago and my new ISP flagged and held all
of my VFList outgoing emails (except the ones to myself ((which are my tests)) without
notifying me. Get this! They determined – based solely on the email address – that
the messages were “potential spam – possibly pornographic.” Geez! So about 10 days
and 20 phone calls later we are back in the VF List business. Sorry we missed Conan!!

When I changed ISP’s I also decided to add a private email address in addition to the
Yahoo addy. Many of our European and Asian members ISP’s are blocking mail from
Yahoo addresses and – even though this list is NEVER sent through Yahoo – the Yahoo
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So, to fix the problem, I am now broadcasting the list from the new email address. All
this means to most of you is that the from address now has instead of at the end. You don’t have to change a thing and you can reply/send
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Back to business as usual …

TOUR DATES (*= new dates):

Saturday, September 28, 2002 DOWNTOWN CORPUS CHRISTI CorpusChristi, TX
*Tuesday, October 1, 2002 IRVING PLAZA New York, NY
*Tuesday, October 1, 2002 IRVING PLAZA New York, NY
*Friday, Cotober 4, 2002 ELECTRIC FACTORY Philadelphia, PA
*Sunday October 6, 2002 9:30 CLUB Washington, DC
*Friday,October 11, 2002 ROSELAND THEATER Portland, OR
*Saturday, October 12, 2002 MOORE THEATRE Seattle, WA

Gordon Solo – Hitting the Ground
*RADIO only* Thursday, September 12, 2002 WORLD CAFE *pre-recorded
*RADIO only* Saturday, September 14, 2002 8pm-12am WFUV (Fordham Univ) IDIOT’S DELIGHT *live(?)
*Thursday, September 26, 2002 BOWERY BALLROOM New York, NY
*Wednesday, October 9, 2002 TROUBADOR West Hollywood,CA


TOUR DATES! Lots of ‘Em!
HOB Show Anaheim Review VF on Conan
VF on Conan

House of Blues Anaheim Show
For anyone who didn’t have a chance to go, here’s my littlesum-up
of the show the Violent Femmes did two weeks ago at the House of
Blues in Downtown Disney, Anaheim, CA. I was happy to see a lot of
crowd enthusiasm, especially after some of the concert reviews we’ve
been seeing on this newsletter, people even started yelling “El Destroyo”
in anticipation of the opening act. When the curtain first opened,
it was just some guy by himself with a guitar who started singing
some song (possibly called “El Destroyo”), and in the middle he
stopped, and the actual band OF El Destroyo came out. At first,
I really liked them, but after about twenty minutes, they started
to wear on me. Their songs are really short, so it just made the
whole experience seem a lot longer. The highlight was when the
asian girl (Yuki Tai? sounded like her name) sang a song which
I assume is called “India”. At the end, the lead guy introduced
Brian Ritchie (who just sat on a box drumming on it the whole time)
as “Spoonyo Dorkoni”. When the Femmes came out, they said they
didn’t know what to open with, people yelled out a bunch of their
more popular songs and then they suddenly started playing “Look Like
That”. In addition to all the hits you’d expect them to play, they
also played “Flamingo Baby”, “Color Me Once”, and “Never Tell”
(as part of their encore, which just came out awesome). With very few
exceptions, almost the entire audience seemed to be singing along with
every song (including me). Victor DeLorenzo brought a LOT of energy, he
looked happier than anyone I’ve ever seen. He seemed to lend a lot of
energy to Gordon, who went back and forth the quality of his
“E-lec-tronic guitar solos” among other things. If only the forlorn
Brian Ritchie would’ve accepted some of the energy, it would’ve been a
lot better, he seemed to be almost moping the whole show. He had a lot
more fun just drumming a box, I’d say. At one point, Brian started playing
“I Hear the Rain” and Gordon just stopped it short with (paraphrasing)
“What are you doing? I’m not going to cover for your mistakes”. Then Brian
seemed to start playing “Blister in the Sun” in retaliation. With fan
reaction to that, no one could’ve stopped it. Lot of impromptu jam
sessions during songs, a couple mosh pit situations broke out, Gordon
led in “It’s A Small World” as well as (an Elvis song that I assume is called:)
“One Night With You” to honor Elvis’ ability to “stay dead for 25 years”.
They played for two hours and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to.
(if only they’d play some of their songs from the Guy Hoffman period!)
— Dante Beck dantebk

VF on Conan
Where the hell is american music???? If I wasn’t on one of the clubs on yahoo I
wouldn’t even have know that the FEMMES WERE ON CONAN O BRIEN last qweek.
Yeah, dudes. Forget about it though. You didn’t miss nothing. Just BLISter!
Why?! Why?! when you have the national spotlightwould you play that song?
Shitbags! You only have yourselves to blame if you’re one hit wonders. Anyway Vic was
fun to watch. Gordon looked stoned out of his ghost faced mind! And Brian?
What was with the pants and the thing on his arm? I don’t remember him having a tattoo?
Buut then again I missedsummerfest. Anybody know? Lee press-on tatto??? Anybody
else see it?


VF on Conan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I was flipping tonight and found VF playing on Conen O Brian!!!!!!!!!! How cool!!!
I only saw just the end of Blister but did anybody else see it? Did they play more? Oh
and am I going crazy or did Brian have a great big something on his arm? Could it be
a tattoo?


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