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September 12-Greening of Mackay, Concordia University,Montreal, QUE (P,O)
September 13-Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountainview, CA (O)
September 14-Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, CA
September 16-The Palace, Hollywood, CA (T,P)
September 17-The Palace, Hollywood, CA (P)
September 18-Canes, San Diego, CA (T,O)
September 19-The Glass House, Pomona, CA (T)
September 21-The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA (O)
September 22-Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA (O)
September 23-The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (O)
September 24-The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (O) TENTATIVE
September 26-Carolina Music Fest, The World Mardi Gras,
Charlotte, NC (O,P)
for more info call 704-333-2263
September 27-Smokey Mountain Jamboree,Knoxville,TN

**October 9-Benedictine University, Lisle, IL (O)**

October 10-East Stroudsburg University, Abeloff Convocation Center,
East Stroudsburg, PA (O,P)

**October 15-MontClair State University, Montclair, NJ (O)**

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers


September 4- The Back Room, Flint, MI
September 5-Artspace, Windsor, Ontario
September 6-Zoot’s, Detroit, MI
September 8-JR’S Warehouse, Traverse City, MI
September 10-Lunar Cabaret, Chicago, IL

Femmes fans around the World: According to the answers given to the
new letters in the Official Homepage,
look for a world tour after the release
of their new album in 1998. Hold on just
a little longer.
The Quote Of The Day:

Non lyric: “don’t get the wrong impression…just because i tie my hair
back with a shoelace doesn’t mean i’m a fag!”
-Gordon Gano 10/5/84 sweden
Submitted by

lyrical: “It seems that no matter how much I drink,
I seem to still stay sober
It seems that no matter how young I am,
I seem to still feel older”
-from Dating Days
Submitted by
(Should have saved this one for Friday,
’cause Friday’s my Birthday.-Pat.)

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Mountainview, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

San Francisco (Sept. 23)

Charlotte, NC

Knoxville, TN

East Stroudsburg, PA





Mat would like to start up a digest for people interested in
trading info on tabs and chords. All interested parties
should contact Mat at:

In Today’s Issue:
Results of the Vote
Cover THIS
This, That, and the Other
The End? of Victor VS. Guy
Gordon’s Sibs
Opening Bands


1. Well, the votes have been counted, and as you can see, American Music
was the winner. Sandi is currently snowed under with work, so she was
unable to send me a complete rundown of the results, but she did inform
me of the winner. Thank you all for voting. I hope to be able to give you
a complete rundown in the future.

2. About that Greening of Mackay thing? The Greening of Mackay is some
group determined to create a park on Mackay St. between DeMaisonneuve and
Sherbrooke in Montreal. So my guess would be that the Femmes are slated to
play at some fundraising gig, sponsored by QPIRG at Concordia University.


i think a good song the femmes should cover would be something like the
perfect girl by the cure or something even more corny like punk rock girl
by the dead milkmen, both wonderful songs by the original artists, but i’d
love to see the femmes do them.
just a thought 🙂


Hello . . . new to this news letter. Whoever said she/he was the baby-
dont feel bad im 16. I hope i qualify as “true Femmes fan” . . . i own
all the records i can find except 3 (the album-not that there are three
i dont own). im saving it.
does anyone know anything about a new album coming out?
on the BITS issue: yes, it was the first Violent Femmes song i heard (and
loved). Now, im a little tired of it, but i love Blister 2000. its great
the way they reinvented the song.
To whoever was wondering about favorite/least favorite songs—definitely
the one where Gordon doesn’t sing. I couldn’t even listen to it all the way
through. i was shocked…….Fave? probably Add it up..its great….but
its so hard to decide. . . love them all. hmmm . . guess that’s all for
now . . would appreciate some introductions, guys.

oh yeah, definitely think the letter should stay”ROCK!!!!!”


I am going to officially quit this Victor Vs. Guy thing. For the
record, I did not start it up to begin with I was responding to
someone’s comment about Guy. I have received NUMEROUS responses singing
the praises of Guy (personal Email, as well as on this list). I have
been scolded for ripping on Guy and “attacking” people. I just wanted
to respond to these things, and then be done with the whole thing.

1. I never attacked anyone with the intent to attack THEM. I
was pointing out the laughable responses I got. Guy’s cuter, he sets his
own drums up, he is a real nice guy, etc. I only got ONE letter that
said he did that “hand solo” thing which I think was dealt with already
in this letter. No other posts even talked about him as a drummer. I
don’t pretend to know about them personally. Any of you who think
because he was nice to you once after a show and must be a great guy are
IDIOTS!!! I think O.J. Simpson was a “great guy” too??? I am not
saying that he is a dick or a cool guy, I don’t know what he’s like.
I’m sure that he is a nice guy in fact, but I am not talking about
that. I am talking about something we all can HONESTLY give our
thoughts on. We are not all going to get to know Guy or Victor, but we
do all have the records and listen them a lot.

I just wanted to see who was the better drummer for the Femmes. I know
that by listening there is no comparison, that does not mean that I
hate Guy, it means that I love Victor’s DRUMMING.

2. I am lucky enough to live in S.F. We have the Filmore and
the Femmes are going to ROCK!!!!


Does Gordon have any brothers or sisters? If he does, what are their


Pat. says- Gordon is one of, what, 7? I have heard talk of one sister, and
a brother, Glenn, who lives in Alaska.
P.S.-Kyle, go ahead and submit your shameless plug of Glenn’s
P.P.S- How come we know about Gordon’s family, but not much
about Brian’s or Guy’s?


who has the violent femmes picked up to play with in recent concerts? in
San Francisco–1995, joan baez kicked it on stage for awhile. i’m
looking forward to seeing them on September 23rd in San Francisco.
i just hooked up to the mailing list, so does anyone know if the violent
femmes are working on any new material? i really dig that they still
tour even with the same material.
one side note, johanna is from San mateo,ca (not north carolina) and so
am i.

Pat. says- I don’t think the VF pick the opening bands, but I can remember
at the Scranton PA show a band called Angry Salad played. They
are from Boston. At Bloomsburg PA, a local band played, can’t
remember who, but they were good. A Poconos band played at
Williamsport PA, they were good too. At Oneonta, NY Phil Cody
played, they were excellent. They’re from California, and are
signed with Interscope Records. Newport Folk Festival had lots
of bands, by far the best was Moxy Fruvous, from Canada. I’ve
got to pick up their cd. Joan Baez and friends were the
New material: the official page says they’ve finished 4
possible tracks. I’ve heard the BAD song, on a boot and at
Williamsport. Maybe you’ll hear it on the 23rd.
About the side note: I just had the spacing messed up. I think
you’ll see it fixed up now.